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The sound of the broken glass made Lu Qing stiff. When it was over, his glasses were trampled. "

sorry, are you ok?" Although his glasses are broken and his eyes are blurry, Lu Qing is still absolutely polite. "

What's ok? My forehead's all covered! " Liu Xiaoxing is also a little grumpy. She rushed to see Xiaoyan's situation. Unexpectedly, this kind of thing happened.

Lu Qing immediately reached into his arms and touched a business card: "if you feel hurt, I will bear the medical expenses, but if you trample my glasses, do you have to compensate me for a pair of glasses?" "

I didn't step on it intentionally..."

"I didn't mean to hurt you. Since both of us are responsible, I see this matter. Let's stop. I have something urgent!" Lu Qing is not such a good talker. He has a smart, cold and sharp boss, and he has gradually developed some unreasonable habits. "

who are you? If you don't want to pay, you don't want to pay. Will you speak well? If I had not been in a hurry, I would not have let you go so easily! " Liu Xiaoxing really didn't like the other side's attitude. He raised his feet and stepped on the pair of glasses again, which made him leave.

"Ah, you..." Lu Qing didn't expect that the other side even stepped on his glasses again, as if he was venting his anger. He was very short-sighted. It's hard to live without glasses.

Lu Qing had no choice but to call for help.

Liu Xiaoxing touched the red forehead and quickly found Ji Xiaohan.

Just at this time, Bai Yiyan's doctor came out.

"Doctor, how is she? Is the injury serious? What's more, if she is pregnant, will it affect the fetus? " Ji Yueze rushes forward to ask, his worried eyes are slightly red.

The doctor was asked by him. There are so many questions that he can't answer.

"Don't worry, Mr. Ji. Her arm is just bruised. She has been treated with hemostasis bandage. The fetus in her abdomen is OK. The fetal heart rate is normal and powerful. You can rest assured. However, I think the pregnant woman is in low mood. Your family members should take good care of her. It's not suitable to grieve excessively during pregnancy. It's not good for the fetus!" The doctor left the space for them when he finished.

Everyone walked into the ward quickly. Bai Yiyan had already dealt with it, and now she looked sad.

"Xiaoyan, the doctor said you're OK. Don't be too sad about this. The two kidnappers were arrested and will soon give useful information. Cheng Jianhong's guilt is not far away." Ji Yueze walked over and held her hand nervously, only to find that her fingers were cold and his heart was aching again.

Bai Yiyan nodded, "I'm ok. Why are you all here?" "

of course, we don't trust you. Leng Fei said that you were shot, which scared me!" Yang Siyu said in a relaxed voice. "

me too. I'm scared to death. This man is hateful. How dare I shoot?" Liu Xiaoxing is also biting his teeth angrily. "

Ji Yueze, after this incident, you and Xiaoyan can't hide it. Have you thought about how to deal with it?" Yang Siyu suddenly opens his mouth. There is an important difficulty to pass. Bai

Yiyan looks nervous again. She is really afraid of hurting Ji's elder brother's heart. Ji's eyes fell on Bai Yiyan's face. At the moment, he didn't ask for much. Just ask her to live well.

"I'll explain it to grandma. Don't worry!" Ji Yueze has decided to be frank and lenient. Besides, Bai Yiyan is in a special situation now. It's time to take care of her. He dare not let her take any more risks.

Bai Yiyan can't let go. She knows how determined the old lady is to oppose. It seems that if he and Ji Yueze want to love each other, they will really hurt their hearts. "

let's go out and give them some private time!" Yang Siyu blinked at them immediately. Liu

Xiao Xing and Leng Fei followed. "

Xiao Xing, your forehead is swollen. What's the matter?" The discovery of Yang Siyu. "

hey, don't mention that I just ran into a bold ghost head-on. It hurt me so much!" Liu Xiaoxing reaches for the swollen place and wants to cry without tears.

"You're worried about Xiaoyan too much. You're in a hurry. It's OK. Go home and wipe it with medicine and wine!" Yang Siyu said with emotion.

At this moment, in Cheng Jianhong's office, he jumped angrily: "useless things, waste, are all waste. If you can't catch them, you can't kill them. It's really going to drag me down!" "

it's true that we can't have women and men. If we had known her before, we wouldn't have to do what we do now!" Cheng Jianhong regrets his kindness, and he is even more angry that Bai Yiyan would rather die than care about his father and daughter. If she comes to help him, he will not find someone to assassinate her. All the responsibility is on Bai Yiyan. Xu, human nature is selfish. Cheng jianhongjue's failure to close down today's situation is all due to Bai Yiyan's failure to repair his father daughter relationship in time after knowing that he exists.

"Is this my end?" Cheng Jianhong looks out of the window at a thundering explosion. His heart sinks to the bottom of the valley. He feels a sense of fear that the end will come. LAN

Yan Xi didn't expect Ling Mo Feng to ask her out for dinner the next day when he returned home. When answering the invitation call, LAN Yanxi found that she was not disgusted at all and was still a little happy.

"What's the weird idea? I didn't even want to see him before. What's the matter now? " Lanyanxi stood at the door of the cloakroom. At this moment, she had an impulse to choose a beautiful dress to wear to see him. "

I think I must be crazy!" Lanyanxi randomly pulled long hair, and finally chose a set of small blue dress that she thought was suitable for her temperament.

She drove a white sports car and went out. Before she went out, she went to tell her grandfather. The blue man was very happy and told her to get along with Ling Mo Feng and not make him angry.

There is something wrong with what LAN yanxijue's grandfather said. What is not to make him angry? Is he the emperor? She's going to flatter him about everything? Blue

Yanxi lips, parked the car at the agreed restaurant door. "

the atmosphere in this restaurant is so overwhelming!" Lanyanxi found that this is not an ordinary restaurant. It's like a special government restaurant. It's not for ordinary people to come here to eat. It's like politicians and officials visiting from abroad. "

No, the first time I was invited out for dinner, I came to such a place. There is no mood at all!" LAN Yan was so funny that she stepped into the hall and was greeted upstairs by a special person.

Every step up, lanyanxi's heart is thumping. Everything here is too rigorous and stereotyped. It's really like his character. It's serious and uninteresting.