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C1518 doubling of conditions

Luo Jin Yuzhi talks directly with the old man of Liu's family because he doesn't want to deal with the shrew like Liu Lan, and that kind of woman certainly won't be reasonable. However, if she doesn't reason with outsiders, it doesn't mean she doesn't talk to her father.

"Lan'er was spoiled when I was a child. She insisted on marrying Fang Yang. I didn't agree with her, but she had children at that time. I had to let her go. I always thought that Fang Yang was willing to marry her. In order to fan Bu Fang Yang, I gave money and effort to push him from a small department soldier to the position of vice mayor. I didn't want to By the way, they are still going to divorce. " Mr. Liu is quite reasonable. At this moment, he talks about the old things with sadness, blames himself and regrets. He hates that his daughter's life can start again.

Luo Jinyu listened without expression and said calmly: "I don't want to hear about her and Fang Yang. Last time she and your wife hurt my girlfriend on the street, I won't forgive her. This time, there's a female star named Lin Enron. She took the opportunity to get close to her, pretended to be a birthday party, almost harmed my girlfriend's innocence. I hope it has nothing to do with your daughter Otherwise, I will kill her. "

The old man was so scared that he could hardly sit on the chair. His eyes widened suddenly: "kill Kill her? "

"My life is to be clear, old man. Who is going to move the person in my heart? It's light for me to kill her. I have to defeat her." Luo Jin's face is cold, not like a joke at all.

Old man Liu was horrified. Although he had been in the business world to this point, he had heard a lot of murders and arson, but it was related to his daughter's life, but he could not sit still.

"I asked my daughter to confront you, Mr. Luo, if My daughter has made such a serious mistake. Please Open up the Internet and give her a way to live. I will take strict care of her and won't let her hurt your girlfriend's family again. I promise. " The old man didn't believe Luo Jinyu's words, but he didn't believe his daughter was innocent.

Just at this time, Luo Jinyu's mobile phone rings.

He looked down and said to the old man, "I'll take a call."

Although he was negotiating with the enemy, Luo Jinyu maintained his good cultivation, which made the old man more sad. If his son had half the courage of Luo Jinyu, he would not let the Liu family fall here.

Luo Jinyu Yingting's eyebrow is slightly twisted: "Lin Enron didn't go to find Liu Lan, but to find delicate?"

"Yes, I stared at her all the way and found that she didn't go down to see Liu Lan privately. However, she has contacted several strange numbers on her mobile phone, which I haven't found yet." The other side said seriously.

"Ah, Lin Enron is calm. She doesn't think it's delicate or easy to cheat?" Luo Jinyu deliberately didn't do anything to Lin Enron these days. He just wanted to give her a chance to talk with Liu Lan. Unfortunately, Lin Enron was smart. He could not bear to see her all the time. Instead, he went to the front of Chu to apologize for forgiveness.

"President Luo, what should I do next? Do you have to keep staring? " The other side asked with some uncertainty.

"Look, they'll meet sooner or later." Luo Jinyu said, then hung up.

In fact, he chose to come to Liu's house at this time to force Liu Lan and Lin Enron to meet and discuss with each other as soon as possible to solve the problem, and he could also take the opportunity to kill all the two women together and not give them any chance to turn over.

At the beginning, he said that he would drive Liu Lan out of the country just to keep talking with old master Liu. If Liu Lan and Lin Enron had enough evidence of their partnership, he would not let them go. All of them would have to go to prison to reflect and repent.

If they want fame, he will let them lose it completely.

Luo Jinyu comes back from the phone and finds that the old man has just made a phone call. He looks pale and pitiful.

Luo Jinyu sneers at the bottom of his heart. It seems that the old man asked what he had come up with.

"President Luo, Lan'er will be here soon. Then, let her tell you in person. You just suggested that I send her abroad. I promise you that I will not come back in this life..."

"Old man, you don't seem to understand what I just said. If your daughter is just blocking my girlfriend in the street and saying something hard to listen to, you promised to send her abroad. Of course, I'm satisfied with what you've done. But if She conspired with the actress to poison my girlfriend. That's a violation of the law. It's up to the police to deal with it. " Luo Jinyu interrupts the old man's words. His face is solemn and there is no room for discussion.

As soon as the old man's face was shocked, he knew that Luo Jinyu was a difficult person. His purpose of coming here today was to ask her about her sin, not to send her abroad.

Liu Lan came in a hurry. She had no time to change her hair and clothes. She was still wearing pajamas.

Seeing sitting in the living room, Jun's face was cold, and Luo Jinyu, who was not good at coming, was particularly upset.

"Dad, you're looking for me. What's the matter?" Liu Lan looked at her father with an expression of discontent.

"Rebellious girl, kneel down and admit to Luo!" The old man would be so severe. He just wanted to make a drama of bitterness for Luo Jinyu to see. He hoped that he could get rid of it and treat it lightly.

Liu Lan looks at Luo Jinyu, who is indifferent, and at her father, who is serious. She bites her teeth and says angrily, "Dad, what are you kidding me? I'm older than him. Let me kneel him? He is not afraid of retribution. "

"Old man, she's right. Kneel down and admit her mistake. You'd better ask her if she colludes with Lin Enron to frame my girlfriend Yang ChuChu. Or, is there any accomplice behind her? Who is it? If she can make it clear, I can really think about not pursuing her if she is instructed to commit a crime unintentionally. " Luo Jinyu looks light, but every word is fatal. Liu Lanyu's face changes suddenly and his back is cold.

Luo Jinyu is really terrible. He not only mentioned Lin Enron's name, but also doubted whether there was someone behind her.

"Liu Lan, if you don't tell the truth, your father won't guarantee you." The old man yelled.

Liu Lan shuddered, pale and colorless, and began uneasily, "Dad, what are you talking about? I can't understand you."

"You don't need to be silly here. Have you ever directed that girl star to harm Yang ChuChu, the general girlfriend of Luo?" The old man asked angrily.

"I didn't. I didn't know Lin Enron at all!" Liu Lan shook her head with great certainty. She concluded that Lin Enron would never betray her.

"Is it? But Lin Enron said, "you ordered all this, otherwise, how could I find here?" Luo Jinyu sneers.

"What? That little bitch! " Liu Lan was not a delicate and thoughtful woman. When she heard Luo Jinyu's mention, she immediately panicked and showed her flaws.

The old man also saw that he was so angry that he grabbed the cup at hand and smashed it on Liu Lan: "are you not willing to tell the truth? Do you want the whole family to bury you, so that you can restrain your temper? "

Liu Lan was really hit. She covered her arm in pain and looked at her father with tears on her face. "Dad, don't you believe me? I don't really have one. "

Luo Jinyu sneers: "Liu Lan, are you sure you want to hide it?"

Lao Tzu Liu was so angry that he trembled all over. He pointed to her and could hardly speak: "you bully the soft and fear the hard, bully the strong and bully the others, and I will turn my eyes to the blind. You didn't commit a crime, but you know? You are breaking the law. You have to bear the legal responsibility. "

Liu Lan's legs were so soft that she almost collapsed on the ground. Her face turned to panic. After a while, she finally admitted, "yes, I took money to sell Lin Enron. I hate Yang ChuChu's mother and daughter. I just want to straighten her out, but I didn't want her life."

"She almost died!" Luo Jin holds the big palm tightly to form a fist, biting his teeth coldly.

Liu Lan's expression was stiff again. She immediately lowered her head in shame and said, "Luo Jinyu, since you have found me here, what do you want, please tell me."

"I want you to show the people behind you. I believe there are your personal grudges, but I'm afraid it's not just personal grudges, is it?" Luo Jin resists the cold questioning.

Liu Lan flashed Mei's face in her mind. Next second, she shook her head: "no, it's personal resentment. I just hate her. I wish she could die."

At the moment, the old man was already very sad and disappointed with his daughter.