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C1366 retreat as progress

In the inpatient department of the hospital, Zhu Yuer sat in the ward with a sad face. She came here to visit her. Her former classmate's friend suddenly suffered from an incurable disease, and his life entered the countdown. He was only 28 years old. He was as thin as a bone. It was sad to see him.

Zhu Yuer learned from another male friend that Luo Jinyu would come to visit him today, so she came to see him in the early morning with a bunch of flowers. She opened the door and found that Luo Jinyu did not come. She was disappointed, but she didn't want to leave like this. She sat in the doctor's room and talked with two friends with tears in her eyes.

At noon, Luo Jinyu arrived. Today, he didn't follow a large group of people. He came alone, holding a bunch of flowers in his hand, wearing a dark Nizi long wind suit, and his beautiful face was also stained with deep sadness.

When I saw the man push the door in, I wish yu'er a happy face. Sure enough, I am waiting here, and the result is still expectant.

Luo Jinyu put down the flowers and said hello to some friends. Before going to the hospital, he said a few words to the friend who was so weak that he could hardly speak.

Wish rain son suddenly walk behind him, tears ripple down, speak all choking up.

Luo Jinyu turns around and looks at her. Zhu Yuer suddenly pours into his arms. His hands tightly grasp the man's coat, and he can't cry.

Luo Jinyu reached for her hand and patted her on the back. In a low voice, he advised: "life is impermanent. Many things can't be changed!"

"Jin Yu, it seems that we went to the grassland for adventure just yesterday, but no one expected that the disease would be so merciless. I wish that all this was not true!" Wish rain son sobbed, said while crying, cried incomparably sad.

Luo Jinyu didn't push her away, just because the atmosphere here is too sad. Women are all sentimental creatures. Seeing that their friends' lives are going to be exhausted, they can't do anything about it. It's inevitable that they will be too sad.

I wish yu'er could lean on Luo Jinyu's arms for a while. The family of the patient came. After several friends comforted him, he decided to leave first.

I wish rain's eyes are still red and his face sad.

Luo Jinyu walked behind another man, and everyone was silent.

At the door, several people walked towards the parking lot. Zhu Yuer suddenly turned to Luo Jinyu and asked, "Jinyu, can you take me home? I didn't drive here today. "

Luo Jinyu looked stunned for a moment, and immediately refused: "I'm sorry, I'm going to pick up my girlfriend later, not necessarily on the way!"

"Your girlfriend is so happy. With such a considerate and gentle boyfriend, she shouldn't worry about anything!" I wish Yuer to put her hands in her pocket immediately and smile with a graceful expression.

"I'm not a perfect boyfriend, I have a lot of things to do well!" Luo Jin said modestly.

"Why? You are successful and considerate. How lucky you must be to be loved by you all your life. I really envy her a little. " Wish rain son eye socket red again rise, why more say these words, she feels in the heart afflictive acid bilges more?

Luo Jinyu gave a dry smile, then walked to his car, and wished Yuer a quick walk: "Jinyu, are you afraid to send me a section, which will make your girlfriend misunderstood?"

Luo Jinyu didn't deny it, because he was active to draw a clear line with any woman, and he would not test the tolerance of that little thing.

"In fact, I can't blame your girlfriend for misunderstanding. After all, she is young!" I wish yu'er to smile and shrug his shoulders. It's obviously like a joke, but it seems to make a mockery of Yang ChuChu's ignorance.

Luo Jin Yu smiled politely: "she is young and not sensible. I am old and want to be sensible!"

I wish the smile on Yuer's face a little frozen. She didn't expect that Luo Jinyu would really refuse her.

"Well, go ahead, I'll take a car!" Wish the moment that rain son turns round, complexion is angry black. Luo Jinyu looks at her back, and feels that it's too much for him to refuse his friend like this. However, Luo Jinyu didn't mean to be so cruel, just because Yang ChuChu warned him to keep a distance with any opposite sex.

Sometimes a man is indifferent to other women's generosity, which is the cruelest thing to his beloved woman.

It's better to draw a clear line of demarcation between adults, which will lead to a greater misunderstanding.

I wish yu'er standing on the side of the road, watching that luxury car with a stolen value of nearly ten million enter the traffic in a low-key way, her heart is very bad.

She really felt that she had lost a wonderful man in her youth.

If I went to Arlo Jinyu when I was a student, their feelings must be stable at this time. Maybe they still have children now, and they have formed a perfect family.

Zhu yu'er thinks that when a taxi stops by her side, she forgets that she just waved. Until the taxi driver impatiently reminds her, she opens the door and sits in.

As the car drove forward, she leaned on the back seat of the car. Just now, in the ward, she jumped into Luo Jinyu's arms and found that his arms were wider and more secure than she thought. It made people feel that if they relied on them, they would not be afraid of the wind and waves.

Luo Jinyu stares at the traffic light in front of her, reaches into her wallet, opens it, and puts a picture of Yang ChuChu on it. She holds her hands on her face, smiles, but her teeth are missing. He cannot help but chuckle.

Zhu Yuer is very depressed and calls a person who instructs her to seduce Luo Jinyu behind her back. That person is nobody else. It's Zhang Lu, who is fully responsible for all this.

"Minister Zhang, I may not be able to finish this task, or you can find someone else." I wish rain son a face helpless say.

"What's the matter? Are you in trouble? " Zhang Lu asked her with a smile.

"Luo Jinyu just doesn't get into the oil and salt. In his eyes, there's only that little star. He can't hold anyone. I'm like a clown in front of him. I'm a woman with self-respect. I don't want to stick a hot face to someone's cold ass all day long. It's so boring!" Wish rain son more say more aggrieved, feel oneself have been greatly humiliated like.

When Zhang Lu heard her saying this, he jumped at once, and then quickly pacified her: "little wish, don't give up in such a hurry. You need to know that a great future is waiting for you. Now the situation is grim. If you make contributions at this time, do you still worry about a good future?"

"Minister Zhang, if you want me not to give up, you must get rid of that ugly little bitch. She doesn't have me!" Zhu yu'er immediately put forward her own request. In fact, she just complained a lot. She just wanted Zhang Lu to clear Yang ChuChu, because she couldn't do it by herself. Zhang Lu must be OK.

"Xiaozhu, you can't ask too much. Don't worry, I'll find someone to help you. It's just a little star!" Zhang Lu doesn't pay any attention to a small flow star. Zhu Yuer wants to give up this task, but he is shocked. It's hard to find the right person. Now, several people he looks for are not reliable. If one thing fails, Zhang Lu's position will not be guaranteed, and he is afraid.

"Minister Zhang, if you want to start, please take the opportunity. I can't waste too much time on a fruitless relationship." I wish that yu'er's hatred for Yang ChuChu has already burst. I really want to see that she doesn't have a good ending tomorrow and that Luo Jinyu is sad. In this way, she will have a chance to comfort him.

"Well, I'll do it as soon as possible!" Zhang Lu promised her.

Zhu yu'er bit his teeth angrily: "Yang ChuChu, let's see. I'll see when you can be satisfied."

Yang ChuChu is shooting a magazine cover in the studio. She can't help feeling a cold. Next second, she sneezes.

She reached out and rubbed at the nose end. Her assistant quickly brought her coat and put it on: "you know, don't get cold!"

Yang ChuChu laughs: "it's OK. How many shots are there in the afternoon?"

"Three?" The assistant replied.