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Young Master Ji is drunk

Tang You You hesitated for a long time, but she did not take even half a step out of the door because she heard hurried footsteps coming from outside.

It was as if someone helped Ji Xiao Han up the stairs.

I believe the Young Master does not want him, an old man, to take care of it.

"Me?" Tang You You's face became slightly dazed.

"That's right, Miss Tang. I'll be troubling you. Consider this as an old man begging you!" The Uncle Yuan did his best to show off.

Tang You You suspiciously sized up Uncle Yuan a few times, in the end, she could only agree: "Okay, I can take care of him, but I rarely take care of the drunk, I don't know what I should do."

"You don't need to do anything, just wipe his hands and feet and face, and pour him a glass of water to drink."

"Oh, okay!" Tang You You could only bite the bullet and push open the bedroom door.

Ji Xiao Han's handsome face slightly flushed. He laid on the bed with one hand supporting his forehead, as if he was enduring the pain of being drunk.

Once Tang You You entered, the Uncle Yuan immediately closed the door for her. She stared at the door suspiciously.

This Uncle Yuan...

Could he be playing some tricks again? Had he deliberately asked her to come and take care of Ji Xiao Han?

Thinking about it, Tang You You was truly speechless towards the Uncle Yuan.

However, although she knew that the Uncle Yuan was doing it on purpose, thinking that with his age, staying up late would still be bad for his health, she decided to do the right thing and help him out this time.

Tang You You looked at the man on the bed with her beautiful eyes, then ran into the bathroom and took a handkerchief, soaked it in hot water and went back to the bed.

However, she was in trouble again.

After staring blankly for a second, she bent over and used a warm towel to gently wipe away the man's handsome face.

"Mm …" The man didn't seem to like being touched, so he grabbed her hand with his big hand.

"Ah …" Tang You You didn't expect that a man would actually use such a move, scaring her so much that she let out a low cry.

Hearing this voice, Ji Xiao Han's tightly shut eyes slowly opened. After being drunk, his eyes were slightly red, but the light emitted didn't decrease in the slightest as he stared at the frightened little face above him.

"Wandering?" He suddenly began to call out her name. He almost couldn't believe that she was the one who was wiping his face.

"Uncle Yuan asked me to help you. Can you let me go first?" Tang You You's face was a little hot for some reason. When she heard him call his by name, the name he used to despise started sounding better to his now as well.

"Why are you willing to help me?" The man looked drunk, but his voice was still clear.

Tang You You was stunned, she did not want to answer his question, and only muttered: "Quickly let go!"

"Tell me, why are you willing to take care of me?" Ji Xiao Han didn't let her go, and instead forced her to answer with a question.

"Because you are the father of my child. Is that reason enough?" Tang You You hurriedly replied.

The palm on her wrist was burning hot. It was so hot that it made her flustered.

"Not enough, don't you hate me?" The reason that Ji Xiao Han felt that he did not like it.

Tang You You pinched the center of his brows, thinking of another answer: "Because you spent a lot of money and bought me a lot of things this afternoon. In consideration of gratitude, I should repay you!"

"That's even more so for me!" Ji Xiao Han arrogantly pursed his lips.

Tang You You was stunned, then what kind of reason did this man want to hear?

"Ji Xiao Han, if you don't let go, I won't wait!" Tang You You was also a person with a temper, this man was already challenging her bottom line.

When Ji Xiao Han heard her say no, he quickly loosened his grip, and his voice softened, "Alright, I won't do anything reckless, don't leave."

Seeing that he had finally let go, Tang You You secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

She continued to wipe away Ji Xiao Han's face, but this man's eyes seemed to be wrapped in flames as he stared at her without blinking, causing her heart to become even more confused.

"Why are you looking at me?" Tang You You truly acknowledged him, staring at others like that was extremely rude, did he not understand?

"Of course it's because you look good!" The man replied with an evil tone in his voice.

Tang You You's face heated up suddenly, and she turned around to walk towards the bathroom. When she came out again, there was a basin in her hands, and it was filled with hot water. "Can you sit up on your own? Wash your feet! "

Ji Xiao Han did not expect her to actually be willing to help him wash his feet.

"Wandering, you're so nice to me!" He said it from the bottom of his heart.

Tang You You glared at him: "For the sake of money, I treat you well."

"I know you're not a snobbish woman. You're only lying to cover your feelings for me." Ji Xiao Han said somewhat smugly.

Tang You You really wanted to throw this bucket of water over. Was this man drunk?

What nonsense are you spouting? Don't you know how thin-skinned she is?

Ji Xiao Han wanted to sit down a few times, but he fell down once again. After that, he pressed his head against hers and said, "I'm so dizzy, can you help me out?"

Seeing him try to get up a few times but still fall down, Tang You You thought that he was really drunk and had no choice but to put down the basin. Then, he walked over to help him up.

However, she simply didn't know that this was a trap that a man had set for her.

Although Ji Xiao Han was drunk, he was not drunk to the point of not waking up. At this moment, he felt that he should not miss out on any good opportunities.

Tang You You reached out and grabbed the man's shoulder, borrowing his strength to help him sit up.

Most of Ji Xiao Han's shoulder was leaning on her body, and what his arm touched was a woman's soft spot.

Ji Xiao Han felt even more intoxicated than before.

At this moment, Tang You You was only concerned about the drunk man. He didn't realize that this man was trying to take advantage of her on purpose.