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C958 heartache

It was the first time that Ji Yueze saw her cry like this, and her tense face was slightly flustered. He reached out his big hand and touched her shaking shoulder. He saw that she didn't respond. He shook her hard, turned her face away, and directly turned to himself. White

Yiyan turns her head and looks at her. Her eyes are wet with tears. The whole person looks pale and weak.

"Don't cry!" Ji Yueze doesn't know what to say. He comforts her and blames her. As if he can't say anything, he has to take a tissue and wipe all the tears on her face.

Bai Yiyan relies on him in silence, confused, anxious and flustered: "she is not the murderer of your father. Although she is also guilty, she is just an accomplice. If she confesses, will she be sentenced to death?"

Ji Yueze knows that what she must worry about at the moment is Bai Zhen's life and death. It's no wonder that she has to worry so much. She used to be an aunt, but now she is a biological mother. The relationship between mother and daughter is connected by blood.

"I know that if she is the real murderer, Ji Lin will not arrest you to threaten her to surrender. She is guilty, but the crime is not fatal. Don't worry, my brother and I already know this matter, and we won't let your mother really answer for it, but the real murderer is still outside Xiaoyao law, which is not the result we want." Ji Yueze said, this words, let Bai Yiyan a little peace of mind down. "

I'm really sorry, I don't know how to deal with you now." Bai Yiyan is very guilty. She feels that she doesn't deserve Ji Yueze's love at all. She is the daughter of a sinner. She should make atonement for her mother. Season

more Ze Mou color sink, embrace her big palm but not half of the loose, voice is obviously cold several: "now don't say this, let's go home first, you have a hand injury, you have to deal with it first!" Bai

Yiyan's heart is warm. At this time, she is really helpless and flustered. Ji Yueze doesn't scold her, let alone abandon her. She is grateful and moved.

Bai Zhen really turned himself in at the police station. Soon, he called Ji Xiaohan. Ji went directly to the police station to deal with the matter. Bai Zhenzhen was locked up, recorded his confession and waited for the trial. However, Ji Xiaohan took advantage of his relationship and delayed the matter for a while. He didn't get a sentence immediately, but just kept Bai Zhenzhen in custody.

Ji Xiaohan also begged the police to temporarily block the news, because Ji Laozi was not in good health and was not stimulated at home. The police naturally cooperated with his request and did not disclose the matter to the public for the time being. Ji

the news Lin mentioned is that Bai Zhenzhen confessed his guilt and was imprisoned in prison, waiting for the final trial.

"The murderer has turned himself in. This case can't be brought to me." Ji Lin is drinking tea proudly. He feels that his work is still water tight, and he has a sense of achievement. If he doesn't involve crime, his life can be enjoyable. Ji

yunning comes out with Ji Lin and finds his car parked in an alley.

Ji yunning secretly gets off the car, then takes his hat to disguise himself. She finds that Ji Lin has entered a door. Ji yunning quickly hides in a small shop next to him and pretends to be picking things. In a moment, Ji yunning saw Ji Lin coming out. He was accompanied by several people. One of the girls was blindfolded and quickly pushed into a car.

Ji yunning's mobile phone has been turned on for a long time. He secretly recorded Ji Lin's behavior with those people.

Although she doesn't know if it's meaningful to record this by herself, she will not let go of anything about Ji Lin from this moment on.

She will use her own way to make Ji Lin repent. Ji's mobile phone is on all the time, recording the license plate of the car, and the picture of Ji Lin standing and talking with a woman.

When all the cars left, Ji yunning also saved the video.

She opened it and looked at it. Ji Lin must be doing something ugly again. The girl who was blindfolded doesn't know who is the unlucky guy. She must have been tortured.

Ji yunning's heart was cold, and his blood seemed to have solidified.

She used to think that Ji Lin was just a little more ambitious than others, more eager for quick success and instant profit than others, and more ruthless in his means. But in Ji yunning's heart, he is still a man with ideal revenge, and a strong man worth following. Now

in jiyunning, I feel very cold. Because the person she follows is not the strong one she thought she was. He is just a ruthless, dehumanizing bastard.

Ji yunning tightened his mobile phone and stopped a car to leave.

Ji Yueze brings Bai Yiyan home! After careful examination, it was found that not only her wrist was injured, but also her legs had many clear bruises and bleeding. Moreover, there was a red swelling on her chest, which was like the bruise caused by several kicks. "

damn it, they hit you?" Ji Yueze's face was livid with rage. He clutched his hands tightly and roared.

Bai Yiyan shook her head: "don't be angry, I don't hurt now!" "

let me catch them. I have to double their revenge!" How can Ji Yueze not be angry? He is going to die of heartache. Bai

Yiyan looks at his distressed expression, and she is speechless for a moment.

Is it her illusion?

Why is Ji Yueze not criticizing her identity for the first time, but caring about her.

Whether she is dreaming or not, Bai Yiyan's heart is speechless with gratitude and emotion.

She felt that she was really willing to do anything for this man, even if she died for him, she was also willing. "

bear it, it will hurt!" When Ji Yueze saw her expression, he thought she was numb from pain, so he reminded her again. "

MM!" Bai Yiyan nodded. When the disinfectant touched her wound, she still made a hissing sound, but she tried to bear it.

"I'll find someone to find those bastards. Don't worry. I'll deal with them the same way how they treat you." Ji Yueze couldn't bear such grievances. "

you don't need to offend them for me. I think they are all like people in society. It's very dangerous." Bai Yiyan thinks of the woman disguised as Linsi. She is good at martial arts and looks like she is not a good person. That kind of person is terrible. Because they are Desperado. If they follow them, they will really lose both sides.

She doesn't want Ji Yueze to avenge herself, she just wants to avoid involving him. "

you look down on our family!" Ji Yueze snorts.