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The pair looked at each other and Mu Shi Ye almost stopped breathing. He had a strong premonition that this little thing was definitely his daughter.

I want to hug her so much that I want to kiss her tender and small face so much, Mu Shi Ye almost couldn't resist this urge and stepped into the room.

I really want to hug her!

Tang You You went downstairs and saw his daughter wandering around the living room by herself.

"Where's brother?" Tang You You casually asked.

"Big brother went to play in his toy room." Tang Xiao Nai pitifully ran over to her: "Mummy, big brother thinks I'm stupid, so he won't play with me anymore. Can you play with me?"

"Okay, what do you want to play? Mummy will accompany you! " Tang You You looked at her daughter's lonely little figure and felt her heart ache.

These few days, she had been busy with her work and had neglected her daughter. She felt very sorry for this.

Now that she was temporarily free from work, she certainly had to put more energy into her children.

"Mummy, tell me your fairy tales. I really like your stories." Tang Xiao Nai couldn't think of anything fun at the moment, so she dragged Mummy's hand and walked towards the sofa, beside him were a few fairy tale she had just bought for her.

Tang You You held his daughter, took one of the books, and began to explain the contents of the matter to her in a sonorous voice.

Ji Xiao Han took a shower and went downstairs. Looking at the mother and daughter sitting on the sofa, he felt a strong sense of satisfaction.

After dinner, it was already deep into the night.

After Tang You You gave his daughter a bath, he carried her to the bed to play.

On the other side of the bathroom, there were two figures, one big and one small, sitting in a large bathtub.

The bathtub was still steaming and the two identical faces were slightly red from the heat.

"Daddy, where are you sleeping tonight?" Tang Xiao Rui asked slowly.

"Where do you think I should sleep?" Ji Xiao Han's beautiful eyes became a little deeper as she turned her head and looked at her son.

"I think you should sleep with Mummy. She's your girlfriend, shouldn't you all sleep together?" In Tang Xiao Rui's limited knowledge, only parents who feel like they should be sleeping together.

Ji Xiao Han chuckled, rubbed his little head, and said with great comfort: "I also feel like we should sleep together with her, unfortunately, your Mummy doesn't agree."

"If Mummy doesn't agree, aren't you going over? Daddy, you are a man, men are fearless, you are afraid of getting scolded by Mummy? " Tang Xiao Rui encouraged him again.

Ji Xiao Han felt that his son's words made sense. Maybe he should go and try tonight, what if he succeeded?

After taking a bath, Ji Xiao Han was wearing a grey robe. His tall and big body was filled with a wild male aura.

He stood in the doorway with a hint of hesitation on his handsome face.

Tang Xiao Rui was also wearing a set of small pajamas and standing behind him with his hands behind his back.

"Daddy, open the door."

"Wait a moment!" Ji Xiao Han said indifferently.

"What are you waiting for! Are you afraid? " Tang Xiao Rui immediately looked down on him, and then ran out with his short legs.

"Hey, son, what are you doing?" The expression in Ji Xiao Han's eyes stiffened, and immediately after, he saw his son very straightforwardly push open the door to the room next door.

"Mummy, are you asleep?" Tang Xiao Rui pushed the door open and entered. He discovered that the light inside was turned very dark and Mummy and her sister were already lying on the bed, looking like they were about to fall asleep.

Tang You You sat up, and looked at his son strangely: "What? "It's already so late, why aren't you sleeping yet? What are you doing?"

Tang Xiao Rui looked at Mummy and chuckled twice: "It's not that I want to do something, it's that Father has something to say to you."

When Ji Xiao Han heard this, his handsome face froze. Right after, a small figure ran out and grabbed his big hands, pulling him inside: "Daddy, come in quickly, tell Mummy what you want to say."

Ji Xiao Han trembled, and immediately said: "I have nothing to say, I just want to say good night to you."

Hearing Ji Xiao Han's voice, Tang Xiao Nai who was about to fall asleep immediately crawled up and sat up.

He rubbed his sleepy eyes. "Daddy, can you sleep with Xiao Nai?"

Although Tang Xiao Nai was in a daze, she was still clear about her mission.

Ji Xiao Han's eyes instantly lit up. His little lover was the best to him.

Tang You You looked at the two little fellows with his clear eyes, and in the end, stared at the man's face: "What are you doing?"

"I want to sleep with my daughter!" Ji Xiao Han said very manly in front of his son and daughter.

Tang You You seemed to already know what he was planning, he lifted the blanket and said: "Alright, then come over to sleep, I'll sleep with my son tonight."

Ji Xiao Han, "..."

This woman must have been purposely playing with him.

Tang Xiao Nai Yi Ting went to Mummy and did not sleep with her. She immediately became anxious and extended her small hand, pulling on Mummy's finger: "Mummy, do not go. Don't leave me alone, I am very scared."

"Xiao Nai, don't be afraid. Don't you have your father to accompany you?"

"No, I want Father's Mummy to stay with me." Tang Xiao Nai immediately displayed her shamelessness. Her pair of eyes looked at Mummy and then at Daddy.

Tang You You really didn't understand what the two little fellows were doing. It was impossible for her to sleep with this man at this time, and she didn't dare to do it either.

When he thought about the nightmare of torture five years ago, Tang You You decided to stay as far away from this man as possible.

"Mummy, I beg of you, can you just let me sleep with you? I really want to sleep with dad. " Tang Xiao Nai pleaded Mummy with teary eyes.

When Ji Xiao Han saw that her daughter was about to cry, he could only walk over and stroke her face: "Alright, Xiao Nai, Daddy is going to sleep with Big Brother tonight. You have Mummy to accompany you, don't be afraid!"

"I want father's …" Tang Xiao Nai immediately grabbed his big hand.

Ji Xiao Han felt that it was impossible.

However, at this time, he heard the woman's melodious voice, "Since your daughter wants you, then go to sleep."