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A tourist destination abroad, at this time, a rain, the unexpected, disrupted the pace of tourists.

Pei Anxin is walking on the street with a friend. They bought a lot of things. The arrival of the rain also made them a little busy.

"Pei Anxin..." Rain mu, a voice, powerful transmission.

Pei Anxin is thinking of finding a place to shelter from the rain. Suddenly, hearing the sound, she shivers and turns around.

I saw a man, holding a suit jacket, standing behind her.

Rain wantonly fell on his face, body, short hair, but he didn't care, a pair of eyes, with warmth, looking at Pei Anxin.

Pei Anxin's whole person was a little bit stunned. She fell from the sky at night and disturbed her mind.

The friend beside her suddenly looked at Pei Anxin awkwardly and said, "that, Anxin I told him where we were. You Will you be angry with me? "

Pei Anxin turned to look at her friend again. Unexpectedly, it was her.

"Anxin, I actually I didn't know that master Mu would come. I I feel cheated by him. " Look at your friend bitterly.

Pei Anxin is also very helpless. As long as Mu shiye wants to find her, he always has a way.

"Go back to the hotel first. I don't blame you!" Of course, Pei Anxin will not blame his friends.

Although the arrival of Mushi night surprised her a little, it didn't mean anything.

Mu shiye walked towards her step by step. In the crowd, Pei Anxin was wearing a white shirt and a pair of jeans. The whole person looked elegant and clean.

It rained harder and harder. Pei Anxin suddenly grabbed Mu shiye's big hand and dragged him to a nearby coffee shop.

She doesn't look like a fool standing here with him in the rain.

Mu shiye looks down, some unbelievable looking at her holding her small hand tightly, the heart that has driven a day's journey, suddenly seems to be comforted, with his heart, all calmed down a lot.

After running into the coffee shop, the clothes on both of them were already wet.

At night, Mu Shi only wore a dark blue shirt, and his short hair was a bit messy, but he had a more wild sense of dignity.

"Why are you here?" Pei Anxin took the paper towel, wiped the rain on his face, and asked him casually.

"I I want to come to you! Want to see how you play! " When I am dreaming, I have an excuse.

"You left the orange at home alone?" Pei Anxin looked up and stared at him angrily: "I knew you were so unreliable, I would not give you the orange."

Seeing that she was angry at Mushi night, he immediately said in a low voice, "I'll treat you to dinner, and then I'll catch the plane immediately."

Pei Anxin was stunned again. Then, ignoring the palpitation in her heart, she scolded in a low voice: "you are so boring!"

"If you don't want to eat with me, I'll go back to take my daughter now. Don't worry, my sister will take care of her for me. She promised me." Mu shiye was afraid that she was not at ease, so she had to explain two more sentences.

Pei Anxin sat down in the next chair and asked the waiter to bring two cups of coffee.

"I'll go back with you!" Pei Anxin suddenly spoke.

"Don't you have a few more days to travel? What's up? Are you short of money? You don't seem to have used the card I gave you. " Mu shiye asks her with concern.

"No, I miss my daughter!" Pei Anxin bowed her head and laughed at herself: "I thought I could try to be a cruel mother, and I could throw my daughter away from you, but I still overestimate myself. I try my best to make myself happy, but I really miss her! "

"Since we miss her, let's go back. She has learned a lot recently, but she will still make trouble for you at night!" When I saw her at night, I decided to go back with myself, and I felt happier for a moment.

He sat opposite her, looking at her slightly tired face, heartbroken.

"Anxin, orange is the line in the palm of our hand, but where I went with you, she is our common treasure. Stop wandering and come back to us. We all need you." Mu Shi reaches out her hand at night, and the big hand gently wraps her small hand. Her voice is deep and full of affection.

Pei Anxin's clear eyes are staring at the deep feeling of the man's face.

"Moose night, do you really want to marry me?" Pei Anxin looked up and asked him seriously.


"But I The feelings between us are no longer simple, and I no longer love you as persistent as before. My feelings have become complex. I may still hate you, blame you, and you don't care? " Pei Anxin asked lightly. Mu shiye shakes his head: "yes, I don't care. I just know that I don't want to miss you any more. Even if we don't go back to the original innocence and beauty, it doesn't matter. I once said that no matter how long we have been in the past, no matter what we have become, I will wait for you to come back to

"In the night of adoration, you have changed!" Pei Anxin looks more sad: "you are not so cold, not so passive." "I used to think highly of myself, and I was very passive to my feelings. But when I lost it, I knew that if I didn't take the initiative, I would really lose you. Anxin, please forgive me for my naivety. Now I'm more mature for you. I know how to cherish you so much. Take care of you. Please give me this opportunity." At the moment, Mu shiye seems to be proposing to her. Words and sentences are vows, which make people warm and touched. Pei Anxin looked at the more mature man, and she sighed softly: "I have spent five years to make you mature. Of course, I don't want to give you up to other women. Let's get married, and bring up the orange well. After that, as long as you still love me, no matter who wants to break up

us, I won't leave!"

When the night handsome eyes suddenly open, a color of ecstasy.

He stood up, walked to Pei Anxin's side, ignored the people's eyes, tightly held her in his arms, thin lips gently kissed her forehead: "OK, let's get married and give orange a complete family."

Pei Anxin was held in her arms at night when she was adored.

"A lot of people are watching. Don't do that. Let go!" Pei Anxin blushed and blushed.

Mu shiye raises her chin directly, and kisses her with thin lips. He doesn't care about other people's eyes. He finds her far away from the ocean. He just wants to let her know his passion. He just wants to hold her tightly in his arms and never let go.

Pei Anxin's brain is buzzing. It's blank. God, how come this man has no sense of reserve?

Remember that he is a tall and elegant man. Mu Shi kisses enough at night. Then he releases his hand and looks at Pei Anxin. He looks at Pei Anxin with a face of shame and indignation. Does he make her angry again?