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C612 comparison of immaturity and maturity

Mu Xiyang's words make Yang clear and speechless, but she didn't expect Mu Xiyang to be so naive and do such stupid things.

"Well, even if you like me, can't you be more mature? Is it ridiculous for you to use this method to attract my attention? " Yang ChuChu put a hand in her waist, because she was not old, so she had a hot temper.

"If I don't like you, I'm sure I'll be more mature than your father. Look at my cousin, if you are mature, will you like him?"

Luo Jin Yu's expression next to him is slightly stiff. Why do you want to pull him?

Yang ChuChu turns around and pours directly into Luo Jinyu's arms. Then, she holds up her toes and kisses Luo Jinyu's thin lips directly with the pink lips. In just a second, she turns to look at Mu Xiyang, who is as dead as a chicken.

"See? I love it! "

Muxiyang's whole life is not good. He forgot to jump into the river. He ran to them quickly and said with unbelievable face: "Yang ChuChu, are you crazy? How can you offend my cousin? "

Yang ChuChu saw that he didn't want to die at all, but immature boys like to play this trick to attract girls.

"Who said I was rude to him? I'm serious. Don't you always want to know who I like? Now, you know. " Yang ChuChu stretched out his hand directly, tightly clasped with Luo Jinyu's warm palm. She slightly raised her chin: "I like him!"

Luo Jinyu looked at his cousin shamefully and explained in a low voice: "Xiyang, I'm sorry, I've been with Chu for a long time."

Muxiyang gets a sense of disorder in the wind, which is like a cold Siberian wind.

The whole person is cold. "You in harness? Cousin, you robbed my girlfriend? " After muxiyang reflected this, he was very angry and pointed to Luo Jinyu and asked, "how can you rob the girl I like? You can be her father when you are old. How can you be together? It's a joke. "

Luo Jinyu's face was suddenly depressed by his cousin's words.

Yang ChuChu also glared at him angrily: "Mu Xiyang, what are you talking about? My father can't be so young. Why can't we be together? There's no violation of the law. Who stipulates that we can't be together?" Mu Xiyang could not accept the cruel fact. He immediately asked Yang ChuChu angrily, "do you like him because he has money and status?"? You don't like me because I have nothing now? Sure enough, you women love money. I always thought you were different. I didn't expect that you were more greedy! "

Luo Jinyu finally couldn't listen, and immediately reminded him with grim expression: "Xiyang, you should be careful when you speak. It's not because of my money that you are with me."

"Impossible? Cousin, you must have been cheated by her pure face. I think it's because of your money that you can meet all her conditions, but does she really love you? " Muxiyang was drunk, so he said these angry words.

Yang ChuChu's face was a little pale. She didn't expect that in the eyes of Mu Xiyang, she had become a woman who had lost the gold.

"If I really need money, I can earn it myself. Why do you doubt my feelings for him? Do you want to be more mature, Moxian? " Yang ChuChu said angrily.

Luo Jinyu's tone also showed a touch of annoyance: "no matter what she was with me, at least, she is my girlfriend now, you don't want to pester her again later."

"Cousin, did you sleep with her? What about? Is it because she is very young? " Muxiyang is really drunk. He doesn't care what he says.

Yang ChuChu felt only greatly humiliated and glared at the nonsense boy angrily.

Luo Jinyu comes forward and punches Mu Xiyang hard in the face, directly blinding him.

Muxiyang was sober. He covered his red face and said, "OK, you hit me because I said you were ugly and disgusting?"

"I beat you because my aunt didn't educate you well. I'll discipline your mouth for her to let you know what to say and what not to say." Luo Jin said in a calm voice.

"Men and women, isn't that what happened? I know it all! " Muxiyang reached out to wipe the blood from the corners of his mouth, sneering. Yang ChuChu angrily snorted: "even for that matter, I see through you today. Mu Xiyang, is it that the girls in the whole school hold you too high, so you lose the most basic moral values? Let me remind you that there will be no women like you in the future. Children really like you. Please reflect on yourself."

Luo Jinyu didn't want to quarrel with him any more. He turned around and took Yang ChuChu's small hand and walked towards the car.

Muxiyang cried bitterly and shouted: "Yang ChuChu, do you know how many years I have liked you? How can you do this to me? "

Hearing this, Yang ChuChu frowned.

Luo Jinyu is also a little heavy in his heart. It's not wrong to like someone. He can only blame fate for playing tricks on people.

Sitting in the car, both of them were silent.

"Do you think he can jump the river?" Asked Yang ChuChu.

"I don't know. Let's have a look at Qingkuang first. I think he's drunk." Luo Jinyu didn't worry about leaving.

He sat on the ground in agony. In this way, the two people in the car stared at the man sitting on the bridge without blinking. Until midnight, muxiyang suddenly stood up and walked towards the other side of the river. "Is he going to jump?" Yang ChuChu is about to fall asleep. Suddenly she sees Mu Xiyang standing up, and she wakes up in fear.

Luo Jinyu opened the door directly: "I'll go and have a look. Don't come down!"

"I'll call his parents and let them come and talk to him." Yang ChuChu feels that it's not good to go on like this. Someone must stop this.

Luo Jinyu nodded: "OK, you can call me. I'll go to see him."

Muxiyang stood directly at the bridge head. Suddenly, he opened his hands directly, closed his eyes and fell down.

"Xiyang!" Luo Jin was surprised to see this. Without any hesitation, he took off his coat and flew down in the direction of Mu Xiyang.

"Luo Jinyu!" Yang ChuChu is sitting in the car. He can see clearly. His brain is buzzing. It's all blank.

Later, she quickly pushed open the door and rushed to the bridge, crying and shouting: "Luo Jinyu, where are you?" At this moment, in the turbulent River, Luo Jinyu has tightly grasped Mu Xiyang and is trying to drag him to the bank.