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C1002 threat

Ji Lin is really confused by the illusion that Ji Xiaohan threw out. He looks closely at the young man in front of him and wonders in his heart. Is Ji Xiaohan really just suspecting that the murderer is someone else? Is it him instead of being determined? "

What are you still doubting? The woman is cruel and terrible. She said that she resents your father for not divorce your mother... "

"Uncle, when did you hear that? If I remember correctly, you don't seem to have seen the confession of the police. " Ji Xiaohan suddenly grasped the handle of his words. However, Ji Lin is stiff and has an impulse to shake his ears. "

well, I guess. That's what happened between women. Bai Zhenzhen and your father in those days. I'm actually a person who knows. Your father talked to me about whether to divorce your mother and marry her." Ji Lin, in a hurry, immediately changed his mouth and forced him to explain a few words. "

yes? I heard that my uncle was dissatisfied with my father's management of the company. He didn't know whether it was true or not. " Ji Xiaohan asked him bluntly. Ji's face was frozen again. He found that if he didn't have some brains to chat with Ji Xiaohan, he would not be able to get out without him.

"Why? He's my brother. He's in charge of the company. I'm very relieved! " Ji Lin tells lies with his conscience, but he can say it with a sincere face. If someone doesn't know it, he will believe it.

Ji Xiaohan sneered: "my uncle is so eloquent. I can't tell which is true and which is false. Then my uncle can talk with me. Why did he give me medicine to sleep in Ji yunning?" Ji

Lin didn't expect that he still mentioned that year's events. His old face turned pale. However, he had already wanted to make a good speech and said with a smile: "I just want you to marry each other. You are very talented when you are young. I love yunning and want to find a good home for her. I thought that you are so excellent. Plus, she likes you and makes do with you It's a beautiful thing. Who knows it will lead to a big mistake? I was educated by my father and sent to prison to repent. " Xiao Han listens. He only feels that he can't be fake. He has a thicker and thicker skin. He can make a lie come true.

"So it is. I thought my uncle was trying to make me lose my temper and humiliate me. It seems that I misunderstood my uncle's beauty." Ji Xiaohan also cooperated with him to play the play. "

I was confused. Don't take it to heart!" Ji Lin doesn't want to talk about the past, so he still has to apologize to him.

"It's over. Of course, I won't hold on!" After Ji Xiaohan finished, he clapped his hands and a waiter came in. "

serve!" Ji Xiaohan orders directly. Season

Lin holds the tea cup, opens his body to drink tea, but his fox like eyes keep flashing. He knows what Ji Xiaohan is asking him to eat today. He is warning him.

Ah, I have such courage at a young age. I really deserve to be a good grandson taught by the old man. Only

Yes, he is a junior. What is his qualification to warn him? When the dish was served, Ji Xiaohan took his chopsticks and said to Ji Lin, "eat it, uncle. I don't know if it doesn't fit your taste." "

I'm not picky about food. I eat everything!" Ji Lin took a look, but he found something: "these dishes are very light, eating is good for your health!" "

uncle has no idea. Since I recognized my two children, I've been noticeably light on food!" Season owl cold light hook lips smile.

Ji Lin's heart was shocked. What did he suddenly say about this? "

alas, it's a headache to educate children. I don't have much experience. I don't know if my uncle can teach you a little. You used to be a child and a daughter. How can you educate them to set up a good image of a father in their hearts?" Season owl cold side of the elegant eating vegetables, while casually asked. Ji gave a dry smile: "son, of course, should be strict. Daughter, just pet it."

"Uncle's proposal is not bad. I think so too. With children, the mood changes. It's more important to see them than anything, just like treasure!" Ji Xiaohan is still chatting casually, but his eyes suddenly pause, and the conversation changes: "if anyone moves my treasure, I may kill that person." Ji

Lin's hand shaking with chopsticks, his eyes looked at Ji Xiaohan in panic, and continued to laugh: "of course, the child is the treasure of parents' hearts, and he is worried about his life if he is injured, let alone other injuries." "

uncle is right. We all have children!" Season owl cold suddenly a smile, the tone is obviously gloomy, listen, it makes the heart tip tremble.

Ji Lin's face sinks. Is Ji Xiaohan threatening his son?

All of a sudden, he thought of the document he had been passive in the last time. It was the school position he marked for the two children, because he had been ready for a long time. If he really failed in his action, he would definitely take the two children on his back. He would take away the most precious people of Ji Xiaohan and make him regret for his whole life. It's

Ji yunning!

It must be her!

Ji Lin's heart is complex and angry. He didn't expect that his daughter would become Ji Xiaohan's butterfly and peek at his secret documents. Now it's like giving Ji Xiaohan a signal that he might cut off his two children.

With precaution, if you want to start again, I'm afraid it will become more difficult.

Damn Ji yunning, dare to destroy his plan, we must let her repay the regret.

Season owl cold sees him to clip dish, put into the mouth for a long time, light voice way: "uncle is not used to this light taste dish?" Ji

Lin found out that he had lost his temper, and he quickly pulled a smirk: "no, I'm in the habit of eating, and the taste is good." Ji is convinced that Ji Lin already knows the meaning of what he just said. Ji had no heart to eat. After eating a bowl, Lin left in a hurry. Ji

Xiao Han stared at his back and bit his teeth. Ji Lin, the old fox, was getting more and more difficult.

After Ji Lin walked out of the hotel, he was so angry that his face was ferocious. He always thought that Ji Xiaohan didn't dare to do anything to him, because he was his elder. But now, it seems that Ji Xiaohan directly regarded him as the enemy.

Did he not consider the mood of the old man and the old lady when he did this?