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C1986 when love is dim

Elder brother's words give Ji Tingyan a sense of security. Li Jingwen hates her for a long time. She doesn't have a relationship with her boyfriend and girlfriend, but it's a secret love. She looks at her as an enemy. The night she broke in, was the senleng knife in her pocket intended to bleed her?

The more Ji Tingyan thinks about it, the more annoyed she is. Li Jingwen's possessive desire is too strong. But if she gets into trouble with her this time, she will never connive at her malice.

"Tingyan, first of all, you ask where bondeng is. Tomorrow, brother will send a plane to take you there." Jimucheng looks at her sister gently and says with a smile.

"I'm not easy to ask. I'll ask Cheng Yue for help." Ji Tingyan finished, then turned to go out.

Cheng Yue sits in the rest room, and the assistant brings her tea and fruit. Cheng Yue sits in restraint, with only one pair of eyes staring at her.

"Cheng Yue, please do something." As soon as Ji Tingyan came in, she said in a hurry.

Seeing her, Cheng Yue relaxed and said with a smile, "do you need to ask me to do anything else? You can do anything. "

"Can you ask Wang Cheng where he is now?" Ji Tingyan sat down beside her and looked at her expectantly with beautiful eyes.

"Ah?" Cheng Yue didn't expect it. She was stunned.

"Is it difficult?" Ji Tingyan blinked.

"No problem, I'll ask now." Cheng Yue immediately shakes her head. Although she just refused Wang Cheng's confession, it shouldn't be too difficult to ask a question.

Cheng Yue immediately takes out his mobile phone and dials Wang Cheng.

Wang Cheng is noisy over there, but obviously, after receiving her call, she is very excited: "sister, are you home?"

Cheng Yueqing's voice cleared, and he replied solemnly, "here you are. Why are you making such a noise over there?"

"I'm at the airport. I'm about to board the plane. The boss is waiting for me." Wang said with a smile.

"Oh, really? Where are you going? Can you tell me? " Cheng Yue's eyes brighten. It's so clever. It's just the right time to pick up the topic.

"Does sister care about me?" Wang orange can't hide his happiness.

"Yes, I have been regretting that I refused you before. You are the most sincere man I have ever met. I think we have the possibility to renew our leading edge. So, you tell me where you are, and I may come to you some day." Cheng Yue has a lot of ideas. She needs to know where he is going.

Wang Cheng's blood was surging and his face was red. He changed his hand holding the mobile phone, because his palms were sweating and his voice was trilling: "is what my sister said true?"

"You're a puppy." Cheng Yue finds that he is willing to cheat such a big boy.

Wang Cheng immediately told her the destination he was going to, and asked eagerly: "when will my sister come, or wait for me to call, I heard that the boss's business is very difficult, and I have to deal with the business before coming."

"Okay, get back in touch, hang up." Cheng Yue got useful information and hung up directly.

As soon as she turned around, she saw that Ji Tingyan's eyes were wide open and she looked at her in astonishment. She shrugged her shoulders: "xiaonai, why do you look at me like this?"

"You won't cheat Wang Cheng's feelings, will you?" Ji Tingyan just listened to her carefully, which was full of deceptive words. She didn't believe it. Did Wang Cheng believe it?

Cheng Yuefu chuckled and sat back on the sofa with a smile on his face: "what do you say, Xiao Nai? How can I cheat people's feelings? I just want to get useful information for you."

"Cheng Yue, to be honest with me, have you ever had a boyfriend before?" Ji Tingyan immediately asked her with her eyes narrowed.

"Yes, more than one." Cheng Yue nodded frankly: "I'm 27 years old. I was chased by someone when I was 20 years old. At that time, I was young and had fun, but when I got angry, I was beaten by several little sisters. At that time, I felt dark and lost hope for life. So I learned all kinds of fighting and swore not to be bullied any more."

"How many have you talked about?" Ji Tingyan feels that Cheng Yue is an optimistic person. When she is weak, she makes herself strong and tough. Not everyone has such willpower.

"One, when we went to military school, we almost got married, but the parents of the other side disagreed. They thought my family didn't deserve it, so I broke up in a fit of anger. Then I cut my long hair short and decided to be a man and live a good life." Cheng Yue talks about it. Her eyes are red. What seems to be the past is actually the past.

Ji Tingyan reaches out and hugs her: "there is no barrier in life. If there is one, go another way. Cheng Yue, you are so nice. Someone should love you. Don't lose heart."

"Well, I believe so." Cheng Yue laughed, held back his tears, and quickly said the address where Bong was.

"So remote? How did he get there? " Ji Tingyan takes out her mobile phone and checks the place. It's also the junction of the two countries. It's a forgotten place. The Internet says it's very dangerous. It's a place where terrorists gather.

"Xiao Nai, will Mr. Fu go there for training, or will he have a special task?" Cheng Yue was also shocked. Only after checking on the Internet did she know that it was a ghost place. Few people said it, but it was also dangerous.

Ji Tingyan is in trouble. She looks at Cheng Yue, and Cheng Yue looks at her, too. The two look at each other, but they don't get their heads together.

"Just now, Wang Cheng said that the matter of tie Ting is very difficult. Can't he do dangerous things?" Cheng Yue frowns straight, and feels that he has a pretty accurate premonition.

"I'd like to call him." Ji Tingyan said, took out her mobile phone, but stopped again, stretched out her hand on her forehead and covered her face with a long skin.

Seeing her distress, Cheng Yue asked softly, "why not fight?"

"Cheng Yue, I'm just starting with tie ting. Do you think it's appropriate for me to ask him about these things? Will he bother me? If he really wants me to know, he will tell me in the beginning. " Ji Tingyan is a pure woman. She's afraid to make others embarrassed.

"Xiaonai, let me tell you the truth. Mr. tie's performance these days can only prove that he has a good feeling for you. You have a good start, but it has not developed to the stage where you can know everything about each other without reservation. Just like when love is the most hazy, you see that he is handsome, and he sees you as the most beautiful, but this kind of beauty is easy to be influenced by the outside world and broken." Cheng Yue is a passer-by. She is very clear about the hardships of two strangers walking down the road. The place where love begins often confuses people. So, one side wants to manage the other side, but the other side is not. The flower of love also gradually withers.

Ji Tingyan naturally understands this truth. She wants to care about tie Ting, but at present, this kind of care can only stop at asking a good and a good way.

"I'm full of him now. What can I do?" Ji Tingyan is depressed.