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C975 worry about her heart attack

Bai Yiyan doesn't have many things, but she also has two full boxes, many of which are valuable gifts from Ji Yueze. She only wears them occasionally because of work needs, and most of the time they are put at home.

Ji Yueze made a phone call to go out, and soon decided on a house. It's a seascape house near the sea, which has been decorated and can be checked in at any time. What Ji Yueze didn't tell Bai Yiyan is that he also has a house in this community, and he lives in the upstairs of her house.

"How can I find a house so quickly? It's not your own. " Bai Yiyan asked him in surprise. Season

Yueze chuckles: "how can it be? My grandma is not confused. If I give you my house, she will find it out. At that time, I really don't know how to explain it to her. It belongs to a friend of mine. I know that he has a vacant house there."

"Is it? What's the rent? Don't sign the contract? " Bai Yiyan can't understand that his rich people's concept of money is just a number, so she can only think like an ordinary person that renting a house requires signing a contract and paying the rent on time.

"Don't ask so much. You just need to settle in. I'll pay him the rent." Ji Yueze comfortingly touched her long hair, which was slightly disordered: "go to take a bath and change clothes. I'll show you!" Bai

seeing that he is so confident, Yi Yan must not need these complicated procedures, so she had to trust him wholeheartedly, turned to take a bath and changed a suit of clothes.

Ji Yueze also changed a suit of casual clothes. Two people pushed the box and went out. "

Why do I feel like I'm going on vacation? But clearly, we are breaking up! " Bai Yiyan can't help crying and laughing. "

you should go on vacation. Don't have too much pressure! Also, don't cry secretly any more! If a person is unhappy, he will grow old quickly! " Ji Yueze, carrying a box into the elevator, exhorted her. "

do you dislike me for being old now?" Bai Yiyan asked with a chuckle. "

of course not. I'm just teaching you how to live the next life. Don't worry about your mother's affairs. My brother and I will continue to follow up on this matter and won't be wronged." Ji Yueze said quietly. "

I believe you, I won't think about it any more!" Bai Yiyan nodded and didn't want him to worry about herself. "

when you go out in the future, you must pay attention to safety and do not trust others easily." Ji Yueze thought of her experience of being kidnapped twice, and his heart was palpitating, so he had to specially tell her.

"I will. I will be more careful in the future!" Bai Yiyan is also afraid of such things. In the future, she may not be so easy to believe a person, unless that person is her most important person. "

I may make our breakup public in the media. You can pay a little attention to it, but you can pretend not to see if you are attacked, because it doesn't make sense." Ji Yueze thought about it, but he should remind her a few words in advance to avoid hurting her heart again. White

Yiyan chuckles and looks at the man's serious handsome face with clear and beautiful eyes: "how can you feel like an old lady, and I am like a child who is going to go far away, telling me everything!" Season

Yueze: "..." Bai

seeing his stunned expression, Yiyan chuckled again: "don't worry, I'm not so vulnerable anymore. I just need to remember your concern for me. Nothing can hurt me."

Ji Yueze sighed: "OK, just make yourself clear, I won't say that much." From the

elevator, Ji Yueze personally carried two boxes to the trunk for her, and then they got on the bus and drove to Bai Yiyan's new home. In the streets just under heavy rain, the flow of people and vehicles is much less. The roads washed by water become clean.

Bai Yiyan is sitting in the car, looking out of the window at the backward scenery, in a calm mood.

In the past, when she thought of breaking up with Ji Yueze, she would feel pain like a knife cut. But now, she has different feelings.

As long as the two hearts are still close together, no matter how far away they are, one of his words of concern and one of his exhortations will make one heart dead and alive.

"I'll try my best to be closer to where you live!" Ji Yueze thought of something, and suddenly said. "

don't worry. Anyway, I want to have a rest recently. You are so busy!" Bai Yiyan said softly. "

I just want you to settle down so that you don't have to think about anything!" Ji Yueze reached over and held her cool little hand: "if I don't arrange you well, I'm not in the mood to work."

Bai Yiyan's heart strings trembled, and she looked at the handsome side of the man's face. The feeling of being loved by him was so beautiful.

Before, I only felt that this man was cold and high, but when I really walked into his heart, I found that his indifference was only external, and his gentleness was the most attractive place.

"Well, I'll go to see the location of the store myself!" Since he said that, Bai Yiyan should be more active. She doesn't want to drag him down or lose his kindness. Season saw her rekindling a passion for life, which was a sigh of relief at the bottom of her heart. In fact, after the kidnapping, she learned that Bai Zhen was really her mother's real image, which was definitely a more serious blow to a girl. For example,

people with weak mental endurance are easy to suffer from depression. Ji Yueze is also worried that Bai Yiyan will backlog all emotions in her heart. Over time, she will become a heart disease, which is also terrible.

Bai Yiyan's words have become less obvious recently. Ji Yueze doesn't know what she is thinking. She is afraid that she will be confused, so she actively wants to arrange her new life. When you arrive at the seaside community, you can see the cruise ships and freighters coming from afar and feel the cool feeling of the sea breeze.

Bai Yiyan followed him into the three bedroom and two hall suite, which is the scenery of the sea.

"What a view here!" A happy smile flickered on Bai Yiyan's face.

"Well, the scenery is good and far away from the noise of the city. It's more suitable for life." Ji Yueze stood behind her, his long arms around her from behind, his thin lips against her ears, breathing heat.

Bai Yiyan dodged for a moment and pasted her small hand on his big palm: "if I don't have you, I really don't know what to do? Ji Yueze, thank you for being so kind to me. I don't know how to thank you. "