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C1913. She's going to love a bully

Xia Xinnian looks at the photo album placed on the table, the lovely smiling face of his son is printed into the bottom of his eyes.

Before returning to China, she could not imagine that one day, there would be so many people cherishing her son. Maybe it was God's favor that made her life complete.

The mobile phone on the table suddenly rings. Xia Xinnian takes a look. It's jimucheng.

She answered the phone, and a deep male voice came: "is it off work?"

"Not yet. I have to work overtime."

Xia Xinnian shakes his head.

"Then I'll go back to accompany my son. You can come back earlier."

Jimucheng sound line is gentle and full of magnetism.

Xia Xinnian is stunned. Mei Mou glances at the photo album on the table: "isn't Yu Chen picked up by your parents for dinner?"

"When did it happen?

They didn't tell me

Jimucheng's tone was startled.

"No, I thought you knew it."

Xia Xinnian couldn't help laughing.

"My parents don't put me in their heart. They only inform you of such important things, but don't tell me."

Jimucheng complains.

"Well, don't you know now?"

Xia Xinnian was also surprised, but after the surprise, there was a sense of being taken seriously.

"Since I don't need to go home with my son, I'll work overtime with you."

The voice line of the man also immediately relaxed.

"Do you really want to come here?

My office is small and messy. "

Xia Xinnian laughs twice.

"I'll bring some delicious food."

After Ji Mucheng finished speaking, he hung up.

Xia Xinnian's heart warms up, so he has more expectations.

"Well, sir, you can't go in?"

Just as Xia Xinnian was preparing to work at ease, an assistant's anxious voice came from the door.

Xia xinnianmou color a Yang, see he Jiaxuan hurriedly stand in her office door.

"He Jiaxuan?"

When Xia Xinnian saw him, his face changed.

He Jiaxuan rushed in all the way. He gasped and saw that she was still in the office. He walked in quickly and put his hands on Xia Xinnian's desk: "why can't I get through your phone?"

"Because your name is on my blacklist."

Xia Xinnian was not that weak and deceitful girl. She answered him calmly and calmly with a cool voice.

"You have a son?

When did it happen?

Who were you born with? "

He Jiaxuan was really shocked and even angry. He always thought that Xia Xinnian had come back to China alone. He didn't know the truth until he received the strange message today. He couldn't accept it.

"Who are you, he Jiaxuan?

That wide?

Don't say I have a son. Even if I have a husband, it doesn't matter to you. "

Xia Xinnian stared at him angrily, and the man's behavior became more and more ridiculous.

As soon as he Jiaxuan heard his husband's words, it seemed that he was stimulated. He turned around and closed Xia Xinnian's office door directly, leaving a secret lock.

Xia Xinnian was not aware of the fear just now, but when she saw his move, she stood up fiercely and said angrily, "what are you going to do, he Jiaxuan?

Open the door. "

"I don't open it."

He Jiaxuan turned around and stared at her angrily: "Xinnian, I want to make it clear today, I still like you very much, and I want to marry you again. How can you have a son with other men?"

"If you are ill, go to the hospital. Don't run to my place to go crazy?

You want to marry me?

Ha, it's a big joke. When I wanted to marry you, you pushed me away. Now, I feel sick when I see you. I don't want to see you even if I marry you. "

At the moment, Xia Xinnian's mood also became excited, and those hidden resentments broke out.

"Xinnian, I didn't do that. I was also a victim. Xia shuran planned it. I saw you had an affair with another man at that time. I was angry for a while, and then I lost my mind. You must believe me."

Turning over the old account, he Jiaxuan's expression calmed down a little, and he began to clean up the past.

"No matter who I am, as my fiance, you not only didn't protect me, but also dragged me to the elders to humiliate me. My grandfather drove me out of the country. At that moment, my heart was dead. Even if you kneel in front of me now and ask me for forgiveness, I won't agree."

Xia Xinnian's voice was full of anger and disappointment.

He Jiaxuan was shocked and stared at Xia Xinnian. At the moment, she was angry. Her pretty face was red and her beautiful eyes were stained with water. The whole person looked as smart as he remembered.

"Mind, forgive me I really love you. "

He Jiaxuan is a man. He knows how to please women so much. Many women talk ruthlessly and feel soft when they touch each other.

"Go away, don't touch me."

Xia Xinnian is scared to avoid. He Jiaxuan doesn't meet him. His eyes are fierce. He came here today to confirm the relationship.

"He Jiaxuan, if you dare to provoke me again, you will regret it."

Xia Xinnian looks at him in horror and gives a warning.


If I don't get you in my life, I will regret it. "

He Jiaxuan is bewitched by beauty at the moment. He wants to make his dream come true, hug her and try his hand. Maybe in the last few years, money and power have emboldened him. What makes him feel is just to get a woman, even if the means are strong, the result is the same.

"I'm jimucheng's girlfriend. How dare you touch me?"

Xia Xinnian didn't want to move out of this relationship originally, but when she saw he Jiaxuan's eyes were red, she was really afraid that he would come in disorder.


He Jiaxuan lost his sense gradually. When he heard a man's name, he became sober.

"Jimucheng is my boyfriend. He is coming soon. If you don't want to offend him, get out of here."

Xia Xinnian points at the gate angrily.

"Are you lying to me?"

He Jiaxuan was only in a moment of panic, but soon, he felt that this woman was deliberately intimidating him. How could jimucheng find her to be his girlfriend?

"Don't you believe it?"

Xia xinniandun shivers with rage.

"I'm more confident you'll call the police, and I don't believe you'll call Timothy."

Although he Jiaxuan didn't believe it, he still let reason return to some extent, and no longer wanted to touch her with tough means as before.

"Believe me, you will regret it."

Xia Xinnian sneers and ridicules.

"Well, I'll sit here and wait. I'd like to see if jimucheng will come. I'll wait for you until 12 o'clock. If you can't call him over, I'll attack you."

He Jiaxuan has been a boss for a long time. He has a domineering personality. Moreover, he even thinks that women love domineering men.

Xia Xinnian almost died of anger. He Jiaxuan is becoming more and more shameless.