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C1827 wish fulfillment

The romantic wedding is over. The room is full of rose fragrance, which makes the staff coming to clean feel more happy. They start to talk about what they saw at the party.

"Why is Mr. President so young and handsome? God, I was so close to him for the first time. He's really beautiful. I envy his wife. I can stay with him all day long."

"Yes, the friend invited by Mr. President is not handsome. The one holding the little girl just now is Ji Xiaohan. It's said that he is very rich and powerful. He's a big invisible family. I don't know if it's true. His wife is also beautiful. Two people have four children. It's really very happy."

Another woman is also a face dizzy expression.

"Although they don't look too cold, they are so far away from us. I dare not look them in the eyes directly. The distance between people can be magical to this extent. It is clear that he is only a few meters away from us, but between levels, it's the difference between heaven and earth. I have to work harder. Heaven won't let down the ideal people."

"Yes, it's better to work hard and make your life better than to envy and hate here."

In the chat, the staff seemed to be stimulated and began to have more expectation and yearning for life.

Ling Mo Feng and his two friends have not had time to meet for private chat for a long time, so they made an appointment for afternoon tea together. The children rarely get together, which makes them feel that the meeting at this moment is very valuable. Although they are mothers, three young and beautiful women still have a little fun with their children. They decide to throw their children to men. They can go out for shopping.

The three men can only take care of the children. In the afternoon tea venue arranged by Ji Xiaohan, they chose a senior club. Here, leisure and sports are integrated, with broad grassland and beautiful garden, so that they can take care of the children. So, three women, accompanied by bodyguards, set out for the mall.

LAN Yanxi and Yang ChuChu are both public figures. They will do some camouflage when they go out, but Tang youyou doesn't need it.

Mojia! Mu Weicheng is really drunk. Now he is lying on the bed. His handsome new long clothes have not been taken off.

Ling's parents left the space for the couple. Mu Yun and Nan Gong Yao also left by car. At this moment, only Ling Nuan and Mu Weicheng are left.

The bustle and noise fade away, enjoying the quiet time of this moment alone, and the heart also calms down.

Ling wennuan looks at the man as if he is very sad. Her breathing becomes heavy. She has to stretch out her hand and pull off his bow tie.

Although the man was drunk, he knew who the woman was with him at the moment. He felt that she was pulling his tie. He reached over and held her wrist gently, rubbing it gently.

"Don't move."

Ling warm milk fierce milk fierce said, then pulled his bow tie off, and for him to loosen the buttons of a few shirts, the man slightly lifted the eyes, eyes with a smile.

"Warm, what do you want to do to me?"

The man's voice is hoarse and low, with several intoxicating meanings.

Ling wennuan smiled angrily: "what can I do? You're drunk like this. I want you to drink less. You won't listen. Now it's OK. You're upset. I don't like you."

At first, Ling wennuan said that he would treat water in his wine, but mu Weicheng didn't agree. All he said were friends and relatives. Sincerity was very important. Ling wennuan had to give up and watch him drink by drink to respect the past. In fact, she was very distressed.

"I'm sad, but I'm happy."

Mu Wei Cheng turned over, pulled his tie apart, threw it aside, reached out for some more buttons, and pressed the woman's pretty face into his arms.

Ling wennuan had to lie down on him, and his ears just happened to stick to his chest, so she heard his heart beating violently. She couldn't help but raise her lips and laugh: "Mu Weicheng, your heart is beating fast."

The man closed his eyes and fainted.

Ling wants to get up straight and pour him a glass of water, but the man doesn't let her go. "Just lie on my body and rest with me."

"All right."

Ling wennuan had to be obedient, for his miserable sake.

As soon as Mu Weicheng slept like this, he slept for more than two hours. Ling warm also squinted for a while.

When he woke up, Mu also sat up with his head pressed. She quickly brought him a glass of water. After the man drank it, he woke up a little bit.

"My mother said, go to his house for dinner at night."

Ling warm said beside.


How dare Mu Weicheng refuse? In fact, he is very grateful that Ling's parents promised to marry his little princess to him. He will always remember this kindness.

Ling Nuan glanced at the time: "it's only five o'clock now. We have dinner at seven o'clock. We have an hour on the way. We have another hour. What should we do?"

When Mu Weicheng raised his eyes, he saw that she was pointing to her fingers like a child, and he pulled her gently: "what do you want to do?

I'll do anything with you. "


Is that exercise OK? "

Ling warm immediately blushed to smile.

Mu only felt her smile as warm and bright as the sun. He nodded, "of course, I'll take a bath and wait for me."

Ling wennuan is just testing him. After all, he is drunk, but seems to be interested in him. She lies on the bed, spreads her hands, and then she is ashamed. She pulls the quilt to cover her face.

Mu Weicheng took a cold bath, and the whole person was fully awake. His physical fitness was very strong, and his drunkenness would not affect his performance at all. Therefore, for him, an hour seemed to be a bit of a mess.

Ling wennuan regrets that her back is sore and her legs are almost cramped. When she decides not to drink again, she asks for that. The man says that wine is like the oil added to his body. He can put it out like a machine. She finally takes it.

At dinner, Ling's family was still very busy. Some of his family members came to have dinner together and set up three tables. Ling Mo Feng also came back with his wife and children. When they saw the family members in the room, they all drank and talked happily. Mu Weicheng, who was not easy to wake up after drinking, almost fell down again. Fortunately, Ling Mo Feng stood up to help block several cups, which made Mu Weicheng's wedding night not completely soaked in soup.

Muyun and nangongyao have gone home. They are back to Muyun's apartment, a warm home, which is enough for them to be gentle and loving.

At the end of the feast, everyone returned to a peaceful life. Mu Yun and Nangong Yao began to prepare for their marriage, but their marriage had to be discussed with Nangong family.