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C1620 can'st bear this evil spirit

LAN Yanxi found that the man fell asleep on her shoulder. Her beautiful eyes turned around in surprise. It seems that he was really drunk.

LAN Yanxi put his hand on the pillow, and then gently laid down the man in his arms. Ling Mo Feng was really tired at this moment. He was also very relaxed and slept heavily.

LAN Yanxi looks at his sleeping handsome face, chuckles, turns to the bathroom and takes out a warm and wet towel. She carefully wipes the man's face and hands. She can't help but sketch the man's five features with her fingers. Almost every detail is just right, without losing the masculine beauty of the man.

LAN Yanxi is ashamed and embarrassed for her expression. She is going to get married soon. She even has a girl's heart for Ling Mo Feng. Does she love him to the core?

It's said that whoever loves first will lose. She has lost now.

LAN Yanxi sighed and took off his shoes and socks for the man. He wanted to wash his feet, but he couldn't help him. So he had to bear it. Let him take a bath tomorrow morning.

Lanyanxi changed his pajamas, lay down beside him, stretched out his hand, put his arm around him, and fell asleep slowly.

In the morning, the sun was shining and the rain was shining. Ling Mo Feng opened his eyes and felt that his head was a little dizzy. He reached out and rubbed his eyebrow, and found that he was close to a small body.

Ling Mo Feng's action was sluggish, and then everything changed carefully.

Fortunately, he didn't wake her up. Ling Mo Feng gently lifted himself out of bed and found that he was still wearing a shirt and trousers. Looking back, he had a good drink with Ji Xiao last night. He was a little drunk, but he could still remember the picture of her holding the flower and walking towards him. I wonder if the mood at that moment was particularly good and the memory was also very new. Ling Mo Feng reached out his hand Shake the rose on the shaker cabinet, full of fragrance.

He couldn't stand the smell of alcohol on his body, so he turned and went to the bathroom to take a bath.

When he came out after washing, he saw the girl holding the quilt and sleeping soundly.

Ling Mo Feng took his shirt from the wardrobe and put it on. After a while, he was full of energy. He went to the bedside, hands gently attached, thin lips in the corner of the girl's mouth kiss.

"Well!" LAN Yanxi was quarreled. She reached over and the man stood up straight.

LAN Yanxi's fingers scratched at the corner of her mouth, turned over lazily, opened one side of her eyes, and shouted, "Lingmo Feng, what time is it?"

"It's half past six, it's still early. You can go to sleep." Ling Mo Feng answers her gently.

"Are you going to work?" Asked LAN Yanxi in a low voice.

"Well, there are many things to deal with today. I have to go first. Thank you for the flowers you sent me yesterday. I'll come back in the evening and bring you gifts." The man said with a smile.

Blue words and beautiful eyes suddenly brightened and opened: "what gift do you want to give me?"

It's greedy to hear the gift so sober. Ling Mo Feng was amused by her lovely appearance. He said with a mysterious smile, "I won't tell you first, and I'll show you in the evening."

Blue Yan Xi's breath tooted his lips: "well, you hurry to work to make money."

When Ling Mo Feng heard her voice like a queen, he could not help but wring a little bit on her white and tender face: "yes, my queen."

LAN Yanxi burst into a smile and hid in the quilt with a coquettish face.

Ling Mo Feng said in a low voice, "I really want to go. Do I have to go to the hospital today?"

"Yes, I will go every day. My grandfather is about to leave hospital." LAN Yanxi was very happy with a smile on his face.

"Really? I'll ask your grandfather how you do. I'll visit him when he leaves the hospital in two days. " Ling Mo Feng is also happy for her.

Lanyanxi went to the hospital at nine o'clock. The old man was pushed by Uncle Yu for a walk in the garden. Lanyanxi didn't find him, so he went to the elevator. Chengyuan followed her all the time. Suddenly, the figure of the elevator nearby flashed, and Chengyuan's eyes changed. She shouted, "who is there?"

LAN Yanxi's nerves were also tense. He looked at the past, but there was no one there.

"What's the matter, Cheng Yuan? What's the matter with you? " LAN Yanxi asked her curiously.

Cheng Yuan's face didn't slacken, but she said again: "I just saw a figure flash past, I don't know what it is, but we have to guard against it."

"Are some children playing?" LAN Yanxi's eyes are fixed on the other side. There is no one there. He can't help patting Cheng Yuan on the shoulder to show her to relax.

"I wish it was me." Cheng Yuan finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Two people found the old man in the garden. He sat beside him and watched some other old men playing chess. Two of them were red faced and red faced.

LAN Yanxi saw grandpa sitting in the middle of the pile of old people's houses from afar. He looked sideways and studied the chess game with a smile. It seemed that the common things in the world had nothing to do with him. He didn't need to frown anymore. Instead, he became simple as a child.

"I haven't seen my grandfather smile like this for a long time." LAN Yanxi's eyes are sour and inexplicable.

"Your grandfather may have been under pressure before, but now that there is no pressure, he can focus on other things." Cheng Yuan also thinks that the blue old man's smile has changed a lot recently. Moreover, he never stepped out of the ward before, and he doesn't like to be busy. Now he is no different from the ordinary old man. Instead, he happily participates in these boring games.

"Yes, I hope he will smile like this in the future." LAN Yanxi also laughed.

Behind a window on the second floor, a girl in a mask stood there. Her eyes seemed to be poisoned, and she looked at LAN Yanxi on the garden road resentfully.

This person is Lanlin. Her dream is to become the successor of the blue family. She has ten billion yuan. But now, her dream suddenly stops.

Even if she wants to fight for her career, the blue family's great foundation has been given to others by grandpa Gong.

Lanlin really hates it. It used to belong to her. Even if I gave her two billion yuan, it's OK. Now every family has only two billion yuan. Lanyanxi has status and status now. There's also a husband of the president. Two billion yuan. For her, she doesn't need to be responsible for supporting her family. Of course, she's happy 。

But for the two families of lanchen and lanbai, they have been used to spending a lot of money since the beginning. For them, these two billions are not astronomical numbers, but they can see the end at a glance. If they continue to spend recklessly, in a few years, these two billions will be gone, and it's as frightening as waiting to die.

Lanlin really can't express the evil spirit in her heart, because the news that the blue family donated money has been widely spread all over the country. Everyone is extremely grateful to lanyanxi. Everyone thinks that her first lady is kind-hearted and willing to spare her family's money to save the poor families. This is a simple act of kindness. For this reason, Ling Mo Feng's prestige has increased a lot. This is right The young husband and wife are highly praised by everyone.

Lanlin believes more. Maybe lanyanxi put forward the donation. In order to gain a good reputation, she encouraged grandpa to donate all the money. This woman's heart is really vicious. She scattered her family wealth to develop her future. Bah, Lanlin's anger is killing her.

LAN Lin clenches her fist. Although she wants to get close to LAN Yanxi and ask why she did this, LAN's family is restless. However, LAN Yanxi is always accompanied by a Cheng Yuan and several bodyguards. It's very difficult for her to get close to her.

Cheng Yuan's eyes were scanning around. Suddenly, she saw a window on the second floor. It seemed that there was a person standing at the window. The man was wearing a mask. She could not see the other person's appearance even if she was far away. She only knew that she was a woman.

"Yan Xi, I don't think the hospital is safe." Cheng Yuan whispered in her ear.

LAN Yanxi was surprised: "did you find anything?"

"No, but I have a good eye. I think someone wants to be bad for you." Cheng Yuan said definitely.

"What can I do? I have to get my grandfather out of the hospital. He's dangerous here." Lanyanxi frowned. She didn't want grandpa to take risks with her.

"Then discuss with the old man and find a safer place to live." Cheng Yuan nods and agrees.