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"Daddy is back!" When Tang Xiao Nai saw her savior, she immediately ran towards Ji Xiao Han with her short legs.

When Ji Xiao Han saw a pink little figure flying in front of him like a gust of wind, he immediately squatted down and opened his arms wide, hugging his daughter tightly.

"I've thought of it!" The little guy said in a childish voice, looking a little embarrassed.

Tang Xiao Rui suddenly did not know what to say.

"I'm hungry, I'm about to faint from hunger! Daddy came back too slowly! " Tang Xiao Rui had no way to fight against Ji Xiao Han, so he used his hunger attack to talk.

When Uncle Yuan, who was standing nearby, heard the little Young Master's complaints, he was so frightened that his legs went limp. He had wanted the two little fellows to go to the table and eat more than once just now.

They insisted on waiting for the return of Young Master and Miss Tang before they were willing to serve.

"When you're hungry, go eat!" Ji Xiao Han frowned.

"Mummy hasn't come back yet, we have to wait for her to come back and eat together." Tang Xiao Rui said with determination.

Ji Xiao Han chuckled. "Don't wait for her, she's eating outside tonight. Let's eat first."

Tang Xiao Rui's small face froze for a moment, as he blinked his large eyes: "Did another uncle treat Mummy to a meal? I knew it, Mummy is so beautiful, there must be a lot of people who like to treat her to a meal. "

His son's words caused someone's face to darken. His tone was immediately filled with anger: "Xiao Rui, is this how your Mummy usually teaches you? You clearly know that your Mummy is eating with another man, yet you feel happy for her? "

"Daddy, the Mummy has brought us so much trouble. Of course, I hope that there will be more people who can love her."

"En!" Tang Xiao Nai felt that her brother's words made a lot of sense.

Ji Xiao Han facepalmed. It looks like he had to teach these two little fellows a deep lesson.

"Let's eat first. Daddy has something he wants to tell you later." Ji Xiao Han carried the little fellow and walked towards the dining table.

"Daddy, Mummy said to wash my hands before eating." Tang Xiao Nai said with her childish voice.

Ji Xiao Han smiled as he looked at his daughter and said, "It's father's carelessness. Let's go and wash my hands!"

"Little Rui... "Come here!" Ji Xiao Han was only concerned with carrying his daughter away. When he turned his head, he saw the little fellow on the sofa was still arguing with him, he immediately called out his name. This time, his tone was much more gentle.

Only then did Tang Xiao Rui unwillingly walk over.

Ji Xiao Han very gently washed and dried the two little hands. Then, the three of them sat down at the dining table.

The delicious dinner was served to them. Ji Xiao Han reached out and picked up a piece of delicious chicken for the two little fellows: "Xiao Nai, Xiao Rui, eat more.

"Daddy, you have to eat more too!" Tang Xiao Nai said while beaming.

When Ji Xiao Han heard the concern of his daughter, his handsome face became even gentler and more enchanting.

Tang Xiao Rui bit on the chicken, his black gem-like eyes scratching at Ji Xiao Han: "Daddy, didn't you just say that you have something to say to us? What are you saying? "

Ji Xiao Han chewed on the food elegantly, seeing the two little fellows looking at him curiously, he coughed lightly: "Yes, I do have something important to tell you, about your Mummy!"

"What happened to Mummy?" When Tang Xiao Nai heard that this matter concerned the Mummy, her small and exquisite face also tensed up.

Ji Xiao Han pondered for a moment, then said: "Do you know how dangerous it is for your Mummy to meet different men?"

"Dangerous? Is Mummy in danger? " Tang Xiao Nai was rather straightforward, when she heard that Mummy was in danger, her little face turned pale.

However, Tang Xiao Rui was not as innocent as she was, and would not easily show his joy, anger, and sorrow on his face. He only stared at Ji Xiao Han, and waited for him to finish his words.

When Ji Xiao Han saw his daughter's worried expression, he suddenly regretted it. Should he not have talked to the little fellow about such a heavy topic?

Yes, you guys are too naive, and didn't know that there are actually many dangerous things in this world. The men outside, they invited your Mummy for a meal, maybe because they have evil intentions, they want to bully your Mummy. Ji Xiao Han tried his best to be more tactful in order to not scare Liang Ge Xiao Bao Bei.

"Bullying Mummy, brother, will those uncles beat Mummy?" Tang Xiao Nai was a little unable to understand the meaning behind 'bully'.

The expression in Ji Xiao Han's eyes faltered slightly, and he immediately replied, "It's much more serious than the fight."

"Then are they going to kill Mummy?" Tang Xiao Nai was so scared that she did not want to eat anymore. Her two small hands held onto the ladle tightly as her big crystal-like eyes stared at her father without blinking, waiting for his reply.

Ji Xiao Han was stunned again, he coughed dryly. He was finished, the little fellow's interest was piqued, what was he going to tell them about the real purpose of those men?

Even if he were to tell them, the two little fellows might not necessarily understand.

"Idiot Xiao Nai, you were just trying to scare us." Although Tang Xiao Rui was nervous, he discovered that his father's expression was not worried at all. She felt that his father must have just been trying to scare them.

"I feel that father isn't trying to scare us. Big brother, Mummy is in danger, we need to hurry up and make her come back." Tang Xiao Nai was timid, when she heard that the Mummy was about to be bullied, she immediately wanted to get the Mummy back.

Tang Xiao Rui frowned his beautiful eyebrows, his small face pondering for a moment, then said to Ji Xiao Han: "Daddy, then quickly send a few people to protect my Mummy, you better not let anyone bully her."

Ji Xiao Han, "..."

The little guy was quite smart, he actually knew to send someone to protect that woman.