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Liu Yi said with an angry face and a red face: "it's really not right for you to doubt us like this, miss. We have been working hard for the company for more than ten years. Now you have to totally deny me, but you say we are not clean, so I'm not convinced."

Blue words hope Mou color a heavy, and uncle Yu exchanged a look, uncle Yu immediately asked: "then you have no doubt who took the company's money behind?"

"This I'm not sure. " Liu Yi looks surprised. Obviously, he is the object of suspicion.

"You can say it directly. Anyway, we have to solve this problem. We can't let the company go wrong." Lanyanxi gave him confidence. Since it is related to the company's internal accounts, lanyanxi is still qualified to ask.

"I have to say, miss, you can't talk about it. I have no evidence after all. I suspect your two uncles have moved their hands and feet, but we can't find any evidence." Liu Yi's face was bitter.

"What happened to them? Do you know the inside story? " LAN Yanxi looks stiff for a few seconds. In fact, she also knows that when two uncles manage the company, the company is in a lot of condition, and several times she has put grandpa Qi in hospital.

"I'm not sure. We don't have evidence." Liu Yi's face was blank.

LAN Yanxi sighed: "if you think of anything else, please call me."

Liu Yi reluctantly accepted her business card and nodded, "OK."

LAN Yanxi just left with Uncle Yu. In the car, LAN Yanxi had a little more sadness on her face. Looking out of the window, she looked helpless and at a loss. Lan's group used to be a big company. Although the chess game has been halved at present, how many benefits are involved? That's a huge and amazing data. At the moment, LAN Yanxi's brain is a bit messy. She doesn't know where to start Check it out.

"Eldest lady, I think there must be someone behind this matter. Otherwise, you can ask Mr. President to help you catch those Smashers and interrogate them one by one. You will surely get a result from them." Uncle Yu is a rude man. He only feels a headache about these calculated things. Since the other side uses violence, it will be the key to solve the problem.

LAN Yanxi nodded and sighed, "yes, I really need his help."

When it was dark, lanyanxi ran out all afternoon without any clue, but nothing was found. On the contrary, she could see that the senior managers of lanyanxi group had great opinions on her before, and felt that she had ruined their business.

LAN Yanxi didn't say a word about it. She didn't need to explain too much to others. Her grandfather's decision must be supported by her. At present, charities have been successfully run and more than 300000 people have benefited. In addition, many large groups have joined in it, which will surely improve the poverty problem and solve the survival problems of more people. This kind act Why explain too much? The renovation of the presidential palace hasn't been completed yet. Last time I went to watch it, LAN Yanxi was frightened. Ling decided to change the area a lot, so for a while, he might not be able to move in.

It's already more than seven o'clock when LAN Yanxi returns home. He has a pretty face and a lot of worries.

Ling Mo Feng's work has become more and more handy recently. In addition, all things are moving in a positive direction according to the people's wishes. Ling Mo Feng is even more ambitious.

Soon after LAN Yanxi came back, Ling Mo Feng's car stopped. The man got out of the car, took off his coat and put it on his arm. It was early summer. The temperature picked up and it was sultry.

Ling Mo Feng stepped into the living room, reached out to untie the bow tie, untied the two buttons of the shirt, and saw that there was no soft figure in the living room. He went to the stairs with a light hook on his thin lips.

When he went upstairs, Ling Mo Feng saw that there was a light in the bedroom where LAN Yanxi lived before, and his heart was in a hurry.

The door didn't close. Ling Mo Feng went in and found LAN Yanxi sitting on the floor with her knees bent. She was looking at a thick note in her hand, looking anxious.

"Yan Xi, how can I sit on the ground?" Ling Mo Feng Mou color a Zheng, crouch down to go, concern of ask.

Lanyanxi looked up at him, her clear eyes flashing a blank look. Next second, she fell into the man's arms, two small hands tightly around his waist, rubbed her face against his arms, murmured: "Ling Mo Feng, there's something wrong with Lanshi, what should I do? I can't find a solution. "

"What's wrong?" Ling Mo Feng's handsome face was awe inspiring. He immediately reached out to her back and gently pacify her, saying, "tell me what happened. I'll help you."

LAN Yanxi just retreated from his arms, sat back on the ground, and took the notebook in his hand: "this is what my grandfather gave me. He recorded a lot of things about the company here, but I just turned it over for a long time, and didn't find a solution. Maybe my IQ is too low, and I can't understand many things and accounts."

Seeing her decadent appearance, Ling Mo Feng couldn't help but feel hurt and said gently, "you are not a professional in this field, and it's normal that you can't understand. Let's talk about the situation first."

LAN Yanxi nodded and saw that the man held out his hand to herself, so she had to put her small hand in his palm. The man gently pulled her up, and the two fell down on the sofa beside him.

LAN Yanxi told him the details of what happened in the afternoon. After Ling Mo Feng heard it, his brow tightened, and he sneered and said, "it seems that someone played a dark chess game very early. Now that the old man died, the chess game started. It's specially for you. They want to borrow this thing and take back the company."

LAN Yanxi's face turned white. Her hands were tightly clenched into fists. She said angrily, "are they my uncles? How can they do such a thing? Don't they get enough? "

"You can't imagine how greedy people are. Maybe 200 million yuan is enough for you. But some people, even 20 billion yuan, will be too few. You can't use your ideas to measure others." Ling Mo Feng sighed. She felt that the woman in her arms was too simple. For many things, she only looked at the good side, but how dark and complicated was it? How could she understand?

LAN Yanxi was shocked, but he felt that what he said was very reasonable. He could be satisfied easily, but many people would never be satisfied.

"They violated my grandfather's last wishes." LAN Yanxi murmured, very sad.

Ling Mo Feng looked down at her and saw that there was a flash of tears at the bottom of her eyes. He sighed and hugged her tighter. He put his thin lips on her forehead and said in a low voice: "don't worry about it. We'll find out. I'll let Chu lie help you tomorrow. With him, it's more convenient to do many things."

"Some of the people who have been dismissed from the blue group have a great opinion on me. I'm afraid that if they borrow your identity as a shield again, they will attack even you, saying that I am bullying people." LAN Yanxi smiled bitterly and suddenly found that even if he married Ling Mo Feng, there were still many things he could not care for.

"You are my wife. You are normal with me." Ling Mo Feng's face was startled. She felt that she had met with herself when she said this.

"No, I don't want to lead the negative image to you any more. You're not easy to be in your position now. In case you are under suspicion because of me, I'll blame myself." LAN Yanxi also wants to be very thorough. The LAN family is a mess now. No one except her can come out and clean up. The two uncles watch the fire from the other side. They only hope that she is in a mess and unable to clean up. Finally, they can only ask for their help.

"Do you think that group of managers entrusted by your grandfather are reliable?" Ling has never really penetrated into the internal problems of the blue group. He is sensitive in identity, so he has always stood on the periphery and watched. What is the status of the blue group now? He can only investigate again.

Lanyanxi shook his head: "I don't know that, but at present, the company's operation is still very good. At the end of this quarter, the profit increased by five percentage points compared with the previous quarter. Although there is no glory in Grandpa's life, at least it is growing."

"Have you decided to take care of the blue family? If you decide, I will support you unconditionally. " Ling Mo Feng knows that the blue family needs a leader now, and LAN Yanxi is the only one qualified to manage. However, she will face the obstruction of her two cunning uncles.