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C1692 making a wish together

At three o'clock in the afternoon, lanyanxi now has something new to do. At the celebration of the National Library, Ling Mo Feng initiated an activity for her to transform the primary school education in the mountainous area, which has been recognized by many philanthropists. So lanyanxi is now in charge of this matter. Ling Mo Feng has helped her several staff members. Lanyanxi has set up a temporary office building Time work point, this has the education and the profound significance work, is worth her to take seriously.

She was looking through the list of schools to be donated. Suddenly, the door of the office opened, and Ling came uninvited.

"Mr. President..." Several staff members greeted the man who suddenly visited with respect.

Ling Mo, with a smile on his face, pressed the man who stood up: "don't be nervous. I'm here to find Yanxi. I want her to do something together."

Blue words and beautiful eyes do not know when they are full of laughter. This sudden surprise is better than all the arrangements with ulterior motives. Her heart is beating wildly.

"Come with me, Yanxi!" Ling Mo Feng's voice is warm with a touch of doting.

LAN Yanxi stood up in embarrassment. Mei Mou looked at him and whispered, "what's the matter? You need to come in person. "

"Something important!" The man's eyes were smiling and his voice was a little low.

LAN Yanxi was shocked for a moment, and felt that the man's big hand was extended. She subconsciously extended her hand and was tightly held by him.

"I'm going to take you to a place." Ling Mo Feng said with a chuckle.

"Where?" LAN Yanxi looks curious.

"You'll know when you get there." Ling Mo Feng led her little hand down to the underground parking lot. This is Ling Mo Feng's special passage. It's not the party's strict defense. He sat in the car. LAN Yanxi was still in a face covered state.

The car drove out of the road. LAN Yanxi found that Ling Mo Feng's car today is not a special car for his daily life, but a very ordinary business car. Of course, in order to ensure his safety, he followed many protective vehicles.

Lanyanxi was even more surprised to see the car driving in the traffic.

"Where are you going? Tell me, or I'll be upset. " LAN Yanxi urges him.

Ling Mo Feng sighed, then smiled and answered her, "well, don't show off. I'll take you to a temple."

"Why go to the temple? What is the important festival today? " LAN Yanxi immediately searched in his mind.

"No, it's just that I don't have much schedule in the afternoon, so I want to spare some time to take you to make a wish." Ling Mo Feng took care of her hair gently.

"Ah?" LAN Yanxi couldn't believe it. Then she grabbed his arm and said, "don't you believe in ghosts? Why do you still want to make a wish? "

"To look at these things with a sense of awe is also a kind of respect for the heaven and the earth. I don't know if it has any effect, but isn't there a saying? Sincerity is the spirit. We go with sincerity, and we will surely come true. " Ling Mo Feng said softly.

LAN Yanxi laughs happily and asks a realist to ask for the blessing of the gods. It can be seen that he is sincere indeed.

"Good!" LAN Yanxi nodded softly.

Ling Mo Feng's fingers fell on the long hair on her back, and the thin lips kissed her forehead: "Yan Xi, I know you're in a hurry, but we can't hurry about the children's affairs, which needs fate."

"I'm not in a hurry!" Blue words hope to be hard spoken.

"Is it? That night... "

"Don't say it!" A small hand immediately reached out and put it against his thin lip: "don't say a word."

The man chuckled. He couldn't seem to be in a good mood.

LAN Yanxi looks at him in a sullen way. Is this man going to make a wish because of himself?

It's a shame.

This is a very famous ancient temple. It is located in the area of Zhongling Yuxiu. The scenery around is very pleasant. Because it's afternoon, there are fewer believers coming to burn incense and worship Buddha. Only a few couples are burning incense.

LAN Yanxi smelled the burning smell of sesame oil through the window. She couldn't help but take two hard breaths.

"Let's go!" Ling Mo Feng pushed open the door, walked down, turned around and held out his hand to her.

Lanyanxi put his hand in his palm, and was clenched tightly by him. Several cars followed behind him, and all the bodyguards came down, but they didn't approach, just to guard against the movement around.

Ling Mo Feng takes LAN Yanxi's hand and steps into the temple. There are two couples in the spacious hall. They turn around and see Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi. They are all surprised.

"Is it really Mr. President? He even brought his wife here to offer incense? "

"It's really him. God, I'm not dreaming."

Ling Mo Feng smiled at those stupid people and they woke up immediately. It turned out that this was not a dream. It was really Mr. President who came here to offer incense and Buddha worship.

Lingmo Feng, with LAN Yanxi, came to buy sesame oil with money and donated another sum to the merit box, which came to light the incense.

LAN Yanxi knelt beside her, her hands folded. Suddenly, she felt that someone was kneeling beside her. She looked sideways and saw Ling Mo Feng's hands folded, as if asking for something from heaven.

LAN Yanxi is a little unbelievable. The man's face is solemn. His eyebrows are deep and elegant. He is clean and pure.

LAN Yanxi's heart beat fast. Then, she closed her eyes and meditated in her heart. Buddha forgives her. In such a solemn and sacred place, she had such evil thoughts. She should die of sin.

Can't help, is her favorite man, her brain can't help but think of him.

LAN Yanxi made a lot of my wishes. At last, she felt enough. When she opened her eyes and turned her head, she turned to Ling Mo Feng's deep and smiling eyes. Her face was dazed, and then she blushed.

End, be seen by this man so silly shout of a scene, he can laugh at oneself.

"Have you made all your wishes?" Ling Mo Feng asked her with a smile.

"No, I'm greedy. If I really want to make all my wishes, even if I have to kneel here for half a day, I can't only ferry myself. I have to leave others a chance." LAN Yanxi immediately replied with a smile.

Ling Mo Feng felt that her little mouth was really eloquent, as if she could find a reasonable word for everything.

"Well, we don't want to be greedy. We just want children!" Ling Mo Feng nodded.

"Well!" LAN Yanxi laughed.

In fact, in addition to asking for children, she also asked a lot, all hoping Ling Mo Feng had a good wish.

After they made a wish, they walked around the temple. When they met the monk who was cleaning, Ling Mo Feng would come forward and ask him a few questions. The other side talked to Ling Mo Feng about some things about the temple.

LAN Yanxi stood quietly beside the man, like his most loyal believer, watching him talking with others, her eyes were shining, but only because he was alone.

Ling Mo Feng led LAN Yanxi's hand and walked around the temple. Behind the temple, there was a thousand year old tree. The huge branches and leaves stretched out like a giant umbrella, which brought protection to people.

Some people tied red silk to forge on it and wrote down all kinds of wishes. There was a monk sitting next to him. Ling Mo Feng went over, donated money, took a pen and wrote two of them. LAN Yanxi took one of them, weighed his toes, and tied his own one among many red silk.

All of a sudden, she felt a solid body behind her, and then she saw that the man had no difficulty in tying his one beside her.

LAN Yanxi can't help but laugh at herself from the bottom of her heart. It's good to grow tall. It's easy to tie it up. Unlike her, she can't even hook her toes.

Seeing that her knot was too ugly, Ling Mo Feng couldn't help chuckling: "can't you tie a knot?"

LAN Yanxi blushed. "I don't have long hands."

"I'll help you fight better." Ling Mo Feng immediately untied her knot and tied her again. It really looked much better.

LAN Yanxi chuckled: "it's really rare. You can come here with me to have a heart."

"In the future, I can accompany you to more places and take you to see a bigger world." The man answered her with a chuckle.

"Well, that's what you said. It's said in front of the Buddha. It must be fulfilled." LAN Yanxi's mouth was small, and he made fun of him.

"Of course it will." The man said softly.