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C1765 the perfect ending

Ji's family has another wedding coming. After she agrees to Ji Yueze's marriage, he immediately prepares it. He is going to take the children abroad to get married, because he is going to give his wife a dream like wedding, which is also to compensate her for the hard work of childbearing and the company she keeps.

Ji Yueze didn't invite many guests this time. He was responsible for all the air tickets. Even the eldest brother's private plane was used. He took Bai Yiyan to a foreign place to choose a wedding place, and finally settled in a beautiful guest city, where the scenery was pleasant and the environment was not polluted. Between the pure green mountains and the waves, they wanted to make a lifelong commitment.

Ji Yueze took Bai Yiyan and her daughter with him this time. He followed her for two months, and several bodyguards and staff. They were going to stay here for three days and then go back. For the wedding, he gave his subordinates full power to prepare. He took his wife and daughter to live a safe life.

On the golden beach, it's a private place. The sand is delicate. Under the sun, it's golden. Ji Yueze holds a surfboard and comes from the seaside. There's only a pair of beach pants all over his body. There are drops of water on his short hair. It's wild and charming.

Bai Yiyan holds her daughter. The little guy wears a pink sun hat and sits next to Mommy. She blinks at daddy coming this way.

Bai Yiyan peeks at the slim and strong body of the man. When he approaches, she takes back her eyes. She is shy and dare not look at it again. Although she is her husband, she should be looking straight, but she just keeps staring without blinking, which is a bit humiliating.

"Xiaoyan, I'll watch her. Go to the sea. The water is cool and clean."

Ji Yueze still takes care of his wife. He doesn't want to play alone. He wants to share the responsibility of taking care of his daughter.

"No, let's walk on the red beach and take our daughter to the water."

Bai Yiyan shakes her head. She doesn't have much interest in playing with water, but she likes to play with her family of three.

Ji Yueze immediately shoved the surfboard into the sand, bent over and picked up his daughter. The little guy reached out to wipe the water drops on his body. Ji Yueze grabbed her tender hand and said, "is it going to tan?

Don't be a little black girl. "

The little guy can't understand. He just blinks at daddy. No matter what he says, she will open her mouth to respond to him.

A family of three walked by the sea. The waves came and wet one of Bai Yiyan's skirts, but she didn't care about it. She liked to walk by the water and feel the cool.

Ji Yueze stoops to let the little guy look at the strange place strangely. The little guy is very excited when he sees the water. His two little hands and feet are rowing together, trying to play.

Ji Yueze then put her little feet in the water. She was frightened again. She shrank her little feet. The cute and soft look made people want to laugh.

At this moment, it is almost dusk, the setting sun falls on the distant mountain top, the afterglow is sprinkled, the beach has changed color again, a piece is warm.

Ji Yueze took his mother and daughter back to a nearby hotel. The trip here is almost over. Next week, they will come back to their wedding ceremony.

In the evening breeze, little Mo has fallen asleep. After taking a bath, Bai Yiyan stands on the balcony in a long suspender skirt, leaning against the guardrail, looking at this beautiful scene.

"What is it?

Well? "

All of a sudden, the man's body was just bathed behind him. There was a cold smell of mint on his body, which was very smelly. Bai Yiyan couldn't help leaning towards him and murmured, "I can't believe I married you."

"Xiaoyan, do you think it's funny to say that?

We have children and marriage certificates, but it's a wedding ceremony away from you. Do you think all this is fake? "

Ji Yueze couldn't help laughing. She didn't grow up like a child and said such things.

Bai Qingyue shakes his head and chuckles: "it's different between a wedding and a marriage license. We've been getting the license for so long and have had children for a long time. But if you didn't bring our mother and daughter out that evening, who would know that I'm your wife and have a child with you?

But now it's time to have a wedding, but the meaning is different. If you know someone you don't know, you will know that I am your wife

Ji Yueze's eyes were slightly stunned. Indeed, what she said was reasonable. After getting the marriage certificate, they had been in the stage of hidden marriage. Except for the close people who knew it, others didn't know it, but marriage was to call on all people for her name.

"I'm sorry, I should have begged my grandma to let us get married earlier. I've kept you waiting for so long, isn't it a grievance?"

Ji Yueze hugged her dearly, he didn't think so much, but today she said it, he would seriously think about it.

"I don't feel aggrieved. If I feel aggrieved, I will say it."

Bai Yiyan replied with a light smile.

"In the future, if you have something on your mind, you must tell me that husband and wife should communicate at any time. Don't hide it. In the end, it will become a disease, you know?"

Ji Yueze whispered to her.

Bai Yiyan nodded: "I know, I won't."

As time went on, it was a week later. There were more than 50 guests at Ji Yueze's wedding, not much. Ji Xiaohan's private plane stopped at the International Airport. Three black cars were waiting in front of the plane. The first one was the old lady, supported by LAN Yue, followed by Ji Xiaohan holding her daughter, and Tang youyou holding her son's hand Besides the whole family, the lohnin and the Mushi brought together their lovely little guy.

Three black cars, from the airport to the hotel, the whole five-star hotel has been packed down, all friends and relatives have gathered together, very lively.

In the cafeteria, there is plenty of food. LAN Yue is holding the plate. She is going to pick up the food. Suddenly, someone around her holds a big lobster in the plate. She is slightly shocked. Turning around, she sees Xia Weiwen smiling gently. She doesn't know when she is standing by her side.

LAN Yue's expression is one stay, next second, inexplicably some eye socket fever, low soft ask: "when did you arrive?"

"Not long after your arrival, your little son is getting married. Congratulations."

Chevy whispered.

The atmosphere between the two people is a little delicate, but they both know how to be measured. They never talk about feelings, but they see a touch of concern and warmth in each other's eyes.