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When the old president saw him returning so soon, he raised his hand to Mu Yun: "You go out first, let me talk to your brother."

When Mu Yun saw the elder brother's face angry, she was also very surprised and had to persuade him: "Brother, uncle just had surgery, you don't make him angry."

Mu Weizheng frowned, still staring at the old president, waiting for his answer.

The old president wiped his mouth with a paper towel, sat up on his own, and sighed, "You didn't see it, am I paving the way for you?"

Mu Weiyi's face was still unsightly, angry: "Why do you do this, I don't need you to pave the way for me."

"I'm still young, so arrogant." The old president sighed, but was not angry, but said lightly: "You are young now, there are many ways to choose, but wait for you to be older, you will find that no matter how good The position is also subservient to others, unless you can become a master like Ling Mofeng. "

Mu Weiyi's face was stiff and silent.

"Standing in the top position, no one can give you a look, that feeling is really good, you know?" The old president laughed, closed his eyes, as if remembering the moments of the past.

"If everyone wants to sit on top, isn't this world going to be a mess? No matter where you are, you just need to do your job well, life is hurry, everything is utilitarian, in the end, just like you Is this still lost to fate? "Mu Weiyi taunted softly after being silent for a while.

The old president's eyes opened momentarily, staring at Mu Weiyi angrily: "Are you talking to the elders like this? Forget it, do you think this Li Man doesn't look good enough? May I arrange for you ... ... "

"No, I will find a suitable person to marry myself. You don't need to worry about me anymore. I heard that someone is suing you. You can now lie here with a disease, but once you get better, you will face more You are ready for the charges of this crime. "Mu Weiyi said, and turned and left.

The old president's face suddenly turned pale. It seems that some people want him to close his eyes quickly.

"Ling Mofeng, have you sharpened your knife for so many years, is it sharp enough? Finally, you have to brush me, it really has more and more leadership style." The old president sneered, in fact, he had expected it One day like this.

"The winner is the king and the loser is the pirate. This is the destiny of the strong." The old president was still right now.

Early in the morning, it was rainy and cold last night, and it became cold in the morning. Lan Yanxi replaced the thick quilt with a thin one. At this moment, I felt cold, and my petite body kept leaning to the man, trying to warm him .

Ling Mo Fengjue looks like a kitten and is sticky.

Soft long hair, scattered around the bend of his arm, scratching a little, itching, Ling Mofeng's biological clock, will wake up at six o'clock on time, before he usually got up directly, but since a little woman was sleeping beside him, he Suddenly fell in love with a lazy bed.

He subconsciously squeezed her into his arms tightly, and Lan Yan leaned back against a stove, sleeping more securely.

At around half past six, Ling Mofeng could only loosen her gently. He had to get out of bed to prepare breakfast for her.

Now that his arms can move, he doesn't want to just accompany her to bake bread every day. This woman's toasting technique is getting better and better, but eating this every morning, no nutrition, he is not disgusting, but he is afraid of losing weight.

Lan Yanxi's arms were stuffed into one of her dolls by the man. After Lan Yanxi hugged tightly, she fell asleep again.

When she woke up, the sky was bright, she got up, stretched her waist, and saw the drops of water rolling down the glass window, and her mood improved for the day.

She quickly finished washing, changed clothes and went downstairs. She heard the noise of oil in the kitchen, and she froze.

Hurrying to the kitchen, saw the man still wearing pajamas, making two bowls of noodles, and frying poached eggs in the pot, it was already full of room aroma.

Lan Yanxi blame him softly: "The doctor keeps you from moving, you are really disobedient."

Ling Mofeng intentionally moved his arm: "It's okay, don't worry."

"Can I worry?" Lan Yanxi grumbled.

Ling Mofeng pointed to the beef noodles he made: "Take out and eat."

Lan Yanxi looked at the seductive soup with cabbage and beef. She couldn't help but swallow her mouthful. Ling Mofeng's cooking was addictive.

Ling Mofeng put the fried egg in front of her, rubbing her long hair, and then turned to go upstairs.

Lan Yanxi's mood was so good that she couldn't help but eat it with chopsticks. The taste was familiar. Ling Mofeng's soup was delicious. I didn't know what he put in it.

When Ling Mofeng went downstairs again, he was already in a suit and leather shoes, and his temperament was instantly distinguished.

Lan Yanxi has already eaten more than half of it. Looking up to see him look so stubborn and noble, it is hard to imagine that he was still busy in the kitchen wearing pajamas just now.

When Ling Mofeng saw her in a daze, she couldn't help but grinned, "Soul was taken away by me?"

Lan Yanxi realized that she was a little embarrassed, and hurried to continue eating her noodles: "There are still ten days before the election. Now everyone thinks it is you, do you think?"

"If it weren't for me, would you be disappointed?" Ling Mofeng's face became serious.

Lan Yanxi blinked: "I don't know."

"In order not to let you down, it must be me." Ling Mofeng laughed suddenly.

Lan Yanxi also laughed: "If you become Mr. President, you will definitely be busier in the future. Will I still be able to eat your cooking?"

"Yes, I'll do it for you when I have time." Ling Mofeng comforted her.

Lan Yanxi was relieved.

Lan Xianxian had stayed in the hotel for several days, and finally, she decided to return to Lan's house.

Lan Lin promised to help her investigate the courier video. She was positive, throwing money down, and finally found a little brow.

It was only when she was going to look down that she found the clue broken.

The man she was looking for was arrested some time ago.

Lan Lin was a little bored, but she went to investigate elsewhere, and she heard an unexpected name, Sister Mei.

"Zhang Sanmei? Is that crazy female politician? Didn't she get shot directly?" Lan Lin was on the road to drive home, always tangling this matter.

She thinks she must have made a wrong investigation. What does this have to do with the dead woman? Shouldn't this be linked to Lan Yanxi?

Lan Lin's more and more aware of her investigation is wrong, but all the evidence is also based.

Lan Lin decided to hide this matter first. If the person who framed Lan Xianxian was Zhang Sanmei, there would be no fun. Zhang Sanmei died, all her associates went to jail, and the crime was punished. Even if Lan Xianxian wanted revenge, I'm afraid I can't really run to prison to kill people.

Therefore, a smirk evoked in the corner of Lan Lin's mouth.

What she wants is the battle between Lan Xianxian and Lan Yanxi. This pot must also let Lan Yanxi back.

Only in this way can Lan Xianxian hate the dead net that Lan Yanxi competes with her.

Lan Lin returned to Lan's house and went to Lan Xianxian the first time.

Lan Qianxian's look was decadent, she had no previous mood, she didn't even change her makeup now, she was veiled every day, her hair spread, making her parents very worried.

"Sister, I found it." Lan Lin pushed open her room, and said the first sentence.

"What did you find? Tell me soon." Lan Xianxian rushed over from the sofa and grabbed her arm: "Is it Lan Yanxi's bitch, did she do it, she hurt me?"

"Sister, it's her, that's her. Although I don't have enough evidence in my hand, I found that the person who sent you the video is the person in the office." Lan Lin said with certainty that there was a vicious color under her eyes. .

"I knew it was her. Who else could she have? She went to the rescue and she dared to have me locked in the trunk. Oh, it's so vicious that I won't let her go." Lan Xianxian at the moment She was so angry that her eyes filled her with resentment, and she clenched her fists tightly. It would be nice if she could tear up Lan Yanxi now.

"Sister, don't be impulsive. Now Lan Yanxi is different from the past. Ling Mofeng is about to be elected president. You can't do her." Lan Lin hurriedly persuaded.