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C1892: Competition

The atmosphere continued to tense, Xia Xinnian took his son to the chair and sat down, raised his eyes, just hit the man's dangerous eyes, her heart tightened and quickly avoided.

Jimucheng grinned, how, dare not look at him directly?

Is this a sign of a lack of heart?

Yan Junhan's heart is not good at the moment. He always thinks that Xia Xinnian will not be with the bastard who bullied her. But what's the situation now?

What surprised him even more was that Yu Chen's own father would be the eldest young master of Ji's family. His heart flashed a bit of loss.

If you change to any ordinary man, he has the confidence to grab Xia Xinnian, but it's just a man he can't fight for. Unless he can reincarnate, he has to be skilled.

"Did you order?

"Jimucheng said with a smile.

"It's on.

"Xia Xinnian replied in a low voice.

Xia Yuchen smiled and looked at Yan Junhan: "Uncle Yan hasn't seen you for a long time. I miss you a little.

"Yan Junhan's heart warmed and forced to laugh:" Yu Chen, my uncle also miss you very much and bought you a gift specially.

"With that, he took the robot he bought to the desktop, and the little guy immediately became happy and said," thank you uncle Yan, it's so cool.

"The big hand holding the cup of someone sitting next to me tightened for a while. It seems that the relationship between my son and this man is really good.

What to do? He's jealous.

Inner ups and downs, beautiful face is nothing.

In order to prevent the tension, Xia Xinnian quickly found a topic: "brother Yan, how long will you stay here this time?".

"I don't know. I haven't decided yet.

"Yan Junhan's eyes flickered slightly, and his heart ached for a second. He had decided to come back and discuss with her. Now it seems that he had decided.

"Mr. Yan is a good-looking person. He must have a girlfriend. Why didn't he ask for dinner?

"After jimucheng was jealous, he would not let his opponent feel angry, so he asked on purpose.

"Did Uncle Yan make a girlfriend?

Why don't I know?

"The little guy beside looked surprised.

Yan Jun's face suddenly changed, and he felt that the other party seemed to have this question on purpose. He immediately had a heart of refutation. He pretended to be sad and said: "there was a person who liked it, and wanted to express his love to her after returning home. Unfortunately, I seem to be a step late, and I don't know if there is any chance.

"When Yan Junhan said this, he looked directly at the woman sitting opposite, as if waiting for her answer.

"Who is so bad? He robbed uncle Yan's favorite people.

"Xiaoyuchen clenched his fist and his face was indignant.

"Cough "The man with the cup beside him choked.

Xia Xinnian suddenly looks embarrassed. She gets up and asks her son if she wants to eat some snacks. I'll show you outside.

Finish saying, she did not say two words, directly took the son to carry away, left the space for two men.

It's not that she wants to escape, it's just that it's not good for her son's face-to-face interviews. Both men are good to him, and it's hard for him to know.

Jimucheng Jun's face sank and he was deeply hurt. He was scolded as a bad man by his son, so sad.

"Well, they can't leave. Should you tell me who you like?

"Asked jimucheng in a deep voice.

"Don't you already know, Mr. Ji, I don't care what you are or what I did in those years, and I hope you won't forget that if it was me, I would have no face to look for you again.

"Yan Jun's face was not very good-looking, even angry. This man hurt others and put it up shamelessly. He should be ashamed of his behavior.

Jimucheng collected his face and sneered, "is it accountability?

"Am I wrong?

"Yan Jun sneered.

"Of course not. You will be so angry because you care about their mother and children. I know you helped her in her most difficult time, but I still can't give her to you. I love her too.

"Said jimucheng in a deep voice.

"Do you love her or just want her.

"Yan Jun sneered.

"There are both. I just want to be responsible for her now. Mr. Yan, I really don't want to be the enemy of you. I hope we can become friends and don't let their mother and son be embarrassed.

"Jimucheng said with sincerity.

"I'm afraid I can't. I always regard them as my important family members. Even if she finally chooses you, I don't want to be your friend.

"Yan Jun didn't give face.


Family, but you seem to forget that I am the natural father of Yu Chen.

"Jimucheng frowned and didn't really like to hear that.

Yan Junhan: "?" "if you really can't make friends with me, I hope you won't disturb our life, feelings, this kind of thing, really can't share.

"Said jimucheng frankly.

Yan Junhan can't answer again. Indeed, feelings are selfish.

"I'm sorry that I robbed your beloved, but the children also need the company of their own parents. If you have any difficulties in the future, I will help you.

"Jimucheng said sincerely again.

Yan Junhan's eyes became sad. He closed his eyes and said painfully, "I know I shouldn't rob, but can you imagine how we encouraged each other to come to this day in foreign countries these years?"?

Can you imagine that I have been looking after Yu Chen since he was a child for several months?

In my heart, he has been like my child for a long time. I'm afraid to arouse her sadness, and I dare to have the courage to say it until today. But you tell me that I have no future with her.

"Jimucheng seldom sympathizes with one person, but at the moment, he really sympathizes with the man opposite.

Pay should be rewarded, but his reward, was ruthlessly stopped by him.

Just when jimucheng wanted to answer, the voice of his son came from the door. His expression and Yan Junhan's expression were stiff. Neither of them dared to say anything, because they regarded the people outside as relatives.

After Xia Xinnian came in, he carefully looked at the expressions of the two men.

"No, uncle Yan, how are your eyes red? Who bullied you?

"When he sat back, he found something wrong with his uncle.

"Cough?" someone shocked again. He didn't bully people. Besides, he couldn't bully a man.

Yan Junhan was obviously embarrassed. He quickly took the tissue and put it on the corner of his eyes. He forced his face to smile: "I just talked about my past affairs with your father, and I felt sad for a while.

"Jimucheng was stunned. Suddenly, he was grateful to the man in the opposite direction. I believe that only from his heart can he be unwilling to hurt.

Xia Xinnian was a little fidgety. Fortunately, the waiter outside the door began to serve, which eased the atmosphere.

"Yuchen, I'll give you a meal.

"Xia Xinnian said quickly.


"The little guy nodded.