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C1333 Ling Mo Feng's heart ache

There is a golden rule in lanyanxi's physiological period, that is, on the first day, it will hurt. Once it hurts, it will hurt for a long time. She just wants to bow and squat, lie down, and bear the pain silently.

Other girls said that drinking brown sugar water had effect, but she didn't. She had no choice but to take painkillers. However, she couldn't take painkillers often. It was a three-way poison. Many times, she endured it by willpower, because she knew that it would be ok if she only suffered for half a day.

When she woke up in a daze, she found that the men around her were preparing the clothes for her to wear when she went to work, and he himself had been dressed neatly, with a black suit and a white shirt as the base, and a thick warm long windbreaker was added outside, which was also black, showing that he was of a particularly tall stature!

"Otherwise, you ask for a holiday today. I think you've been rubbing your stomach. Does it hurt?" The man squats in the bedside, just with turns her to look at, the man gentle voice line, is all heartache.

"No, I'm busy at the end of the year. I can't ask for leave at this time. Besides, I can have a few days left!" Thinking of the coming year off, blue words and beautiful eyes brighten up.

"Don't try to be brave. If your body doesn't allow it, stay at home and don't go out. I'll ask someone to ask for leave for you!" Looking at her pale face, Ling Mo Feng's tone was powerful and domineering in an instant. He reached out and straightened her long hair on her forehead, and wiped the thin sweat between her forehead. In the winter, she had a cold sweat, which showed how weak her body was.

"Please take half a day off for me. I'll go in the afternoon!" She'll be fine in the morning anyway.

"Why does it hurt?" Ling Mo Feng, a straight man, doesn't understand women at all. He thinks it's just a normal phenomenon in their physiological period. But now, he tightens his eyebrows and looks at her pitiful appearance. He is surprised.

LAN Yanxi said with a strong smile: "I also know very well. I heard that after having a baby, I don't feel any pain. I don't know if it's true. I really want to have a baby soon!"

Ling Mo Feng's face was stiff, and he couldn't help laughing: "I'd better find a doctor for you to have a look. If it's too painful, I'll take medicine!"

"No, don't worry about me. I'm only in pain for a while. Really, hurry to work." LAN Yan hopes to see Ling Mo Feng squatting at the bedside, and he is in a hurry for him.

Ling is reluctant to leave. Although he knows that his team has been waiting downstairs for a long time, he also knows that he has a very important meeting at noon and can't be late, but he just doesn't want to leave her.

"Yan Xi, do you want my mother to come and take care of you?" The man thought for a moment and said suddenly.

"No No, I haven't met your mother yet. If you want her to come, I'll be very nervous. It won't hurt the pain. " LAN Yanxi's impatient and blurted out refusal made the man stunned.

LAN Yanxi felt as if he had answered too quickly. He smiled awkwardly and said, "hurry up, don't worry about the business!"

"Well, if you have anything to do, call me at any time. Don't stand on your own. You can call me if you want. I'll have someone send it to you!" Ling Mo Feng just stood up, but he still stooped down, printed a kiss on her forehead, looked at her deeply at last, and turned away.

LAN Yanxi shrinks in the quilt and feels the man's full love. She instantly feels that her abdominal pain has been alleviated. As expected, love can cure all bad moods.

Although LAN Yanxi didn't say what he wanted, Ling Mo Feng didn't know where to find out. He asked people to give her brown sugar and ginger tea, as well as nutritious bird's nest porridge and various kinds of warm food.

LAN Yanxi looks at so many delicious food. At that time, he looks stupid. Does that man need to be so considerate and meticulous? In this way, she will fall in love with him.

In the morning, Ling asked for leave. In the afternoon, lanyanxi's pain was relieved, so she drove to the general office.

At the moment, JOJO is working outside. It's time for lunch. He is called by a phone.

"Minister Zhang!" Qiao Zhuo pushes open the door of the box and sees Zhang Lu sitting at the table. He immediately drinks respectfully.

"Sit down!" Zhang Lu didn't put on any official score, only made a gesture.

Qiao Zhuozhan sat down in panic, and Zhang Lu began to say the key point: "if LAN Yanxi is willing to go abroad to exchange and study, we will arrange a place for you. Then, you have to work harder!"

"Will she go?" Qiao Zhuo's eyes flashed a flash of surprise. As for why he was happy, only he knew that Lan Yanxi was a girl with a simple mind. Only when he touched her, did he realize that she was worth her efforts.

"I don't know at present, but if she will go, you will go and seize every opportunity to get close to her. If you can wear a green hat to Ling Mo Feng abroad, my president and I will be very satisfied, and you will have a bright future!" Zhang Lu laughs cunningly, because he thinks it's a very interesting thing. Although Ling Mo Feng never shows off his high beauty value, his divine position in women's mind can't be shaken. It's said that the women who are trying to enter the general office in recent years are almost taking advantage of him. It can be seen how influential his influence is. If he is such a perfect God, he's not The married wife fell in love with other men and gave him a green hat, which would be the biggest joke.

Hearing the three words of green hat son, Qiao Zhuo shivered for a moment. After all, it's a matter of life. Ling Mo Feng seems to be gentle and restrained, which only shows that he does a good job on the surface. People mistakenly think that he is a very friendly person, but as a man, they all know who really wants to try his things.

"Minister Zhang, I think it's immoral to wear a green hat. If I let LAN Yanxi like me, it's a great shame for Ling Mo Feng, isn't it?" Qiao Zhuo still has the bottom line. Moreover, he doesn't expect that he can't even finish the show. If LAN Yanxi likes him, even if Ling Mo Feng is angry again, he won't take what he is like. At most, he will drive him out of the general office.

The nature is different, the plot will be different.

"Young man, to live, you have to be a little ambitious. A man without ambition is just like a waste. Lanyanxi likes you. But if Ling Mo Feng is tough and forces her to marry, she still has to marry. If lanyanxi has something to do with you, Lingmo Feng is a sensitive person. Do you think he will want such secondhand goods as lanyanxi?" Zhang Lu recoils at Qiao Zhuo and begins to brainwash him in an instant.

"But, Minister Zhang, if Ling Mo Feng knew that I had something to do with LAN Yanxi, wouldn't he kill me? I still want to live. I dare not do such a dangerous thing. " Qiao Zhuo's face turned white with fright. Although he wanted to get promoted and get rich, he wanted to live and protect his life.

"Lingmo Feng will not be so narrow-minded as to care about such a humble person as you. Do you really think he has no other woman to choose from? You don't want to inquire about it. If you want to marry his rich daughter, what is Lan Yanxi? If her grandfather was not helpful to Ling family, would Ling Mo Feng find her? This is the reality. Only when the interests are linked together, can they show that they are not the same. Don't worry too much. Lanyanxi is a rich woman. Are you afraid you won't have money when you are with her? I've heard that his grandfather dotes on her very much. Maybe it's written in the will of the blue old man now. She's the golden mountain and silver mountain of your future. It's very handy. What are you hesitating about? " Zhang Lu had to continue to lure Qiao Zhuo into this trap.

Qiao Zhuo's eyes brightened. It's true that marrying a rich woman can save at least ten years of struggle. No, it's a lifetime.

"Minister Zhang, I have to think about it. After all, I'm dead. It's useless to have more money!" Qiao Zhuo is also very careful, dare not agree easily.

"You're a man with an inflexible mind. I don't know why I found you at the beginning. I don't have the courage to do so, but I'm in a hurry. I can't change you. JOJO, you'd better plan for yourself more!" Zhang Lu was disappointed with Qiao Zhuo. He thought that Qiao Zhuo would go all out to do it with confidence under his guidance. Now it seems that Qiao Zhuo is more timid than he thought.

"Thank you, Minister Zhang, for giving me the chance to perform. I'll treat you to..."

"No need to do it well, it's my greatest gratitude!" Minister Zhang got up and left.