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Therefore, Luo Jin Yu turned around and came back. Upon entering the door, he saw that she had been forcefully held by a man for photos, and his heart suddenly shrunk. In the next second, he had already snatched her back.

Yang Chu Chu suddenly laughed, the smile was extremely happy and beautiful.

Luo Jin Yu carried her out of the dining hall and into the elevator.

"He didn't hurt you, did he?" Luo Jin Yu looked at Yang Chu Chu who was giggling nonstop, and frowned as he asked.

Yang Chu Chu quickly shook his head, "No, I'm fine. Thank you for coming back to save me!"

"You know a star, why don't you bring an assistant with you?" Luo Jin Yu felt that she didn't care about his safety at all.

"Because the person I'm here to see is you. I don't want anyone to disturb us!" Yang Chu Chu said truthfully.

Luo Jin Yu's thin lips hooked up, "I still realize that we're still not suitable. The age difference is too big, we're unable to communicate, and we don't have a topic to discuss."

When Yang Chu Chu heard him say that it was inappropriate, did that mean he was rejecting her?

It was as if she had been electrocuted. She stood there like a wooden chicken, completely unconscious.

"Luo Jin Yu, are you really not going to consider me anymore?" Yang Chu Chu was extremely saddened, because when a person was rejected by someone he liked, that person said that the entire world was collapsing, and even the sunlight was gone.

Luo Jin Yu frowned when he saw that she looked like he had suffered a heavy blow.

At this moment, the elevator arrived!

A lot of people rushed out of the elevator, Yang Chuyang was standing at the elevator door with his head lowered. The people that let him out bumped into her shoulders again and again, and she seemed to have lost her soul, being pushed back step by step.

Luo Jin Yu had never seen someone more dumbstruck than her. Even when they were knocked against each other, they did not move out of the way.

He could only pull her towards his side once again, gathered her into his protective area, and softly berated her. "Yang Chu Chu, what are you doing?"

Yang Chu Chu couldn't even speak at the moment, and only felt extreme pain in her heart.

Once again, she raised her head, her eyes were filled with tears, as she looked at Luo Jin Yu with grief and grievance.

Luo Jin Yu's heart seemed to have been punched ruthlessly by something, causing his entire body to tremble.

At the moment, there was no one in the elevator, only the two of them.

He frowned. "Don't look at me like that!"

Yang Chu Chu could only lower her head once again. When the elevator stopped at any floor, she covered her head and walked out.

Seeing that she had left, Luo Jin Yu froze again, his long legs moved again, as he followed behind her.

"Yang Chu Chu..."

"You can go!" Yang Chu Chu didn't want to see him anymore at the moment, because she felt that she had lost too much face.

How could Luo Jin Yu not worry and let her wander around here alone?

"I'll send you back!"

"No need, I'll drive back myself later!" Yang Chu Chu's voice was lacerated as she replied while sobbing.

"What's there to worry about?" I'm not your person, didn't you just say that we weren't suitable? " Yang Chu Chu stopped, turned his head, and said with grief and grievance.

Luo Jin Yu helplessly looked at her teary face and sighed: "Alright, I admit, you are really too young to me. When I am with you, I will always have a feeling of guilt, like when I am with my daughter …"

"Do you have a daughter as old as me? I am not your daughter! " Yang Chu Chu was simply going crazy, why did this man keep treating her as her daughter? This was definitely not the answer she wanted to hear.

Luo Jin Yu also felt that his own thoughts were too laughable. He couldn't help but mock himself, "You're right, you're not, but when we're walking together, don't you feel that it's strange?"

"What's strange?" I didn't notice! " Yang Chu Chu immediately looked at both of them, and then answered seriously: "I feel that I'm together with you, so my heart is very at ease. I don't need to hide here by myself anymore."

Her words were very straightforward and childish. However, inexplicably, it touched on Luo Jin Yu's nerves, causing him to suddenly have an idea to treat this little thing better.

"Yang Chu Chu, have you thought about it? You want to be with me?" Luo Jin Yu Tu Ran reached out and grabbed her soft little hand, unwilling to let go.

Yang Chu Chu blinked and bit her lower lip as she replied, "Yes, I have thought about it clearly. But please don't talk about me, who is unsuitable for us, in the future. I feel uncomfortable listening to you."

"Alright, let's go. I'll send you back!" Luo Jin Yu was a dignified CEO of an ice mountain, but he was suddenly tempted by this cute little girl.

Yang Chu Chu was instantly as happy as a child. She smiled sweetly: "May I call you by your name? I've read your name many times by myself, will you laugh at me? "

"No way!" Luo Jin Yu's footsteps paused, he turned his head, and seeing the pure smile on the girl's face, his lips couldn't help but curl up.

"Luo Jin Yu... Your name is really nice to hear! " Yang Chu Chu recited his name like a fool.

The two of them entered the elevator and went downstairs to the parking lot as if no one else was around.

"Where's your car?" Luo Jin Yu asked.

"I got my assistant to send me over!" Yang Chu Chu stuck out her tongue, and said mischievously.

"Then did you lie to me just now?" Luo Jin Yu squinted, carrying a hint of danger.

Yang Chu Chu said in panic: "You already said we weren't suitable, I was feeling terrible, and I didn't want to see you again, that's why I said that. Actually, I told my assistant to send me over, and I didn't want to drive myself, I just wanted to …"

"To think that I could send you home, your plan is pretty good!" Luo Jin Yu opened his car door: "Go in!"

Yang Chu Chu lowered her body and sat down. When the lights of the car went on, the two black sedans in front and behind also lit up at the same time.

Yang Chuyang was surprised, "You brought a bodyguard here?"

"Yep, I always bring bodyguards when I travel, I've encountered danger before!" Luo Jin Yu said indifferently, as the car in front drove off, he also drove away.

"What danger have you encountered?" Yang Chu Chu's little heart was even hanging up for him.

"Someone is trying to kidnap me!" Luo Jin Yu's voice was light.

"Then you're not hurt!" Yang Chu Chu asked worriedly.

Luo Jin Yu shook his head: "I'm not injured, it's just a false alarm. However, ever since that incident, I've discovered that my life seems to be very valuable to others."

"No wonder all of you rich people like to hire bodyguards. It looks like it's really dangerous!" When Yang Chu Chu heard him say that she was alright, she sat down peacefully.

"Fasten your seat belt!" Luo Jin Yu turned his head to look at her, and warned her in a low voice.