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She's beautiful

"Daddy said he was going to have a picnic tomorrow." Tang Xiao Nai hugged her father's neck, and then, she whispered into his ear. "Father, quickly agree.

Ji Xiao Han listened to his daughter's soft pleading, how could he reject her? He could only nod his head, "That's right, I said it, tomorrow we'll take our children to have a picnic, we'll go to the back of the mountain, the scenery there is not bad."

Ji Xiao Han walked over from the dining hall while holding a cup of water. After hearing his daughter's words, his handsome face instantly darkened by half, and he loudly asked: "Xiao Nai, what do you think that girl's name is?"

"Oh, Mu Xiaoyan is such a beautiful little sister. She's younger than big brother and me by a few months." Seeing that he had garnered the attention of his father and the Mummy, Tang Xiao Nai spoke with even more vigor.

"Tang Xiao Nai, do you believe that I won't hit you if you speak again?!" Tang Xiao Rui was immediately angry, raised her hand, and was about to run up and beat her up.

Tang Xiao Nai was so scared that she quickly hid behind Mummy and shouted, "Mummy, save me! Quickly protect me!

When Tang You You heard his daughter's words, he was naturally angry. He glared at his son in anger and said, "You should just be the one to admit it, did you bully this female student?"

"Mummy, you really wronged me, I didn't bully her, she was the one who bet with me, she said that as long as I kiss her, she will lend me her little book to read, that little book I read, it's very interesting … …" Tang Xiao Rui immediately explained in an aggrieved manner.

Ji Xiao Han had already walked in front of his son, and his tone was a little heavy. "Did you know that Mu Xiaoyan is my friend's niece? If you bully her like this, how am I going to face my friends in the future? "

When Tang Xiao Rui heard his father actually calling him a friend, he immediately giggled and said, "Daddy's friend, is he a man or a woman?"

Ji Xiao Han stared at his son, he did not expect that at this time, she would still try to trick him.

Tang You You was also startled, staring at his son: "Do you still have logic? I really don't know whose genes you inherited from being a hooligan at such a young age. "

The moment those words were spoken, the faces of the man and the woman instantly froze.

Tang Xiao Rui took the chance and dragged his father into the water. "Mummy, do you even need to ask?"

Ji Xiao Han's lips twitched, did this woman beat around the bush again?

Tang You You looked at Ji Xiao Han with his beautiful eyes. Thinking back to what he had done to her in the hall yesterday, she felt that he had not wronged him by scolding him as a hoodlum.

Ji Xiao Han suppressed the displeasure in his heart. This woman's method of scolding people was getting more and more brilliant.

But could he have kissed her lips if he hadn't been a little rogue?

He might as well admit it, but as for the consequences, can you afford it, woman?

"Immediately assure me that you won't dare to bully a female classmate again. If I know about it again, you will know the consequences." Tang You You sternly stared at his son and guaranteed his safety.

Of course, Tang Xiao Rui knew the consequences of Mummy's anger. Actually, it didn't matter if she was hit, he just feared that Mummy would cry from anger.

"Mummy, I promise not to bully them again. If I don't do it, I'll …" "You can't be as handsome as Daddy."

This oath caused the color in Ji Xiao Han's eyes to rise slightly.

Was his son indirectly admitting his handsomeness?

Tang You You's gaze swept across the man's face again. His steel-like, resolute face was matched with her exquisite yet perfect facial features. She indeed fit all the requirements of a handsome man, but, what's the use of being handsome, her personality was unsuitable.

"This won't do. Swear a bit more ferociously." Tang You You didn't want his son to pass the trial. This little guy was extremely smart, and accidentally fell into his little trap.

"Mummy, this oath is vicious enough. You know, my biggest hope is to be as tall and handsome as Father. Other than this, I really don't have any other wishes." Tang Xiao Rui blinked his eyes like a ghost and said seriously.

Ji Xiao Han immediately patted his head, with a charming smile on his lips: "Your son is ambitious and ambitious, your father is very pleased."

Tang You You simply submitted to these two narcissistic fellows. She crossed her arms over her chest, with a straight face, and said in a stern voice: "Tang Xiao Rui, don't play tricks with me. You need to be more formal, Mummy is not joking with you."

"Mummy, I'm sorry …" Tang Xiao Rui immediately walked over, extended two short hands and hugged onto Mummy's thighs, raising her head, with a sincere and wrong expression on her face, "I won't dare to do it again."

Seeing that his brother had been scared stiff by Mummy, Tang Xiao Nai immediately said in a childish voice, "Mummy, please forgive him this time. I will supervise him from now on, he won't dare to offend me again."

Tang You You looked at the two little siblings who were in love with each other and immediately squatted down, saying sincerely and sincerely, "Alright, let's end today's matter here. The two of you must be a bit more obedient in the future."

Ji Xiao Han saw that the woman was squatting in front of the child. Her gentle and maternal appearance actually made him absent-minded.

Her facial features were very beautiful, and her eyes were flashing with luster. Although she did not have an aggressive beauty in her eyes, it was the type of gentleness that would slowly grow in her heart, little by little.