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Yang ChuChu was slightly stunned, wrapped her big palm, with warm palms, which gave her enough sense of security.

"Are you spoiling me as a child?" Yang ChuChu suddenly chuckled, and suddenly thought of the moment when they first met, Luo Jinyu said with a cold expression, what he wanted was a woman, not a daughter, but also frightened her at that time. Did not

think of it, in the end, he still spoiled her as a daughter, everything let her, tolerance of her willfulness and bad temper, Yang chuchujue's life to meet him, it is very lucky.

Two people walked towards the supermarket in the community, and gradually more and more people. Push

a shopping cart, and two people go to the front while discussing the purchase. In the eyes of outsiders, the two are the combination of handsome men and beautiful women. Although Yang ChuChu wears a mask to cover her face, her slim body and long black waist hair are pure in temperament, which can be seen as the standard match for a beautiful woman. Luo

Jin Yu is tall and strong, which makes Yang ChuChu more charming and charming, attracting many people's attention. When they are shopping with their heads down, they don't know that someone secretly follows them and takes out their cell phones to take photos. Two

people talk in a low voice, hug their waist, and their eyes are interlaced. All of them are caught in the camera.

Unfortunately, two lovers who were immersed in this wonderful time didn't find this. After buying a large bag of things, they went home. After they left the supermarket, two men stood at the door of the supermarket and called. "

in the picture, the man is Luo Jinyu, the eldest young master of Luo family. Yang ChuChu is absolutely right standing beside her. They may have lived together in this community." "

then you should continue to crouch and take more eye-catching photos, which will benefit you a lot."

"Don't worry, we will continue to squat, and we will definitely get more powerful pictures." It's good to hear that. Both men are full of energy.

When Yang ChuChu and Luo Jinyu returned home, they opened their shopping bags and bought a lot of snacks. However, only frozen dumplings and pasta were available for dinner. It was not realistic to cook because it was too late.

"I'll cook dumplings for you!" Yang ChuChu, like a virtuous little wife, smiled and went into the kitchen with dumplings. She used to be a person who didn't touch yangchunshui. For her beloved man, she gradually learned some cooking skills. Of course, she can only cook very simple dishes, such as soup and porridge. That's all right, but she can't cook some home-made dishes if she is asked to cook them.

Luo Jinyu takes a piece of bread and cushions his stomach. He eats the bread and walks into the kitchen. See

to the girl who is seriously firing, pouring water, there is a mold, there is a hook in his thin lip.

"Don't move. I'll make you dinner." When Yang ChuChu was about to cut the package of dumplings, the man behind him suddenly hugged her and put her petite body into his firm embrace.

"It's so nice to have you here!" Luo Jinyu is a man who can't talk about human feelings, because with this little woman in his arms, he can say a lot from his heart. Yang's face was red and he asked in a low voice, "really? How did you eat when you lived alone? "

"I used to live in a villa. There were servants at home to take care of me!" Luo Jinyu whispered. Yang

it's so clear that he feels that his questions are too superfluous. Now, he moved to this apartment for her, and because of her, he didn't ask a servant to take care of her life. Now, he is also hungry for her, and Yang ChuChu really feels unhappy.

"You go out and wait, just a few minutes. I'll adjust some more materials for you!" Yang ChuChu just wanted to bring the dumplings to the table and let him eat them quickly.

Luo Jinyu stepped back and watched her turn around and go out. After a while, he took the butterfly out and prepared the sauce for her. He quietly looked at her and thought to himself, this is what his dream wife looks like.

"How is jiyueze now?" Luo Jinyu suddenly asked casually.

"He's very busy now. Everything in the company needs him to make decisions now." Yang ChuChu replied in a low voice. "

is he going to finish his acting career and concentrate on managing the company?" Luo Jin Yu Jue's Ji Yueze chooses Xiying at the right time when he is red. He doesn't know if it is the right choice. "

I don't know, but I think he seems to have encountered something difficult recently, and the company is reshuffling again, so he may not have the energy to act again." Yang ChuChu thought that the costume drama had not officially started shooting, and did not know when it would be delayed.

"The Ji family did encounter some things recently. I doubt that the two brothers of the Ji family are fighting with Ji Lin internally." Luo Jinyu analyzed.

"Who is Ji Lin? Isn't brother Ji in charge of Ji's family? Who can fight him? " Yang ChuChu knew nothing about the business world, so he was curious. "

Ji Lin is Ji Xiaohan's uncle. He was locked in five years ago because he committed a crime. Now he's released. He's not willing to let Ji Xiaohan hold the power of Ji's family alone. So he's done a lot of small moves recently. I don't know why Ji Xiaohan has been tolerating him." Luo Jinyu has heard about these things.

"It's really a sad thing to have relatives mutilate each other." Yang ChuChu sighed.

"Yes, I suspect that Ji Xiao is so cold that he doesn't have a showdown with Ji Lin head-on. It's also because he's concerned about Ji's second eldest brother. It's definitely not good for him to keep in such a way." Luo Jinyu also felt that it was a headache when he met this kind of thing.

Yang ChuChu said softly, "yes, if the two old people knew that their son and grandson were fighting openly and secretly, they would also be very sad."

Luo Jinyu suddenly reached over and touched her long hair gently: "when are you going to see my parents?" "

ah..." Yang ChuChu trembled a little and looked up at him. "When do you want to take me?"

"Why didn't you admit your relationship with me at the press conference today?" Luo Jin's eyes are slightly lost.

"I'm afraid it will affect you. As soon as our affairs were exposed last time, many people were attacking us!" Yang ChuChu frowned bitterly: "what will happen if we really open our relationship?"

"I don't know. Maybe I should be scolded!" Luo Jinyu shrugs his shoulders, with a helpless expression. "

I don't want you to be scolded by others. I was the one who pestered you and the one who was to be scolded was me!" Yang ChuChu said heartily. "

who said that you were the one who tied me up? If I'm not interested in you, you can't get involved! " Luo Jin gently shaved her pretty nose and said, "I love you.".

"Well, that's right. I'll get the dumplings. Hurry up and eat them." Yang ChuChu saw the corner of his mouth and laughed happily.