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C527. There's a hostess

Luo Jinyu turns over and presses the uneasy little thing under him, and sees her little face turning red.

Luo Jinyu's big hand reached out to her chest, and his fingers easily untied her first button

Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes widened fiercely. On his white face, it was like a fire, a piece of rosy red.

"You Are you really going to have that with me? " Yang ChuChu saw that Luo Jinyu's fingers were down again, and he gently untied one of her buttons. He looked into her eyes with burning eyes. The dangerous light hidden in the bottom of her eyes was really like eating her.

"Don't you want to?" Luo Jinyu's tone is low and hoarse, showing the wildest charm of men. Yang ChuChu has always been very bold, but at this moment, she is a little bit counseled. She feels that she has shown a very eager look before, in fact, knowing that Luo Jinyu won't really treat herself like that, she has strengthened her leopard gall bladder. But at this moment, she feels so nervous that

can't breathe, and a pretty face is more shy and red, and is about to bleed.

She wants to stop, but it seems that she caused the fire. If she stops, will she be laughed at by Luo Jinyu all her life?

He will surely feel that she will only bluff, so how can she look up in front of this man in the future?

"Yes, I think, of course I do!" Yang ChuChu deliberately raised her chin and answered him unconvinced. However, her small body, which was lightly pressed by the man, began to shiver.

Luo Jinyu looks at this brave little thing. It seems that this time, he wants to really scare her. Otherwise, this little thing always loves to play with fire on his body, which makes him hot.

"Well, let's go on!" When Luo Jinyu said that, the hot palm lifted her small thin leg.

The skin touch, the man's burning temperature, directly from her skin, burning to her heart, Yang ChuChu the whole people are a little bit stunned.

Seeing this, the man was about to reach for his shirt. Yang ChuChu couldn't help swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

The action of a man's one handed shirt release is simply too charming. It's lazy and casual, making people unable to open their eyes.

Yang ChuChu only felt that the throat was a little dry. She was curious. She wanted to resist.

Luo Jinyu has untied the second button, deep eyes, and tightly locked the scarlet face, waiting for her to stop.

However, Yang ChuChu was fascinated by his lazy appearance. He didn't remember to stop.

Living room atmosphere, has burned to the highest place, as if the next second, two people will be desperate Step on the bottom line!

"Tinkle!" Just then, the doorbell rang, and someone came.

The doorbell rang continuously, bringing the rising atmosphere directly back to normal temperature.

Luo Jinyu turned over and stood up, slightly dissatisfied: "who is so unintelligent? It's a good thing to disturb me! "

The man looked at Yang ChuChu, who was obviously relieved, and deliberately said so, he saw her small face stiff.

"You'd better open the door and see who it is!" Yang ChuChu urged in a low voice and breathed a breath. He was so nervous and dangerous.

Almost, she is going to have a baby with Luo Jinyu.

She hasn't got any psychological preparation yet. It's said that it will be very painful to do it. She's most afraid of pain. So, she feels that she may really have to wait a long time to accept it.

"How are you?" After the door was opened, I heard a cold voice from Luo Jinyu.

Outside the door, miffee held up a bottle of red wine in her hand: "this is a good wine I have kept for many years. I want to find someone to pay for it. Can I go in?"

Luo Jinyu glanced at the hand wine in her hand lightly, with a tone of indifference and rejection: "sorry, I'm not convenient now!"

Miffee's eyes are sensitive to find that the third button on Luo Jinyu's black shirt has been untied, revealing her strong chest, which makes her swallow a mouthful. I didn't expect that after a few years, this man's temperament is becoming more and more mature. Even his figure seems to be more robust than before. Although he is wearing a shirt, the thin shirt can still outline the perfect body line of a man. There are absolutely resources for women to scream and go crazy. Miffee has been divorced for more than a year. She always has a high demand for men. She has a very sensitive vision. She is long and handsome, and often money can't attract her, while the rich often grow very ordinary. Therefore, miffee has a long empty window period of one year, and she has paid off the taste of men, so she brings wine with her, and sends it to her door on her own initiative, just because she found that In my heart, I still love Luo Jinyu.

Especially after seeing each other again, the sense of emptiness in her body has made mifield put away her pride.

Before meeting, most of them were Luo Jinyu who came to see her on her own initiative. She always kept a woman's reserve and pride, and seldom came to see him on her own initiative.

But now, she found that if she didn't seize the man with excellent resources in time, she would soon be robbed by countless women. "What's not convenient? Jin Yu, I'm already standing here. Do you have the heart to drive me away? " Mifield is coming here well prepared, so she is wearing a very beautiful black suspender skirt today, and her snow-white skin shows two thirds. So, just along the way, she attracts the eyes of countless men.

She believes that she has the ability to attract other men, and that Luo Jinyu will definitely like her dress.

"Who..." After sitting on the sofa for a while, Yang ChuChu immediately came to have a look at it curiously.

When she flew to the door, she saw miffee standing outside in cool clothes with a bottle of red wine in her hand. It seemed that she had come to Luo Jinyu to have a drink.

The purpose of women's drinking is to give opportunities to men they like.

Yang ChuChu is not stupid. At the sight of the wine in miffee's hand, her beautiful little face froze instantly.

Luo Jinyu said lightly: "I have a hostess here. If you want to come in for a drink..."

Miffee saw the little girl hiding behind Luo Jinyu. Her face was white with anger. She pinched the bottle tightly with her fingers and tried to put on an indifferent expression: "since you have someone here, I won't disturb you."

With that, miffee turned and went to the elevator. Her face was white. She wanted to smash the bottle of wine on Yang ChuChu's face.

Damn little fox, why, she's everywhere?

Miffee didn't expect that she actually lost to a woman who is not as good as herself. Is it because she is young?

Oh All of a sudden, miffee thought of the scandal that had recently spread in the circle. It seemed that Joe had no chance to marry Ji's family.