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Cheng Yuan is tall and tall. Standing beside a group of men, she doesn't lose momentum at all. Her short hair is really short, and she seems to have cut a hair just like a man. She can't cover her ears, but her facial features are beautiful. Her skin is healthy and white. She doesn't have any makeup. She has more natural beauty.

LAN Yanxi stared at others for a while. Ling Mo Feng sent such a handsome female officer to protect her. It's interesting.

"Yan Xi, what a coincidence! I didn't expect you to be in our team!" JOJO came pushing a suitcase with a smile on her face.

LAN Yanxi was about to answer, but she didn't expect Cheng Yuan to answer first: "any coincidence may be a deliberate arrangement, which is not surprising."

Qiao Zhuo found that there was a beautiful female officer beside LAN Yanxi. He was surprised to see his face flash away.

LAN Yanxi smiled gracefully: "this is my new friend, Cheng Yuan!"

Cheng Yuan immediately reached out and shook Qiao Zhuo's hand. Qiao Zhuo felt that his palm was going to be pinched by the other side.

Where is this handshake? It's a test of life and death.

JOJO suddenly found that this trip was not as easy and fun as he thought.

When boarding, LAN Yanxi's big box was grabbed directly by Cheng Yuan. She was so embarrassed that she had to invite Cheng Yuan to eat delicious food in the airport waiting room.

Qiao Zhuo wants to come to talk to LAN Yanxi several times, because Cheng Yuan, who is sitting next to her, has to give up.

Is this arranged by Ling Mo Feng?

Qiao Zhuo's heart is very surprised. Isn't it that Ling Mo Feng doesn't like this woman at all? How could someone be sent to protect her?

Just when Qiao Zhuo thought like this, Cheng Yuan left LAN Yanxi's side again and ran to chat with another girl. For a while, Qiao Zhuo felt trapped. She didn't know whether the thing she suspected was right or wrong.

Just as LAN Yanxi and Cheng Yuan were eating and chatting, Cheng Yuan lowered her voice and told her the schedule. She couldn't be too kind to LAN Yanxi, because she was afraid of causing suspicion, but LAN Yanxi could find her any help.

LAN Yanxi is relieved to know that Cheng Yuan is her own. Naturally, she is willing to cooperate with everything.

When the boarding time was up, a group of people began to board the plane. Qiao Zhuo saw a man sitting beside lanyanxi, and he immediately went to exchange positions with him.

Blue words and beautiful eyes slightly Zheng for a while, what does Qiao Zhuo want to do?

That man hears Qiao Zhuo to say to know blue Yan Xi, pour is two words don't say, exchanged with him.

Qiao Zhuo immediately sat beside LAN Yanxi. He was about to have a good time when he saw a white figure sitting beside him. It was Cheng Yuan.

LAN Yanxi is by the window. Qiao Zhuo is in the middle, while Cheng Yuan is on the other side. He immediately shrinks and feels uncomfortable.

LAN Yanxi took out her iPad to watch the movie as soon as she got on the plane. She downloaded a lot of movies and songs to kill time for this flight.

Different from LAN Yanxi's leisure, Cheng Yuan even took out a thick book to read. When Qiao Zhuo wanted to talk to LAN Yanxi, he saw her put on her earplug and immersed in her movie.

JOJO could not pretend to be too enthusiastic, so she had to take out her mobile phone and flip it around.

LAN Yanxi's EQ is pretty good. She feels that Qiao Zhuo seems to be close to him intentionally. Alas, this man doesn't think he will call him, does he?

LAN Yanxi is not a person who likes to play with feelings. Besides, she is not interested in any man except Ling Mo Feng.

JOJO is looking forward to LAN Yanxi sleeping on the plane. He will have a chance to be considerate of her.

But lanyanxi's energy is better than him. He wakes up after a sleep, and lanyanxi is still watching a movie.

After nearly ten hours' flight, a group of people finally arrived at the destination. Outside the International Airport, the special train has been waiting for a long time. Lanyanxi is familiar with the country, because she spent three years in university here.

To come here is mainly for fun, but this time is work, lanyanxi basically has no free time of his own.

A group of people stayed in the hotel, which is a professional hotel specially used to entertain foreign guests.

LAN Yanxi is paralyzed. As soon as Cheng Yuan comes in, she checks the hotel to make sure everything is safe. Then she says to LAN Yanxi, "are you ok? If you are tired, take a rest! "

"Cheng Yuan, thank you for your care!" LAN Yanxi said gratefully.

Cheng Yuan smiled shyly: "Miss LAN, you are so polite. I was entrusted by the vice president, which is also my duty!"

"Since you are entrusted by him, do you know me and him..." Blue words hope to stop.

Cheng Yuan suddenly realized that the girl in front of her was very cute. She smiled and replied, "I only know what I should know. Please rest assured, Miss LAN."

The implication of this sentence is that Cheng Yuan knows everything, but she won't say anything.

LAN Yanxi finds Ling Mo Feng still has the ability to govern. His people seem to be very loyal to him.

"Miss LAN, with all due respect, please be careful of that JOJO. He doesn't look right at you!" Cheng Yuan whispered to each other.

"You see it, too?" LAN Yanxi was a little surprised.

"Maybe Miss LAN is young and beautiful, which will inevitably make some men like her. Miss LAN just needs to keep a distance from them, which is not a serious matter." Cheng Yuan explained with a smile.

"Well, I don't care what he thinks, but I already have a person in my heart. Don't worry, I have a sense of propriety!" LAN Yanxi knew that Cheng Yuan was kind enough to remind her, so she replied with a smile.

Of course, Cheng Yuan was embarrassed to say that the vice president had an explanation before she left. She had to cut off her ambiguous relationship with any man. It's hard to see that the vice president was domineering and impressive.

LAN Yanxi really fell asleep. When she got up, she found that Cheng Yuan was reading by the bed. She seemed to like reading very much.

"Today we can have a rest. We will go to study in the morning!" Cheng Yuan whispered to her.

"Really? Are you hungry? Let's eat out! " LAN Yanxi is worthy of being a foodie. He remembers the delicious food everywhere.

Cheng Yuan stared at her stupidly. "It's an hour and a half drive from the nearest block. Are you sure you want to go out?"

"Anyway, today is a free day. If you don't go, you won't have a chance to go. Have you ever been to this country, Cheng Yuan?" LAN Yanxi asked her with a smile.

"No, first time!" Cheng Yuan's face is a little shy.

"Then I'm a regular here. Let's go. I'll show you around!" Lanyanxi wants to seize the last time and have a good time. Tomorrow is the military learning process. She is not willing to waste this good time.

Cheng Yuan can't make up her mind, because she is a disciplined female soldier!

"Let's go!" Lanyanxi went straight to him and grabbed a good arm: "go to change clothes, don't be too formal!"

In fact, Cheng Yuan is also a young man. She has a playful nature in her heart. In addition, LAN Yanxi's confident expression has infected her heart and made her want to relax in time.

Two women, let the hotel bus to give them a ride, until they arrived at the pedestrian street, LAN Yanxi immediately took Cheng Yuan to some streets she was familiar with.

When two women bought a lot of things, Cheng Yuan's cell phone suddenly rang.

It was a video call.

Cheng Yuan had a bit of a circle around her. She quickly clicked on the video and saw a young man facing the camera. Her face was enlarged and she was shocked.

"Chu Adjutant Chu! " Cheng Yuan didn't expect that it would be the Deputy Chu who called her on the video. She spoke nervously for a moment.

"Cheng Yuan, sir wants to talk to miss LAN. Is she by your side?" When the adjutant Chu saw Cheng Yuan, who was blushing in the camera lens, he was stunned. Then he thought of serious business.

"Yes, just a moment!" Cheng Yuan quickly moves the camera to lanyanxi, as if the mobile phone would be hot.

LAN Yanxi nibbles at the chicken in his hand and sips. Looking back, he sees Cheng Yuan holding her mobile phone to her, and Ling Mo Feng's beautiful face appears on the screen of her mobile phone.

"Er..." LAN Yanxi almost choked. He didn't expect to see him at this time.

"Yan Xi, where are you?" Ling thought he would see her reading and reading in the hotel room. Unexpectedly, she was in the middle of the red lights and the green wine. Her eyebrows wrinkled instantly.