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C1724 the perfect man

Just after seven o'clock, Ling Mo Feng finished his dinner. He washed his hands and put two bowls of rice on the table. Then he turned to the living room.

LAN Yanxi is watching a funny program. She is very attentive. She doesn't find that the man behind her is coming. Until his hot palm touches her shoulder, she shrinks and shakes. Turning her head, she sees the deep eyes of the man.

"Having dinner, what are you looking at?"

Lingmo Feng is a little jealous. I feel that this woman's eyes have been separated by many things instead of focusing on him.

LAN Yanxi quickly hid his mobile phone behind him, squinting and laughing: "nothing."

"Hand it in."

Ling Mo Feng reaches out with a big hand and speaks with command.

LAN Yanxi dare not commit a crime under his authority and hand over his mobile phone.

Lingmo Feng saw that this was a star funny show, and among them, it seemed that there was a group of band members that lanyanxi liked very much before, and his eyes narrowed dangerously in a moment.

LAN Yanxi secretly glanced at the man's expression with a guilty heart. Then she explained with a dry smile, "I think their competition is a little fun."

Ling Mo Feng bit his teeth. He was busy making dinner for her in the kitchen, but she was so good that she could lie on the sofa and enjoy other men's fun.

"If you don't eat a bowl of rice, I'll see how I clean you up."

Ling immediately confiscated her mobile phone.

"A bowl?"

LAN Yanxi stood up with a guilty face, followed him to the table, and saw the bowl of rice, which was really a big bowl of solid fruit.

"Give it back to me."

Lanyanxi immediately took out her coquettish ability and actively leaned on the man.

"No way."

A man with a handsome face should not be taken as a bully. Although he has spoiled her to lawlessness, he should occasionally announce the position of the head of his family.

"Well, I'll eat."

Lanyanxi found that she couldn't make sure of anything, so she could only listen to him.

"Wow, you've made all these dishes sour?"

LAN Yanxi glanced at several bowls of vegetables on the table, including sour and spicy potato shreds, sweet and sour ridges, meat, jasmine and sour beans. Even the soup is tomato and egg noodles, with sour taste.


Seeing the light in her eyes, the man's voice was obviously gentle.

LAN Yanxi suddenly felt as if she was sorry for him. She immediately walked over and hugged him tightly on his back: "I'm sorry!"

Ling Mo Feng's tense look relaxed and sighed, reaching out to pull her two small hands off: "well, I'm not angry. You are idle at home and bored. It's also appropriate to watch some variety shows to relax."

"Don't worry, my heart, except you, there will be no other men, you must not doubt me, I just like listening to their songs, because their songs have a lot of content."

LAN Yanxi is still explaining.

"I know."

Ling Mo Feng turned around and looked at her: "I've heard their songs, and they're really good.

"Have you heard of it?"

LAN Yanxi's face was startled.

"Because it's the song you like to listen to. When I'm free, I'll listen to it. I want to see what magic it has."

Ling Mo Feng is ashamed. Obviously, it takes courage for him to say this, because no one wants to show how humble he is in front of his beloved.

LAN Yanxi's eyes were flickering with water mist. She was really moved. She thought Ling Mo Feng was really a perfect man. His love was almost perfect.

"Let's eat. It's going to be cold."

Ling Mo Feng saw that she didn't speak, but his eyes were red. He immediately felt that the atmosphere was too sensational. He pushed her gently to the seat.

LAN Yanxi took chopsticks and sandwiched a sweet and sour tenderloin. It tasted good and made her suddenly have an appetite.

In the quiet mountain village, it's dark. In the distance, the peak is continuous. It's been raining for a week. The temperature suddenly drops a lot.

Ling wennuan took out her thickest thin down jacket and put it on, but she still felt cold. When she sang with the children in the afternoon, she felt a little dizzy. She didn't eat much for supper, because she didn't have much taste.

There is a road across the gate, which is the rice field. There are frogs in the field. Ling warms and shakes for a while. I don't know why she put on all her thin down clothes. How can she feel cold?

Even if it's cold, what's going on with the cold sweat on the back and forehead?

Is it because she's here now that her physical fitness is getting worse?

Ling warm can't help lying on the bed, shrink into a ball.

Sleep to midnight, Ling warm only feel dry throat pain, dizziness more severe.

She turned over and felt that she could not feel the pain all over. She reached for her forehead.

The temperature is hot. She's shocked. It's over. She's really caught a cold with fever.

She reached for her mobile phone and looked at it. It was more than three o'clock in the morning. It was a hot time. It was really miserable. What should I do?

Ling warms her forehead and has to get up to find medicine.

Ling wennuan remembers that her mother seems to have packed a bag of medicine in the box. She needs to find it well.

Ling wennuan takes out his mobile phone, turns on the flashlight and opens the small medicine bag. There is no antipyretic or cold medicine in it. There are only some band aids, disinfectant and lozenges.

She just remembered that there were several female students in Lin Bo's side who had a continuous cold some time ago. She gave them all the medicine.

Ling Nuan sighed forcefully. Is it too late to call Mu Weicheng?

Hesitated, Ling wennuan still turned to his phone, she closed her eyes, no matter, now the only thing she can ask for help is him. The Cheng family is so late, she can't disturb others' rest.

Ling warm cell phone just dial, two seconds was answered by the man.

"Warm, what's the matter?"

The man's voice with just woke up hoarse, low and concerned asked her.

Ling wennuan gasped a little. He lowered his voice and said, "Mu Weicheng, I seem to have a cold. I'm feverish. Can you send me some antipyretics? Will your infirmary open at night?"


Wait for me, I'll be right here. "

When Mu finished, he hung up directly.

Ling warm Leng at the mobile phone, suddenly moved not, she bent her legs, sat in bed, at this moment, the most vulnerable time, someone is willing to come for themselves, it is really a very happy thing.

Nearly an hour, Ling wennuan heard the barking of a dog, and her nerves began to tense.

Then, she heard the dog's low whimper outside the door, which made Ling warm think of Mu Weicheng's big black dog. Every time he came, the two dogs of Xiaoyu's family would make such a fearful sound.

"Warm, open the door, it's me."

Sure enough, there was murmur from the door.

Ling wennuan quickly opened the door, and Mu Weicheng came in. Before she could stand still, she felt a soft body coming from her arms. Her arms were hanging on his neck and her face was deeply buried in his arms.

"Thank you for coming. I feel like I'm dying."

Ling's warm voice is inflamed, and her voice is dry and hoarse. She didn't expect that the cold would be so fierce. She thought that with her own physical quality, she could get through.

"Don't be silly. It's just a cold. I'll take you back to the doctor now."

Mu Weicheng is frightened, and Jun's face is taut. He doesn't want to hear her say such unlucky words.

Ling wennuan was confused. He felt that his body was empty. Mu Weicheng even hugged her directly.

"Close the door."

The man held her, walked out, and then reminded her.

Ling wennuan closed the door tightly, wrapped his hands around his neck tightly, and let him hold himself to the direction of the car.

She is still in a fever, burning her consciousness a little fuzzy, but she is not afraid at all, even in this strange distance, she is no longer afraid, Mu Weicheng has become her safest dependence.

The man looked at the woman in his arms very quiet, he breathed a little fast, and his pace accelerated.

If it's normal, this little woman's mouth is noisy and noisy, and she hasn't stopped for a moment. Now, she's so quiet, which makes him a little unaccustomed. It can only be said that she's really seriously ill.