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C1297 this pregnant woman can'st look down

Ji Yueze's warm palm has been holding Bai Yiyan's small hand tightly. In this cold winter night, it gives her a full sense of security. When she stops and wants to withdraw, Ji Yueze's irresistible head is whispered in her ear: "won't she want to escape again? With my children, where else can you escape except to stay with me? "

With humor and danger, Bai Yiyan felt nervous and immediately raised her eyes to look at him: "I won't run away any more!"

"Then why don't you look up? Do you want to keep your eyes down Asked the man with a chuckle.

Bai Yiyan seemed to wake up in a dream, only to find out how timid she had been all the way.

Bai Yiyan sighs in her heart. Now she not only represents her image, but also maintains Ji Yueze's image. She should be more generous.

Bai Yiyan just looked up and followed Ji Yueze all the way.

Many people crowded over to say hello to Ji Yueze and asked him about his relationship with Bai Yiyan. Ji Yueze directly introduced her as his wife. Bai Yiyan's ears rang with men's clear laughter and gentle words, and her heart could not say happiness and peace.

When Bai Yiyan was smiling at the toasting guests, she suddenly glanced around her eyes and felt a sharp stab. She instinctively kicked the murderer away with a kick.

"Bitch, bad for me!" When the man wanted to propose a toast, Ji Yueze didn't defend himself against assassinating him. Unexpectedly, the women around him were so keen. As soon as he took out the knife from his pocket, she kicked him off.

When Ji Yueze got nervous, he saw the man get up from the ground and stab him again.

Ji Yueze didn't have time to reflect, so she felt that the glass of wine in her hand was quickly seized by a small hand. The next second, she threw it hard with her hand, and the wine in the glass and the body hit the man's face and eyes steadily.

"Ah My eyes! " The man failed again. Not only that, the hot liquor and the sharp glass made his eyes red instantly. Where else could he stab Ji Yueze again, the whole man fell to the ground and rolled, making a scream.

The people at the scene were shocked. I didn't expect that someone would dare to kill Ji Yueze, let alone that the women around him were so skilled, seemingly delicate, pregnant, and there was no ambiguity in teaching people.

Bai Yiyan was just an instinctive reflection. At this moment, seeing the bad guy hurt her eyes, she suddenly felt embarrassed. Would you think she was too violent?

However, when she thinks that the men around her are in danger, she can't even consider that she is a pregnant woman. Her skills for more than ten years are not for nothing.

Ji Yueze was shocked, but he was more worried about the women around him. He asked anxiously, "Xiaoyan, are you ok? Fortunately, you have a quick response, or I'm afraid that the injured person is me now."

"I'm fine. I won't let you get hurt!" Bai Yiyan's face is full of a trace of shame.

Those female stars who despised Bai Yiyan just now are bloodless.

Then, one by one, they all had a trace of consciousness in their hearts. They liked the man as dazzling as the sun. Unfortunately, they couldn't beat the pregnant woman with a big stomach beside him.

"What's the matter, what's the matter? What's the matter? " Yang Siyu drags Chen Jiajia and rushes to see the people on the scene panic.

"Xiaoyan, are you ok?" Yang Siyu cares about pregnant women for the first time.

"I'm ok. Someone wanted to hurt Ji Yueze just now, but now it's taken away!" Bai Yiyan shook her head and smiled.

"My God, Ji Yueze, what's your grudge against each other? You should send someone to assassinate you?" Yang Siyu also scared a pretty face.

Chen Jiajia immediately gently tugged at her sleeve and asked her not to ask such things in such a public place.

Yang Siyu immediately understood and said angrily, "how lawless!"

Ji Yueze took the microphone from the host next to him and said in a cool voice: "it seems that someone who wants to harm me by taking the opportunity of tonight's dinner party has been taken away. I believe that the people behind the scenes must also watch a good show. Either you stand up and admit the crime yourself, or wait for the police to interrogate. The former can be lenient, the latter can be more serious!"

As soon as Ji Yueze's words fell, there was a dead silence around him.

Everyone looked at each other, surprised by the sudden danger.

At this time, several middle-aged men put down their glasses, hung their heads, and stood in the center area.

One of the pioneers knelt down and felt frightened and regretful: "President Ji, I'm sorry, we were blinded by our interests, so we found the man who killed you. Please let us go, we know it's wrong."

The rest of them were also scared and their legs were soft. When they knew that the matter was exposed, the result must be very serious.

Ji Yueze looked at these once trusted people, and he gave a sneer, which was extremely sad.

"Why are you?" Ji Yueze's face was furious.

When he first set up the company, these people were hired by him with high salary. For Ji Yueze, they were like his tutors. They taught him step by step to today's level and watched him grow from a nameless kid to a company executive.

"Mr. Ji, I'm sorry, we have nothing to say!" The men were disheartened.

"I know why you want to kill me, because I touch your interests. Before, apart from the company's salary and welfare, you can still get nearly ten million huge sums from the outside every year. Now, because of my reform, you lose these interests. You hate me, but you don't forget that I gave you the opportunity, the platform, and you can make profits, You're too greedy. Don't think I don't know what's going on behind you. I just want you to be the company's elders and pretend you don't know. Well, since you want to kill me, don't blame me for being ruthless. " Ji Yueze sneered at them coldly and looked at them coldly.

The middle-aged men's faces turned pale, and it was too late to regret.

It was a lively night, but it was over because of the killing.

In the empty banquet hall, Ji Yueze sat on a chair and looked up at the beautifully decorated stage. The lights around were still dazzling, but all the people were gone.

Bai Yiyan went to his side, put her hand on his shoulder and cared about him in a low voice: "are you very sad?"

"People's heart, sometimes it's really terrible. When they have a meeting at noon, they still smile at me, but at night they arrange someone to kill me!" Ji Yueze has some doubts about life. Maybe this is the only way for him to experience maturity. Life is originally cruel, but some people are born with a pair of good eyes and only love to see a good career.

"Don't think so much, they should be very sorry!" Bai Yiyan can see that those men are really scared. She didn't expect the consequences would be so serious.

"Does this tell us that we must not regret every decision we make in life?" Ji Yueze stood up, tall and close to her: "Xiaoyan, you saved my life today. I can't think of any other way to repay you except to marry you!"

"Will you regret your decision?" Bai Yiyan is learning how to use it now, and a pair of gentle eyes are coagulating him.

Jiyueze proved with action that he will not regret.

The hot lips hit Bai Yiyan's body. Next second, she was gently hugged by the man.

Bai Yiyan is very lucky that she can't breathe when she is kissed. Maybe she saved his life just for today's moment when she practised martial arts. However, the picture of practicing her martial arts with tears in her eyes is still fresh in her memory.

"Well, it seems that I have to be a good person in the future, otherwise, I will not get out of bed in ten days and half a month after you teach me a lesson."

"You Do you laugh at me? " Sure enough, what Bai Yiyan worried about happened.

Don't all men like the powerful Tigress?

"Of course not. I like the way you hit people. It's cool and beautiful!" Ji Yueze can still imagine the action that she smashed her cup in a hurry just now. It's just like flowing water.

"Is that what you said? After being beaten by me, you are not allowed to speak ill of me! " Bai Yiyan immediately became complacent.