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He said he despised her

Tang You You's face was also tense, her voice indifferent: "Who I meet has nothing to do with you."

"I heard you have a lot of suitors. How can you make your children accept problems between adults prematurely?" Ji Xiao Han had not forgotten how his daughter had pinched her little finger just now. If her ten fingers couldn't even count, then how many fingers were there?

"Are you that confident that you can sleep in my house? Aren't you afraid that I'll sleep with you again? " Ji Xiao Han suddenly became evil.

Tang You You stared at him with slight disgust: "Who said not to let children accept adult relationship issues prematurely? If you really slept with me, how would the children treat you if they found out? Beast, hooligan? Or an animal that only uses its lower body to think? "

Ji Xiao Han's entire being froze.

This woman had actually discussed such a thing with him so calmly. Moreover, she wasn't afraid of letting the children know.

What kind of educational idea was this?

Ji Xiao Han had only been trying to scare her earlier, he didn't really want to do anything to her.

"Ho … Go to sleep in peace. This sort of appearance does not enter my eyes." He sneered and mocked.

"That's for the best. To be honest, other people think that you're handsome, but I really don't." Tang You You also not willing to be outdone by him.

Ji Xiao Han's self-confidence had been hit hard, but this was the first time a woman told him that she was not interested.

Was this woman blind? He clearly had a beautiful face that could bring calamities to the country, but she didn't even look at him.

Tang You You was already leisurely walking up the stairs to the second floor, leaving behind the Ji Xiao Han who had a face full of shock.

Pushing open the door of a guest room, Tang You You laid on the bed tiredly. From the moment Ji Xiao Han knew of the existence of these children, her nerves had been stretched taut like a string, ready to burst at any time.

Last night, he also had nightmares and did not sleep well at all.

At this moment, everything had come to an end and she could finally have a peaceful sleep.

Since she couldn't dodge or escape, then she might as well accept this fact.

It's not wrong that children need fatherly love. She shouldn't be so selfish as to prevent them from having it.

When Tang You You woke up from her sleep, it was already dark.

In her arms, there was a little fellow lying down, and he was also sleeping soundly.

Tang You You looked at his daughter's cute sleeping posture. His two small hands had to hug one of her arms, and his little face had to be pressed tightly against hers in order for her to fall asleep.

felt extremely pained in his heart when he saw his daughter's expression, which showed that she did not have a sense of security.

He didn't know if it was because she had lost her relationship with her father since she was young, but her daughter was always a bit timid. She never dared to sleep alone.

On the contrary, her son had a tough personality since he was young. He also liked to sleep in a small bed by himself, never relying on her.

Tang You You looked at the time. It was already seven, and thinking of Ji Xiao Han saying that they would eat together at night, she couldn't help but push his daughter's little body. "Xiao Nai, wake up, it's dark!"

Tang Xiao Nai was sleeping soundly, blinking her large sleepy eyes: "Mummy, how about you sleep a little longer!"

"Didn't you promise to go out to dinner with your father? If you go back to sleep, you won't be able to eat. " Tang You You chuckled.

Tang Xiao Nai slowly crawled up from the bed. Her small body was still shaking, but her willpower was still extremely clear. "That's right, Daddy is treating us to a meal. Mummy, let's quickly go downstairs!"

Tang You You nodded!

However, what she didn't know was that while she was sleeping soundly, Ji Xiao Han had carried her daughter in and gently placed her daughter by her side.

The man looked at her exhausted face as she slept. After staring for a long time, he finally left.

From the moment Ji Xiao Han initially wanted to take back her children, to now, it had only been two days.

Ji Xiao Han had never come into contact with children before, so he did not know that not only did raising children give them enough food and clothing, he also needed to spend a large amount of energy and patience to accompany them as they grew.

These two days, he had pushed away all of the company's work and wholeheartedly accompanied the children. He suddenly realized that the happy smiles on the children's faces could only bloom if they had the company of their parents.

Previously, he had a lot of opinions on Tang You You, but he felt that this woman was unreasonable, and that she was stubborn, and did not know what was good for her.

But now, he felt that with her being a single mother, bringing up two children, it really wouldn't be easy.

Because he understood, Ji Xiao Han was extremely calm at the moment.

However, in this tranquil state of mind, ripples started to appear again. When he saw the woman walking down the stairs, he was no longer as calm as before.

Tang You You held his daughter's small hand and walked her downstairs.

"Daddy, where's brother?" Tang Xiao Nai immediately ran into Ji Xiao Han's embrace in a happy mood, asking to be hugged.

Ji Xiao Han pulled his daughter into his embrace and looked at Tang You You, who had just woken up, with her deep and serene eyes.

Her skin had always been soft and smooth, but after a period of sleep, it had turned pink and beautiful, making her look even more charming. The gentle glow of the water made his heart beat even faster.

"Your brother asked the Uncle Yuan to accompany him to play with toys." Ji Xiao Han replied to his daughter in a low voice.

"Shall we go out to dinner? I'm so hungry. " The little guy immediately reached out his hand to touch his stomach, looking as if it was a big deal.

As Ji Xiao Han looked at this little fellow's innocent and cute appearance, he couldn't help but kiss her petite face. Then, he said gently, "Let's go and find Big Brother, then we'll go out to eat."

Tang You You stood at the side, her beautiful eyes somewhat unnatural. Seeing her daughter so close to Ji Xiao Han, she had different feelings in her heart, but she also felt an indescribable happiness. Her daughter had a father, so wouldn't her cowardly ailment change?