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C1221 someone hates marriage

In the night, it's more than nine o'clock. Luo Jinyu sits alone in the office, staring at the happy stickers on the desktop, dazed. The happy stickers are printed with the marks of a pair of gilded lovers. The hearts of the two lovers are closely related, and the couple's words are naturally formed, slightly hurting the man's heart.

It seems too early for him to get married. The people he loves are younger than the legal marriage age. He can only bury this matter in his heart. No.

before, Luo Jinyu wanted to get married. Before that, he received a congratulatory post from others. He would only say congratulations politely and politely when he saw each other. He had never been envious. But today, inexplicably, this mood occupied his heart and made him feel a little pain.

Luo Jinyu takes a look at the wristwatch. Yang ChuChu has a dinner party held by the company today. He still sits in the office so that he can go to Tianyu group to pick her up and go home together. Just thinking about it, the mobile phone on the desk suddenly rings, and Luo Jinyu's face is lost. He picks up the mobile phone and says softly, "is it over?"

"Well, come here. I'll wait for you at the company gate!" There comes the girl's sweet voice, like manna, which can nourish people's hearts. Luo

Jin Yu whispered a good answer, hung up the phone, gently put the invitation in his drawer, took his coat and car key, and got up!

After driving for more than ten minutes, Luo Jinyu arrived at the gate of Baiyu media company. In the night, it was already a vast ocean of luxury cars. Today is the celebration of the whole Baiyu group. Not far away, Luo Jinyu stood the security personnel who maintained the order, and stopped a large number of enthusiastic fans. Luo Jinyu ignored the noise and bustle, and the car was orderly and slowly moving towards the big Drive outside the hall.

When he was about to drive past, he saw a touch of charming and moving figure, walked towards him quickly, his eyes were attracted by her at once. Today's Yang ChuChu is just like her famous son. She is charming and bright. She is wearing a long pale pink gauze skirt with peach petals. It matches her girl's breath very well. Looking at it, people think of the peach blossom blooming in spring. She is like a peach blossom fairy, swaying and charming.

With a trophy in his hand, Yang ChuChu opened his copilot with a smile, sat in and brought in a fresh and pleasant fragrance.

"Luo Jinyu, I won the prize!" Yang ChuChu's cup is shining in front of him. Male

People's thin lips are hooked with a smile, and their eyes dote on her smiling face: "what's the prize?" "

Best Newcomer Award!" Yang ChuChu replied with a smile. "

are you new? Aren't you an old man in the entertainment industry? " Luo Jinyu deliberately teases her.

"Will you chat? No more!" Yang ChuChu's beautiful little mouth popped up, with a baby's emotional expression. Male

the person gently reached over and rubbed her fluffy long hair: "I'm joking with you, don't get angry, OK?"

The low magnetic male voice said such a doting words. The person with a bad temper is easily conquered by him at the moment. Besides, Yang ChuChu has a good temper. He just pretends to be angry with him, and suddenly the corner of his mouth rises again. Then he reaches out and pulls a paper towel. He takes a breath of heat on the cup, and wipes some precious paper stickers. Luo

looking at her childlike behavior, Jin Yu couldn't help chuckling: "so precious, I need to wipe it!"

"That's for sure. I'm going to get a lot of awards. I'm going to show them to my children's grandchildren in the future!" Yang ChuChu's complacent reply.

"Well, you're thinking long enough!" Luo Jinyu is still a gentle voice line, listening to her mention of the future generations, thin lips are also rising.

Looking from her side, I can see her white jade like face. It's lovely, young and tender. This little woman's brain melon seeds can really imagine that she is still a half old child, thinking about future generations.

Yang ChuChu wipes it, holds it carefully in her arms, and looks at the wheels of the car and the horse in front of her with the man. The lights on the side of the road reflect her beautiful eyes. "

by the way, I got a call from sister Anxin today. She said that she would marry master mu." Yang ChuChu suddenly thought of an important thing, and quickly took it out to talk.

"Yes, they finally ended their long run of love and planned to get married!" Luo Jin replied softly. "


The girl sighed a little.

Luo Jinyu can hear the meaning of these two words. Does she want to enjoy the happiness and bitterness of marriage with him?

Luo Jinyu's heart stirred up a little waves, and his heart was extremely satisfied, because he could feel Yang ChuChu's determination to be with him.

"Don't envy either, you will have such a day sooner or later!" Luo Jinyu chuckles.

"Yes, we have such days!" Yang ChuChu immediately nodded with a smile.

Luo Jin's smile deepened at the bottom of her eyes. He didn't hear her. She said "we!"

Although the heart is full of emotion at the moment, Luo Jinyu has a trace of negative emotion. Although Yang ChuChu likes him very much now, there is no guarantee that her feelings for him will go on as usual and will not change in the next three to five years.

"Luo Jinyu, I'm hungry. Let's go to eat something!" The girl next to begged him lazily.

"Well, go and have porridge!" Luo Jinyu heard her saying that she was hungry. All the thoughts in her mind seemed to be erased. He didn't want to think about it any more. He just wanted to feed her first.

"Well, I'm a little sleepy, squint for a while, and call me when I arrive!" Yang ChuChu completely trusted this man. No matter where he drove and wanted to take her, she was not worried at all. Red

before the green light, the man stops the car and looks into his side eyes. The girl is holding the cup and sleeping quietly, as if she is carrying her dream. Luo

Jin Yu looks at her slightly distracted. She is so young, but she sticks to her dream. How can he not love this little thing? The light is green. There is a car behind. Luo Jinyu finds that he has been lost for so long. He drives away.

When we arrived at the place where we had porridge, at night, the seafood porridge business was very good. Luo Jinyu stopped the car, and some of them didn't have the heart to wake her up. However, if they didn't wake her up, they were afraid that she would still be hungry, and her stomach would not stand it.

"Clear, wake up, here it is!" Luo Jin gently patted her soft face with his hands. "

Oh, here we are. Wait a minute. I'll go to the back and change!" Yang ChuChu didn't sleep very well. When she heard that she had reached her destination, she pushed the door to get off the car and got into the back seat.

"Stop it for me. There should be no one peeping outside." Yang ChuChu prepared a suit on his back seat in advance, and now she can just change some of her open skirts.

"Don't worry, you can't see the inside outside. Change it quickly!" Luo Jinyu comforts her in a soft voice.

"Pull the zipper for me!" The girl suddenly turned her back and asked him for help.

Luo Jinyu just turned over, reached out and gently pulled down her zipper. The jade like white back exposed made the man's throat dry, and his eyes were reluctant to give up. Yang ChuChu quickly changed his clothes. When he got off the bus, he was already wearing a simple personalized T-shirt and a pair of jeans with holes. In the summer, the weather was getting warmer and the clothes he wore were getting less and less.

Luo Jinyu also got out of the car. Seeing her dressed like this, he couldn't help reminding her: "the air conditioner in the restaurant is bigger. Do you have a coat?" "

No, I'm in good health!" Yang ChuChu, like a delicate child, flies a proud look at him.

Luo Jinyu had to leave her alone: "then put on your mask. I don't want to go up in a moment and be surrounded by people again!"

"That's right. I want to keep a low profile!" After Yang ChuChu finished, he quickly took the exit cover from the straddle bag and put it on. After the two men were equipped, they walked towards the elevator.

In the elevator, Yang ChuChu languidly leaned on the side of the man, two small hands clasped one arm of him, and was still shouting: "I'm really hungry this time. I knew long ago that I should eat some bread and go to get the prize!"

The man listens in the ear, smiles in the face.