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C1417 Saying Good Trust?

The climate in early spring has already rolled in. The trees beside which the winter snow has bent the branches are a little bit higher. The snow has melted, and green shoots and pink flower bags appear, which make people feel comfortable.

In such a bad environment, plants still don't give up to show that touch of beauty. As human beings, how can they be afraid of wind and rain and waves?

LAN Yanxi's brain is turning these profound problems that she never thought about before. Maybe this is to strengthen her heart. When one thing is seen through, the wounded will not be so serious, because the things that are seen through are just like this.

If blue fiber wants to fight and rob, let her. In the end, she will pay for the bad results.

There is a memorial hall of martyrs in front of it. The front desk steps are clear at the moment. There is a long green grass beside it. The wind and rain are full of a thick and sad atmosphere. Even though the windows here are clear and clean, it is hard to hide a kind of respect for the ancestors.

LAN Yanxi stumbled on the steps, and a foreign guest grabbed her arm.

And at this time, the man walking in front of him also glanced back inadvertently, and saw LAN Yanxi leaning on each other's side with a nervous face, apologizing in shame.

The man smiled at her. In fact, he had been paying attention to lanyanxi all the way. Of course, it was also because she was the only young and beautiful woman in the group. In addition, she was conscientious and meticulous in her professionalism, and her eyes were not wandering. The man was more interested in her.

It's said that serious men are the most attractive, but when women are serious, they look lovely.

Someone's eyes narrowed slightly. Just now, his face was as warm as jade, and it became tense.

Ling did not know where he came from, but he was not happy.

How can this woman even walk and wrestle? Don't tell him it's because he's been watching. If that's the reason, he'll forgive her.

LAN Yanxi smiled at each other in embarrassment and politeness. Suddenly, he heard the man pointed to a direction beside him: "I want to walk there. Can miss LAN accompany me and explain for me?"

LAN Yanxi was stunned for a moment, and didn't know how to refuse. Fortunately, Wang Xinyi smiled to help her out. "I'm sorry, Mr. Lincoln. Yan Xi just worked in my department for a few days, and didn't know enough about the story of the martyrs' Park. If you don't mind, I can accompany you to visit."

"Oh, so it is. Forget it. Please have a dinner with Miss LAN." The man showed his love for lanyanxi, which surprised some of the staff at the scene and was about to explode.

If Mr. Lincoln, the foreign guest, does not know lanyanxi's present identity, the staff at the scene are all clear. His fiance is talking to the president of their country in front of him. One of his ministers even flirts with his fiancee in the back, which is funny and dangerous.

LAN Yanxi was also unable to laugh or cry. Wang Xinyi explained politely for her: "Mr. Lincoln, this may be a little inappropriate. Yanxi has a fiance."

"Oh?" The male guest looked disappointed, then shrugged his shoulders. Unfortunately, he said, "such a beautiful and lovely girl will naturally appeal to many men. I'm late!"

Half jokingly, Mr. Lincoln made some people around him feel funny and not embarrassed. After everyone had a laugh, the matter even subsided.

Lanyanxi knew that the men in this country were enthusiastic and active. The man's words didn't mean to take the lead, and naturally he didn't care about it.

But just because she doesn't care doesn't mean that someone doesn't care. Ling Mo Feng has a fire in his heart and is thinking of ways to punish this woman.

After this trip, the sky turned dark, and the party went back to the direction of the general office.

LAN Yanxi is sitting in the car, looking out of the window at dark, he will inevitably have more expectations.

Every time Ling Mo Feng comes back to find her, she will not say hello in advance. She is just a superposition of surprises. Every time she thinks about it, it can make people feel happy and satisfied.

"Yan Xi, even foreign guests can fall in love with you at first sight, but some people turn a blind eye to you. Isn't that our women's sorrow?" Wang Xinyi leaned on the car. As soon as she got on the car, she was making a record. At this moment, she just finished it. She put down her pen, and suddenly thought of something, she took it out and said. LAN Yanxi knew that she was fighting for her own injustice again, and couldn't help chuckling: "sister Xinyi, you are still young, are you really not going to find another half?"

"I'm thirty-four years old. I'm powerless. Besides, I see men through too much. It's hard to build trust in them. But what marriage needs most is mutual trust. Maybe I'm the lifeblood of a lonely life." Wang Xinyi shook her head and sighed and laughed at herself.

"Trust?" LAN Yanxi mumbles these two words, but he doesn't understand the real meaning of these two words.

"Trust is a human instinct. You will understand it in the future." Wang Xinyi doesn't want to instill too much heavy things into her. She is about to be engaged. She must let herself explore the way of marriage step by step. Maybe one day, she can grasp the rhythm of marriage steadily? No matter how good the class is, it needs to be digested by ourselves. In this world, no one can really succeed in marriage.

LAN Yanxi nodded. In fact, she understood a little now. It's like she and Ling Mo Feng haven't seen each other for many days, but she never doubted what he's doing and who he's meeting these days. Among them, are there any young and beautiful women? Have he ever been moved or simply ambiguous about those women? She seems to have no doubt about these, but she believes wholeheartedly Leave him alone.

I don't know if Ling Mo Feng has such trust in himself.

LAN Yanxi looks down and chuckles. Trust is mutual, so is suspicion.

It was dark at last. When Ling Mo Feng arrived at the general office, the foreign leader also had special staff to entertain him. Ling Mo Feng's work today is over.

As soon as he got back to the office, he felt his chest was stuffy and short of breath.

Before, he couldn't go to her because he was afraid of exposing the relationship between the two people. Now, everyone knows that she is his fiancee, so he should be able to go to her once.

Just when Ling Mo Feng thought about it, his body came to the door more than his heart.

He reached out to open the door, but his hand stopped, but he was only awake for one second. Next second, he opened the door carelessly and strode to the corridor.

Ling Mo Feng's posture is a retreat, because his demeanor is different from that of the past. Instead, he has an aggressive demeanor, like looking for someone to settle accounts.

Now it's time to get off work. Many staff members have already left from work. Ling Mo Feng wants to go down to find LAN Yanxi because he knows she hasn't left yet.

"Mr. vice president!"


On the way, many people can't avoid this man, but they have to say hello to him. Ling Mo Feng just nodded politely, but his eyes are still staring at the front, and his pace is still calm and domineering.

Lanyanxi is cleaning up her desk, holding two pens and several materials, and is going to return them to another colleague. Unexpectedly, when she got up, she was startled by the sudden figure at the door.

"Lan Yanxi, come with me. I have something to say!" Ling Mo Feng called her by her first name and surname. Moreover, the tone was unpleasant, which made everyone on the scene surprised for a second. Next, he looked at LAN Yanxi sympathetically, always feeling that her next ending was not very good.

LAN Yanxi didn't figure out Ling Mo Feng's routine today. For a while, she stood in front of her desk in a stupefied way and put down the things in her hands.

"Come here!" The man saw her dawdling, emphasized again, and turned to the conference room with few people nearby.

Lanyanxi had to walk towards him quickly, inexplicably.