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"I asked grandma. You called her."

Ji Siyi blinks her lovely big eyes and smiles with a good face.

"If you want to pick up my brother, why are you still talking about me?

I'm going to practice dancing. "

Jixi's face is not happy with her beautiful mouth.

"I'm going to drag you here. Do you have the heart to let me go out alone?

I look so beautiful. What if I am stared at by bad people? "

Ji Siyi said with a smile.

Jixi shrugged her shoulders in silence, and she was in charge of her sister from childhood. It was really a bad taste: "my sister dotes on me."

Looking at the twins, jimucheng is also full of black thread. However, when he comes home, he is very happy to see his relatives.

"Brother, what were you looking at just now?

Do you look at beauties? "

Ji Siyi blinks, curious and funny.

"No, go home."

Jimucheng shakes his head and wants to get rid of the things just now, instead of thinking about them.

"Well, let's go!"

Ji Siyi immediately took his arm, three brothers and sisters, and walked out of the airport.

The black business car drives towards the downtown center. On the hillside near the downtown, you can see a large area of rich villas.

Familiar scenery into the line of sight, summer Xinnian heart turned up sad mood, think of his childhood is growing up in that villa area, but now it is not back, the heart is inexplicably tingling up.

Last year, she received a phone call, but it was bad news. Grandpa had a relapse of heart disease and died in time.

Xia shuran, put the responsibility of Grandpa's death on her head.

She was speechless and wanted to refute, but felt it was unnecessary. Xiajia company was taken over by uncle. Who would listen to her explanation?

The second month after grandpa's death, she received a phone call from a lawyer saying that she would inherit her father's 10% stake in Xia's family.

Up to now, I haven't seen that list of distribution of heritage. I'm afraid Xia shuran is the only one who has taken 10% of her shares.

Xia Xinnian is afraid to think about whether she can inherit the property, because she is not short of money now. She has the ability to support herself and her son, and the life is not bad.

She had a chance encounter abroad. She helped an old lady in a rainy day. Later, Xia Xinnian knew that the old lady she saved was a famous dress producer in F country. Xia Xinnian followed her. From a person who knew nothing about the dress, she gradually became a fashionable dress master.

She was the only one who could understand the hardships she had experienced in her low-key return.

She returned home this time to return a favor instead of her mentor. She will work in China for three years, and may return to her original company for work.

She didn't tell her benefactor about what happened to her. When her benefactor found her to ask for help, she had no reason to refuse. She was reborn by her benefactor and was willing to do anything for her benefactor.

Besides, she also felt that she had escaped for too long. She could not be a deserter forever.

Even if Xia shuran holds he Jiaxuan's hand and shows her a love, her heart will not stir again.

"Miss Xia, our boss attaches great importance to your new product launch. It must be another amazing work. It's a good expectation."

After seeing Xia Xinnian, Zhang Tu found that she was much younger than he thought, so he was very embarrassed to speak to her just now. He felt that he was older than others, but he only mixed a small personnel staff. Xia Xinnian was a famous designer with both fame and wealth.

"You flatter me!"

Xia Xinnian said modestly.

The little man sitting next to him, with a mechanical monster in his hand, is constantly fiddling with the modulation. He looks attentive and serious.

In terms of hands-on ability, Xia Xinnian is very proud of his son. He has participated in several mechanical assembly competitions abroad and won the championship every time. I don't know how many wonderful things are in his little head.

The intelligence of his son is the most comforting thing for Xia Xinnian.

Although she is now a single mother, the little guy has a strong ability of self-care and doesn't need her to worry about it at all. However, this sensible thing makes her feel sad and full of guilt at the same time.

Every time he signed up for the competition, the other little boys were accompanied by their father. Before the competition, the father and son would sit together to exchange their experiences. Her son alone sat silently by the side. Although Xia Xinnian had made great efforts to learn more about the mechanism and facilitate the communication with her son, her brain space was limited There is no talent. Every time, I need my son to correct her little mistake, which makes her blush several times.

Fortunately, her son didn't complain, but when he was staring at other father son exchanges, Xia Xinnian secretly scolded the irresponsible bastard who slept in her heart.

Car into the city center, next to all high-rise buildings, bustling bright, dazzling pole.

"Is that building new?

I don't think I've seen it in the future! "

Xia Xinnian points to the location of the city center, where a huge tower has been erected at some time, half the height of the neighboring country building. The tempered glass flashes the noon sun, which is amazing.

"It was built three years ago. Have you heard about Jijia? It's the office building that Jijia's new successor built for himself."

When Zhang Tu talked about it, he was very envious and respectful.


That's the family of the season on the rich bank list? "

Xia Xinnian used to live in this city. She had heard about Ji's family. However, the super rich are far away from the ordinary rich like Xia's family. She dare not go deep into the family.

"Yes, that's the quarter. Three years ago, the new heir took office and built this building. It took two years to build."

Zhang Tu introduced.


Xia Xinnian remembers that she came back last year, but her grandfather died in a heavy mood. She didn't pay special attention to it. Now she suddenly catches the eye. It's amazing.

The little guy looks up at the building, sips his mouth, and continues to play with the mechanical little monster in his hand.

Xia Xinnian's company is not far from that building. It's a street corner.

It's also a unique building. It looks like it's just finished with a bright appearance.

"Miss Xia, your apartment is just across the road. I'll take you to put your luggage!"

"Thank you!"

Xia Xinnian said gratefully.

The picture guides Xia Xinnian's mother and daughter all the way to the apartment where they live. The company attaches great importance to her works and is not thin to her. A three bedroom exquisite suite is very satisfactory to Xia Xinnian and her son.