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What an arrogant tone, Tang You You had an expression that said that her eyes were wide open. Then, she ridiculed: "Stop boasting here, be careful of your tongue getting blown away by the wind."

No one had ever dared to question every word that Ji Xiao Han had said, yet this woman who didn't know what was good for herself actually dared to be so rude to him.

"Tang You You, listen up. If you still want to see your child, be more polite with me." Ji Xiao Han warned coldly.

"Other than the fact that you contributed two sperm, what else did you do?" Tang You You gritted her teeth in anger and glared at him.

Ji Xiao Han's thin lips rose in anger, he shamelessly lowered his voice and said, "I tried to sell you with strength, have you forgotten?"

Tang You You, "..."

"You're the most noisy woman I've ever met." Ji Xiao Han started to despise her more and more, he bypassed her and walked straight ahead.

This was the first time Tang You You was looked down upon by others, but, how could she not talk? The child was about to be taken away by him.

Following that, Tang You You still tried to find an opportunity to negotiate with him, but the man only treated her as air.

The man ignored every word she said.

Tang You You's mouth was already dry from the words, she really did not have the strength to argue with him, so she could only shut it.

"Where are the children? Hurry up and tell me! " Tang You You had followed him for so long, yet he still hadn't seen the child, and was about to go crazy with anger.

Ji Xiao Han stopped and took out a phone from his pants pocket.

"Where is my daughter?"

Her low voice was magnetic and pleasing to the ears, but when Tang You You heard him call her his daughter, she felt a lump in her throat and was unable to swallow.

That damnable man, does he even have any shame? He claimed to be his daughter so quickly. He's simply an absolute bastard.

"Alright, don't bring her up here. Let her play. I'll go down!" Ji Xiao Han said indifferently and hung up.

"Where's my daughter?" Tang You You asked angrily.

Ji Xiao Han walked to the side of a banister, his hands lazily supporting himself on the banister, his eyes looking at the luster of the beach below the mountain.

His usually cold eyes were now glowing with a gentle light.

Long and slender fingers pointed in the direction of the beach. "See that? She's playing with the water! "

After Tang You You heard his words, he instinctively charged forward. Both of his hands were held tightly on the fence in front of him because he was afraid.

A pair of beautiful eyes widened as they saw a small figure running back and forth on the beach in front of a row of villas.

"What?" You want her to go play with the water? Are you crazy? She'll catch a cold this season. " Tang You You knew that his daughter's body had always been weaker than her son's. Maybe it was because she was too light when she was born, but her physique had always been weak, and it was easy for her to catch a cold and get sick.

"Should... "No way!" Ji Xiao Han, who had always been very confident in anything, had a look of uncertainty flash through his calm eyes when he was questioned by Tang You You in anger.