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C1847. She's casual

Bo Chen calls up and sneers, "pay you 20000 yuan for one night, you haven't suffered a loss!"

Xia Xinnian's brain exploded into a blank. When she heard him raise money, she thought of something. She turned around and went out of the door.

Jimucheng's eyes are tight. This woman is so ashamed that she wants to escape?

No matter where she escapes, son, he's going to decide.

It's not a glorious thing for her to be ashamed and sell her body for money. A woman like her who can sell her body for money, jimucheng really doesn't even look dirty.

Just when jimucheng thought that Xia Xinnian was guilty and ashamed to run away, the door was pushed hard again, and Xia Xinnian appeared in front of him again.

The next second, a woman raised her hand, 20000 yuan of cash severely hit the face of Jimu City, and fell to the ground.

This one smashed, directly smashed Jimu city to blacken the complexion.

"Twenty thousand yuan, give it back to you. Now, please disappear at once!"

Xia Xinnian is mad. Why does this bastard think that she gave her body to him for money?

Obviously, he came in and slept with her. She hasn't even calculated with him for this account.

Jimucheng didn't expect this woman to have some money now, so she dared to throw money at him. This was a great insult to him.

"Woman, you've made me angry!"

Next second, he said coldly, "son, I'm going to make a decision. Wait for my court flyer!"

Xia Xinnian didn't expect that he would snatch her son mercilessly. Seeing that he was about to leave, she didn't know where she came from. She stepped forward and blocked his way. Mei Mou was angry, hateful and determined: "if you want my son, don't think about it. He belongs to me alone. No one can take him away from me. Even if you are his own father, you can't!"

"Why don't you try? As long as I want to get what jimucheng wants, I will definitely get it!"

Jimucheng looks at her, looks at her pretty red face, but finds that she has some strong and gorgeous beauty.

Xia Xinnian's mind was empty. He thought that at yesterday's banquet, everyone showed a respectful, flattering and flattering smile to him. It can be seen that this man is definitely a powerful representative.

Although she felt that she would fail, Xia Xinnian was determined not to admit defeat. She bit her teeth and said angrily, "is that right?

I'll see. My son only recognizes my mother. If you take him away, he won't recognize you! "

"Oh, I haven't told you. Last night, my son pulled his hair and asked me to verify it. He seems to like my dad very much. What should I do?"

The man leans slightly, attaches in her ear, the low murky tone of voice, sounds like is saying the love words with her.

Just, in the summer heart read, that is the voice of despair.

"It's impossible!"

She tried to negate every word he said, which her son would not do.

Jimucheng sneers: "how do you know my son?

Don't you understand that father and son are connected? "

Xia Xinnian shuddered all over, and his heart began to ache.

Her son, of course, she knows best. Indeed, he is eager to have a father to love him.

But jimucheng is not the best choice in Xia Xinnian's eyes.

"I'm going to find my son now. Where is he?"

Low cold inquiry of jimucheng.

"Don't go!"

Xia Xinnian was so flustered that when she saw that the man was going to walk forward with his legs open again, she grabbed one of his arms and stopped him desperately: "I don't want you to go to my son."

"Can you really stop me?"

Jimucheng feels that this woman is a little funny. In his territory, she wants to take advantage of him. It's just a delusion.

Xia Xinnian is going to collapse to despair. This bastard won't really take his son away.

But her son is more important than her life. How can she let him leave her, even for a day.

"I have returned the money to you. My son belongs to me alone. Don't rob him!"

Xia Xinnian wants to ask him to open his mouth. Although it's only a matter of consulting Bao to admit defeat when he feels soft, she does it for her son.

Jimucheng is not merciful at all. Leng hum: "do you think I will be short of money?"

Xia Xinnian's whole body was frozen again. Next second, the man's big palm mercilessly pushed away her hand: "even if you don't tell me where my son is, I can find him."

The man disappeared, and Xia Xinnian ran out quickly.

In the company downstairs, the man opened the door, the elegant body sat in, was about to ask the driver to drive, suddenly saw the rush out of Xia Xinnian.

"Wait a minute!"

Xia Xinnian ran to his car without any image at the moment, opened the door and sat in.

She knew that it was impossible to hide her son from him all her life.

So she decided to go with him to see her son, who she believed would definitely be on her side.


Jimucheng asks in a low voice.

Xia Xinnian said the address angrily. He put his hands around his chest and looked out of the window. He didn't even look at the man.

Jimucheng also snorted coldly, but his eyes fell on Xia Xinnian.

When she came in just now, a gust of wind blew in, sending the faint fragrance on her body to the nose of the man.

Just like last night, it's fresh and pleasant. It's not offensive.

Jimucheng stares at Xia Xinnian wantonly. Just when she was running, her skin band on her hair was loosened. At the moment, the long black hair scattered around her head is as soft as silk, which makes her look slightly messy, but also beautiful and moving.

Xia Xinnian felt a cold eye staring at her. She looked back angrily, and directly looked at her deep and unpredictable eyes.

"What are you staring at me for?"

Xia Xinnian is furious. The man has the face to look at her. He wants to rob her son.

"I was thinking about how short that was five years ago. For money, I didn't even want to be innocent!"

Jimucheng's slow opening and ridicule in words made Xia Xinnian's expression stiff again.

Xia Xinnian wants to quarrel with him, but when she sees the driver, she has to hold back her anger and shut up.

Jimucheng asked for a boring, will look out of the window, handsome face cold.

No one has dared to ignore his existence so much. Obviously, this woman has done it.

The atmosphere in the car was as stiff as ice. No one said a word more.

When arriving at the children's English training class, jimucheng got out of the car and looked up at the old six story building of the building. Jun's face flashed over the thick displeasure: "you just leave your son in such a place?"

Xia Xinnian immediately retorted: "I sent him here to study, and did not ignore him!"

"Let him study in such a broken place?"

The man thin Chen ridicules is heavier.

Xia Xinnian's breath is choking on his chest. He can't reason with this conceited arrogant bastard.

"Don't go up, I'll take my son down!"

Xia Xinnian suddenly said in a cold voice.

"Well, just in time, I don't want to go up either!"

Jimucheng replied with a cold expression.

Xia Xinnian goes upstairs quickly and wants to coax his son first. Later, he comes down to let his son stay away from jimucheng.