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C1451 accidental persons

Mei sent people out to look for more than five hours, and finally got some clues in a convenience store. "Who picked her up? Isn't the store monitored? " Mei's heart is more frightened. Gao Yue can't look down on her. She has enough brain. If she suddenly turns to Ling Mo Feng after being hurt by herself, it will be a disaster to her.

"There was originally, but the shopkeeper said that just two days ago, someone had hacked his surveillance. Not only that, the whole section of the road's monitors were hacked, which happened to be the video of those days.

"Who did it? Ling Mo Feng? Season owl cold? Or did Gao Yue find someone else to help? " Mei stood up angrily. Her face was twisted like an ugly one, which made her scared.

"I really despise her ability. Sure enough, the ants can't be underestimated. So we should expand the scope to find out. As long as she is still in the city and digs three feet, we must find her." Sister Mei's angry order.

"Do you need to tell me? This is a very human and financial matter! " Someone asked in a low voice.

"Who dares to say anything? Be careful that I cut his tongue. It's only for money. I have some!" How dare sister Mei speak up? She's afraid of losing her head. Even if she takes out all her savings, she must keep it secret for the time being.

"Yes!" When a group of her subordinates heard that they had money to take, they were good at handling affairs and worked hard one by one.

After everyone left, sister Mei collapsed on the sofa directly, her remorseful intestines were all green.

Gao Yue is going to die anyway. If she doesn't destroy her face, she doesn't have the heart to defend herself. Killing her is as simple as killing ants.

But now it seems that she is afraid that she will lose more than her gain.

When Mei was in a hurry, Ling Mo Feng sat in his office and heard a recording. "It's her!" When Ling Mo Feng heard the first sentence, he was shocked because he was very familiar with this woman. At one time, she was his mentor. Unfortunately, later, because of her feelings, she left the general office for a period of time and returned again. She became the head of the financial department. She was famous for her strict responsibility, strong ability and awe inspiring.

Some time ago, she took a vacation. Everyone thought that she might have gone abroad for vacation and leisure. Unexpectedly, she not only didn't go abroad, but also secretly took over Zhang Lu's mess and began to plan for the old president.

Chu lie, the adjutant next to him, was also surprised. Looking at Ling Mo Feng's expression, he felt sympathy and helplessness. "Sir, I didn't expect you to be a distant relative. She was in your opposite direction at last." Lin lie loves Ling Mo Feng because this woman is a distant aunt of Ling Mo Feng. She has the kindness to teach him since childhood. When Ling Mo Feng was 16 years old, she started to enter the political arena, which was her experience.

"Yeah, I didn't think so!" Lingmo Fengjun's face is complicated, with sorrow and pain, more inconceivable. "Why did she do that? What's the good for her over there? She's willing to work for him? " Chu case suddenly felt angry, but also felt unworthy for her husband, because Ling Mo Feng once helped her, also mentioned her job, and in many positions

, defended her, every new year's day, the two families still have contacts, if not busy with the work at the end of this year, Ling Mo Feng was afraid to also mention the heavy gift to visit her. "Everyone's choice is different. We can't interfere in this. Since the Tao is different, there is no need to communicate in the future." Ling is glad that he didn't go to her house to give gifts and visit this year. Otherwise, waiting for him, I don't know if it's a grand feast.

"Are you sorry, sir?" Chu lie asked in a low voice.

"No!" Ling Mo Feng stubbornly shook his head and sighed: "I'm not sad, but it's hard to accept for a while."

"How are you going to go next, sir? Didn't you say you wanted to find this man? " Chu lie continues to ask curiously.

"Let me see, this step, how to go in the end." At the moment, Ling Mo Feng's brain is in a mess. He has no usual soberness and calmness. He can't make a plan for a while.

"If you have a good solution, I will do it for you!" Said Chu lie in a low voice.

"Well, you go out first, later. I want to go home to see if her injury is better!" Ling hasn't been back for two days, and really miss her. Missing is an uncontrollable thing. The more strangled, the more crazy.

"Sir, I really should be with Miss LAN more, so that you can relax. The pressure is too great recently!" Chu lie couldn't help chuckling.

Ling Mo Feng's thin lips light hook up, laughing and echoing: "right, with her, is my most relaxed time!"

"Recently, I'm sure you won't be stared at over there. The higher Miss Lan's ability to cause trouble, the greater your chance to meet each other. It's not unhelpful!" Chu lie sighed.

"Well, I'm not afraid of her troubles. I'm afraid of her wrongs." Ling Mo Feng's eyes are soft and doting.

Before LAN Yanxi got off work, he received a phone call from the old blue man.

The old man was in a fierce mood: "Yanxi, I heard that you had a fight with microfiber? What's the matter? "

LAN Yanxi couldn't help but reach out and caress her forehead. Although she tried to hide it, grandpa didn't know where he heard about it. "Grandpa, don't be angry, it's also my fault. I've been unhappy with her since I was a child. You know, she scolded me a lot, and I slapped her." LAN Yanxi was afraid to tell the truth, so he had to try to catch the mistake first. Anyway, I will not blame her.

"You don't matter what you do. Even if you don't think about yourself, you should think about your future husband. When you hit people in the office, your reputation will be ruined." Blue old man is still very angry scold her.

"Grandpa, I know it's wrong. I won't dare next time. Don't be angry, will you?" LAN Yanxi immediately pleaded in a soft voice and took a serious attitude. "Well, even if you have a mistake, there must be a mistake in the microfiber. You are all the daughters of the blue family. I'm afraid you will lose face and lose it together. You remember that you can't make this mistake again next time. If you want to fight, close the door and come home to fight. See if you want to save you." The old man said angrily.

"Grandpa, you won't let me get hurt. I promise you, there will be no more trouble in the future." LAN Yanxi said with a smile.

"I never believed your promise. Work hard!" The old blue man was still angry, but he began to care about her.

LAN Yanxi hangs up her cell phone and takes a deep breath of relief. She believes that Lan Xianxian will not dare to say it when she comes home, because she is afraid of being scolded by her grandfather.

Forget it. Since Grandpa asked, she admitted that she was wrong. This matter should be exposed.

When I got off work, suddenly there was a strong wind, and the clouds were dark. The spring thunder rolled and the fried people were numb. LAN Yanxi's face turned white as soon as he saw the strange weather.

She couldn't help but cover her ears. She was most afraid of the thunder weather. She felt that there was always a thunder that would hit her. Every time, she was shocked and trembled.

Lanyanxi stood in the side door, watching her colleagues leave one by one, but she didn't dare to move half a step. She wanted to go home when the thunder was low.

"Lan Yanxi, it seems that your vice president didn't come to pick you up!" Suddenly, she heard a strange voice.

LAN Yanxi turned to see Yang He, who had opened her umbrella, and her face was jeering.

LAN Yan is about to turn away from her face and ignore her even more. "You are selfish and dare to fight. You are still your own sister. You are so poor in quality that you disgrace the vice president." Yang He is not happy. Because she heard that some people began to suspect that Ling Mo Feng's eyes on women were light. She really wanted to tell those gossip women loudly that Ling Mo Feng didn't love LAN Yan Xi at all. This woman didn't want to put it on her face.

"It's none of your business!" Blue words hope low light said.

Yang he glared at her angrily: "why is it none of my business? The vice president is facing a general election now. I am ashamed of him at this time. What's your peace of mind? " LAN Yanxi listened to her saying this, but he was really a little guilty. He lowered his head and didn't answer.