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C1215 still can'st bear to be cold with her

Riding Ling Mo Feng's car out of the door, LAN Yanxi is still worried about the four words he said about the bad relationship. If she is going to act in front of outsiders, it's really challenging. However, it may be difficult to act in a good relationship, but if it's necessary to act in a bad relationship, it's relatively easy. Just give each other a few unwanted eyes. Blue

Yan Xi looks forward. Although she is going out with Ling Mo Feng, she is not in the same car with him, but in the car behind him. Therefore, from her point of view, you can see Ling Mo Feng's black and atmospheric car.

LAN Yanxi's eyes were slightly trance, unconsciously, he stared for a long time.

Arriving at the gate of the General Hospital of the military region, Ling Mo Feng's motorcade stopped. LAN Yanxi saw him get out of the car himself and stand cold beside the steps, looking back at her.

Lanyanxi hurriedly got out of the car and was about to come up to him to say a few words. Unexpectedly, she was not given more eyes. She turned around and left. Lanyanxi opened her mouth and finally could only shut it tightly without interest.

"It's the vice president, so handsome!" "

What does the vice president do in the hospital? Is it for inspection? He won't be sick. He's very sad! "

"Look, there is a woman behind the vice president. Who is that woman?" "

I don't know, but recently it was announced that the vice president was going to marry a rich lady." "

is it the rich lady? Look at her famous brand, maybe it's her."

LAN Yanxi found that Ling Mo Feng was really popular with women. Even in this rigorous military hospital, these women nurses met him and rarely had to talk about it in a low voice. Blue

Yan Xi hears the story of the rich lady and the marriage faintly. It seems that this story has really spread. I don't know what it will look like in the eyes of outsiders. Will she become a thorn in the eyes of others, or will she become a laughingstock or a pitiful person. LAN

Yanxi and Ling Mo Feng kept a distance of one meter. She found that Ling Mo Feng really had acting skills and cared about her at home. But when he went out, he was like ice, his eyes changed, and there was no temperature.

Well, since he can do the part well, so can she.

LAN Yanxi let her expression cool down for a while. However, in terms of management expression, she is always inferior to Ling Mo Feng. Occasionally, she reveals a few wittiness, which is amazing. Finally, when Yu arrived at his destination, LAN Yanxi found Ling Mo Feng pushed the door into an expert's office. "

yo, Mr. vice president, here you are. Can I help you?" When the middle-aged doctor saw him, he was surprised and respectful, and asked immediately.

Ling Mo Feng's expression was polite, pointing to the girl who followed him: "her name is Lan Yanxi. She has a cold. Please help her prescribe some medicine!"

"OK, Miss LAN, please sit down. I'll ask about it first!" The doctor quickly became more enthusiastic about lanyanxi. Blue

Yanxi sat down, a pair of beautiful eyes secretly went to Ling Mo Feng, but Ling Mo Feng's eyes were impartial, just slightly looked at her. Blue

Yan Xi has a fire in his heart. He wants to make his eyes hot on him. It's a pity that the man is just like doing a business. He sits on the sofa next to him and looks down at his mobile phone.

LAN Yanxi and the doctor asked and answered, finally prescribed the medicine for three days, and they went to the door. "

ah, Ling Mo Feng!" LAN Yanxi took advantage of no one around, hurriedly squeezed to his side, but also took a finger to touch his big palm.

"I forgot what I told you so soon?" The man frowned, because when the woman pulled his finger, he felt the whole arm was numb, a kind of unspeakable feeling, which made him a little ashamed and annoyed. The woman was really not easy to discipline.

"I don't forget. I remember everything. It's just You do this to me, my heart is not willing, always want to tease you! " LAN Yan hopes to laugh bad. Ling

Mo Feng couldn't chat with her well. With a long leg, he immediately pulled away from her. Yan Xi's smile froze on her little face, and then she stamped her feet with a little impatience, which was really boring.

Ling Mo Feng heard the charming stamping of the girl's feet behind him, and her eyes gave a slight sideways look. Yu Guangli saw her angry face, and her thin lips went up slightly. She was spoiled by the smile.

Ling Mo Feng just took LAN Yanxi to the hospital to get the medicine, so he continued to take her to the general office to sign up. Blue

Yan Xi is still sitting in the car behind her. She crossed her legs, took out her mobile phone, bowed her head to operate it, and then sent a message to her.

The text said: sick, do not want to go to work, to ask for sick leave.

Ling Mo Feng actually directly returned her two words: "do not think!" Blue

Yan Xi is in the spirit of connecting Qi, can't she? She's a patient now, and Ling Mo Feng can't tolerate it? Blue

Yan Xi just wanted to make a phone call to talk with him. Unexpectedly, he called first. "

you signed up today. You will come back in the afternoon to have a rest and go to work tomorrow. You should be well!" Ling Mo Feng whispered. "

but I want to have a rest for three days, OK?" Lanyanxi also kept the temper of the eldest lady. "

No, I said to the Personnel Bureau yesterday that you should go for an interview today and go to work tomorrow. This is a job. You must treat it with your heart. This is the general office, not your blue family company. If you don't want to go to work, forget it." Ling Mo Feng is really a tough boss. He doesn't have any feelings at all. LAN

Yanxi also knew that he was making trouble, so he had to counseled and nodded: "well, I won't ask for leave, otherwise, it will waste your mind." "

just know!" Ling Mo Feng was very pleased. "

I go to work every day. Can I see you?" LAN Yanxi suddenly asked again. Ling

after two seconds of silence, Mo Feng's voice became hoarse: "yes, I will pass you several times every day!"

"Really?" Blue words Xili smiled into a flower, and she knew that the man was not so cold and heartless.

"If you want to see me, I'll come and see you!" Ling Mo Feng was a ruthless person, but he didn't know how. The woman said that if she wanted to see him, he didn't want to let her down. "

What are you talking about? If I want to see you, I just feel I work in the same place and can see several times every day. I'm in a better mood. You know, a junior staff like me can't see you every day! " LAN Yanxi explained with a serious face. "

isn't it visible to go home at night? Why do you need to see more of them? " Ling Mo Feng can't help sneering at her.

"That's different! Don't tell you! " Lanyanxi finds that she can't tell Ben what he said. Every word of this man just makes her breathe tight, so she quickly hangs up. Ling

Mo Feng holds the mobile phone in his hand and looks back at the car following him. He is afraid that at this time, LAN Yanxi is angry with him again. This is a woman with a lot of pettiness and a strange temper, but it's also fun to get along with.

Arriving at the general office, LAN Yanxi and Ling Mo Feng parted ways, because she was directly arranged to go to the Personnel Bureau for an interview with a person. Ling Mo Feng certainly had important things to do. Blue

Yanxi's interview was a success, because she has a high education background and a very good temperament and appearance. She can also win the job as a receptionist. Of course, the most important thing is Ling Mo Feng's greeting. The interview is a walk through. Lanyanxi was arranged to work in an office position, and she also distributed several sets of professional suits for her, because the female staff in the general office need uniform clothes Blue Yanxi is sitting in the position with the new clothes. As expected, the atmosphere in this general office is very strict, so people dare not think about it.

Lanyanxi was arranged to study in front of a senior. This woman is Yang He. She has been here for more than a year. She is a beautiful woman with a beautiful temperament. She has a light attitude towards lanyanxi. First, she took some work flow to her and explained the work content again. Just then, a foreign guest came here. Lanyanxi was thinking that she could leave at this moment, but she didn't expect Yang He to go directly Tell her to go over: "these foreign guests are here for the meeting. In the third meeting room, you can help me to take them over."