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After sending Tang You You off, Ji Xiao Han closed the door to his office, turned around, walked back to his office and sat down.

Lan Yue looked at her son's cold and indifferent face. She felt really bad inside, actually, although she said that she didn't regret on the surface, she regretted on the inside.

Ji Xiao Han sat on the big office chair. With a very cold expression on his young face, he asked, "Who allowed you to enter my office without my permission?"

When Lan Yue heard her son's almost emotionless question, a flash of bitterness flashed across her beautiful face. Suppressing her grief, she softly asked: "That's the mother of the child, right?"

Ji Xiao Han frowned, and ridiculed: "My child, there is no need for you to care about him."

"Xiao Han, mother knows her wrongs. We have been in the cold war for so many years, yet you still refuse to forgive me? Is there any way for you to forgive me? As long as you say it out loud, I will definitely do it. " At the moment, Lan Yue's heart was in such pain that it felt like it was being slashed by a knife.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the tears of regret on his mother's face, and his expression turned even more unsightly: "I had said before that as long as you leave the Ji Family, we would break off all relations. It was you who didn't take my words to heart, and now you want me to forgive you. And as your son, I must have the obligation to forgive you for your abandonment? "

Lan Yue looked at her son's cold expression and said sorrowfully, "Mother knows that I was wrong. You and Yue Ze are both my children. These past few years, mother has always regretted why I had so heartlessly abandoned you two back then."

Ji Xiao Han looked at his mother who covered her mouth in grief and cried to the point that she couldn't take it anymore.

"Are you really willing to do anything to dissolve the tension between mother and son?" Suddenly, Ji Xiao Han stood up, walked to the sofa beside Lan Yue and sat down.

Hearing that, Lan Yue's face showed joy, she knew that her son would not hate her.

Xiao Han, no matter what kind of conditions you put forward, as long as mother can see her child, as long as we can be together like family in the future, I will agree to your conditions. "" Xiao Han … "" Xiao Han … "" Xiao Han … "" Xiao Han … "" … … " Lan Yue felt that she came here the right way, her son might be missing her too.

Ji Xiao Han raised his head to look at her, his voice cold and without warmth: "I want you and Xia Wei Wen to divorce!"

Lan Yue's heart skipped a beat, she looked at her son in disbelief: "Why? "Why must we get a divorce?"

Ji Xiao Han sneered: "I know that you all have been living happily for these past few years, enjoying your blessings and harmony, you must be unwilling to divorce him, right? You once said, you desire love him, if a person can't get the person you love, then he can only live like a zombie, his soul would be dead, but this is the only request of me right now, divorce Xia Wei Wen, and as long as you divorce him, I will recognize you as my mother!"

Lan Yue frowned, she thought that after so many years, her son would finally accept the marriage relationship between her and Xia Wei Wen.

But he didn't expect that his son's conditions would still separate them.

"Xiao Han, why are you forcing me like this? I'm your mother. Can't you see that I'm living a better life? " All these years, Xia Wei Wen had been very good to her, he had spoiled her like a princess. This kind of beautiful love, in the past, was something that she only dared to pursue in her dreams, but when dreams were reflected in reality, love was her food for the soul.

Ji Xiao Han also knew that forcing his mother to divorce Xia Wei Wen was a very evil thing, and also because of his selfishness.

However, if one day Tang You You found out that Xia Wei Wen was her biological father, then for some reason, the relationship between her and him would become like that of siblings.

Thus, Ji Xiao Han really did not know what to do now.

"Aren't you even going to think about it? That proves that you don't care so much about this son of mine. " Ji Xiao Han mocked coldly, stood up and said coldly: "Go, I won't let you see my child. I once told them, they don't have a grandmother or a grandfather!"

Lan Yue's entire body stiffened, she stood up in unbearable pain: "Xiao Han, at least we have had a chance, although you hate me, but I still love you and Yue Ze very much. I hope that you can find your own happiness!"

After Lan Yue finished speaking, she quickly turned around and walked toward the Walk Outside.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his mother's leaving figure, his eyes filled with grief.

He stood by his desk like a statue. For a long time, he couldn't calm the grief in his heart.

When Tang You You was at the entrance of the hall, she did not leave because she actually wanted to see Lan Yue as well.

When Lan Yue saw her standing at the side, she also quickly walked over. Wiping away the tears at the corner of her eyes, she said with a smile: "I don't know if I should call you Miss Tang, or call you by your name, I really didn't expect you to give Xiao Han two such cute children. I've once peeked at them from outside the gates of the children's school, they really have traces of Xiao Han's childhood, thank you!"

Tang You You looked at the beautiful and graceful lady in front of him, listening to her speak.

I just feel that you shouldn't treat your two sons like this. They need you, so why don't you find a chance to sit down with them and talk to them? Tang You You said indifferently.

Lan Yue bitterly laughed at herself: "I also wanted to find a chance to reconcile with them, but they were still unable to forgive my initial selfishness."

"But they are your children. Shouldn't you treat them as the most important people in your life?" Tang You You frowned.

Lan Yue let out a low laugh, and said with ridicule: "If you gave birth to two children from a man you don't love, what kind of feeling would you have?"

Tang You You was stunned.

Since Xiao Han has found you to be his wife, I hope that you can accompany him well. On the way, I also beg you to help me with a favor, my youngest son has been rebellious since he was young, after you became his sister-in-law, you have also helped to control him a little, and help him find a woman he likes to marry and have children with him. Lan Yue's tone was full of pleading and sincerity.

Tang You You sighed: "Even if you don't need to beg me, I will think for him. Since you are so worried about your little son, you should talk to him personally."

"I will!" Lan Yue put on his sunglasses, got into a black car that was waiting by the side, and left.

Tang You You stared at the direction of the carriage, she did not know what to say.

Perhaps, she wouldn't be able to help Ji Xiao Han with this matter. She only hoped that he wouldn't get injured again because of this matter.