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Bai Yiyan accompanies Ji Yueze and goes to Ji's house for breakfast in the early morning.

When the old lady and the old man learned that they were coming, they were overjoyed, but there was something strange about them.

This little grandson can't see a figure all year round. It's hard to invite him back for lunch and dinner. How could he come back early in the morning for breakfast?

Something must have happened again.

This is a good phenomenon. At least, he will go home to discuss things with the elder brother. Unlike the decisions he made before, the elder brother needs to hear from his grandson. That's really worrying. Bai Yiyan is a little shy, because it's a big deal to discuss with the family today.

"Grandpa, grandma!" Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan walk into the restaurant and say hello to the elder. The old lady's gentle concern: "Ozawa, you come here early in the morning, don't you just want to have breakfast with your grandparents?"

"No, I'm here to discuss my engagement with you!" Ji Yueze's export was astonishing. He surprised the elder directly. His expression was full of anxiety.

"Are you engaged?" The old lady asked first. The news came so suddenly that the two old men were unprepared. They thought that they would have to communicate for at least one and a half years to understand each other's heart and mind before they could enter the marriage hall. Unexpectedly, they were so quick and unprepared.

The old man also frowned. He waved to Ji Yueze: "Xiaoze, you push grandpa to the garden. We haven't talked for a long time."

Ji Yueze was stunned. He grew up afraid of his harsh grandfather. He was scolded when he was a child.

"Good!" Ji Yueze nods, walks, pushes Ji Laozi's wheelchair, and walks to the garden path.

Bai Yiyan sees that Ji Yueze has left, leaving her alone to face the old lady. She is also nervous.

"Xiaoyan, have you mentioned your engagement to your family?" The old lady couldn't help asking her.

Bai Yiyan was embarrassed and smiled: "no, because the decision is too urgent, we just come to discuss it with your elder brother first."

"Oh!" The old lady frowned. Suddenly, she realized that their young people were not reliable in their work. They were about to get engaged before telling their parents. It was really out of line.

"Did you call your parents about it? What's their opinion?" The old lady continued. Bai Yiyan's pretty face is slightly red, and her nervous palms are sweating. She thought to herself, if she let her mother know the news, she must be 100% supportive and agree. Last time, she called her and asked her to find a way to make Ji Yueze upset her. Now she is engaged. It's too late for her mother to be happy.

"My mother shouldn't have a problem, grandma, don't worry!" Bai Yiyan said softly.

"Otherwise, please invite your parents to come home for lunch and have a formal meeting. The parents of both sides will sit down and have a good chat about the marriage." The old lady suddenly suggested, with a serious expression.

When Bai Yiyan heard this, she became more nervous.

Thinking of her aunt's mistakes, Bai Yiyan began to panic. Her mother and aunt are seven points alike. If her mother came, would the old lady recognize her relationship with aunt?

Thinking of this, Bai Yiyan is like sitting on a needle blanket. She is restless for a moment.

She answered vaguely, but her heart beat with resignation.

At the moment, on the garden path outside, Ji Yueze pushes grandpa's wheelchair and walks slowly.

In the early morning, the snow on the road has been swept clean, beside the white snow, there is a green color, so that people's mood is very relaxed.

"Ozawa, tell Grandpa the truth, do you really like that girl?" The old man asked.

Ji Yueze nodded: "I like it!"

"How do you like it?" The old man continued to ask.

Ji Yueze couldn't help laughing: "Grandpa, I've decided to be engaged to her. Of course, I like it very much."

"You have always been impulsive, without your brother's composure, I hope you will take your marriage seriously, and don't act as a child!" The old man reminded him sternly.

Ji Yueze listened carefully and was taught: "Grandpa, don't worry. Since I chose her, I will treat her well!"

"Have you seen her family? What kind of people are her family? How can they talk? " Asked the old man.

When Ji Yueze's face froze, he suddenly thought of Bai Yiyan's shameless aunt. Suddenly, he couldn't answer a word.

"Grandpa, this is my marriage to her. It's none of her family's business." Season more light way. "Why not? Have you ever thought about it clearly? Love is the business of both of you, but marriage is the business of two families. Have you ever thought that if the other's family is a snobbish person, she will trouble you because of money? " The old man frowned at once, and suddenly felt that they were engaged, which was really a little thoughtless.

"Grandpa, I will discuss this matter with her family. I will go to see her family at noon!" Ji Yueze doesn't want to make grandpa angry at the moment. He also knows from the big brother's mouth that Grandpa's condition is not stable.

"Well, go to see her family's reflection first. Let's discuss this matter carefully!" The old man raised his hand and asked him to think about it again.

When Ji Yueze returned to the living room, she saw Bai Yiyan was also embarrassed by her grandmother with sweat all over her head.

In the big winter, there are so many sweats that we can see how tense they are.

They had an absent-minded breakfast and left first.

Sitting in the car, both of them were silent.

"Or Let's not get engaged first. You haven't told your grandparents about my aunt, have you? " Bai Yiyan also feels ashamed of Ji's family. Although it's her aunt's mistake, they are relatives after all.

Ji Yueze's eyes are fixed on the road ahead, and his lips are thin. It's hard to measure his mind for a while.

"Do your grandparents know about my aunt and your father?" Bai Yiyan asked in a low voice.

Ji Yueze said coldly: "I don't know. I don't want them to know."

"Even if you hide it from them now, it doesn't mean they won't know it in the future." Bai Yiyan lowered her head and her beautiful face flashed a touch of sadness and despair.

She really wanted to marry Ji Yueze, but what was standing in front of them was a big mountain, which could not be climbed by hard work. "Let's not talk about our engagement for the time being!" Ji Yueze seems to have made another decision. Bai Yiyan's whole body quivers, and an inexplicable sadness surges up. She tries to bite her lower lip, resist the impulse to cry, and nods: "OK, let's not mention the company's business, how can we

?" "I'll play the leading actor in your play. The storm should be over!" Ji Yueze suddenly opens his mouth, startling Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes.