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An hour later, Bai Yiyan suddenly understood that she was holding her waist and wanted to cry. It turned out that it was not a happy thing to please Ji Yueze. The man beside the body has fallen asleep. Maybe it's because of drinking wine. He's sleeping heavily.

Bai Yiyan was also asleep. However, she had a dream. She dreamed that her aunt was lying in a river, struggling for help. However, a huge wave came and swallowed her directly. Bai Yiyan woke up with fright and wiped her forehead. She was in a cold sweat.

She didn't dare to sleep any more. The nightmare was so terrible and real, as if it was the pain and despair aunt was experiencing.

Bai Yiyan put one hand on her eyes. She was afraid to go to sleep.

In the president's office of Roche Group, it was more than 3:00 p.m., a car in royal blue stopped at the entrance of the hall of Roche Group, the door opened, a small figure came out of the car. This is Yang ChuChu. She's idle in the company. She doesn't know what to do. She wants to see Luo Jinyu's appearance in the company. She didn't call him in advance. She came secretly.

Yang ChuChu was a little frightened and excited like a thief. She was wearing sunglasses and a small hat, which almost disguised her whole face. She walked towards the elevator with her head down and was stopped.

She had to go to the front desk as if she had given her life. The beauty at the front desk looked at her. Yang ChuChu pulled down the brim of her hat a little bit and said in a clear voice: "I'm Luo Jinyu's niece. I have something to do with him. Can you give me a call?" The former beauty of

stage looked at Yang ChuChu and found that she was wearing famous brand, which was the big diamond ring symbolizing money on her finger, which made people have no doubt that she was related to Luo Jinyu's identity. The former beauty dared not neglect her, so she dialed the phone of the assistant of the general office.

In a short time, the door of the elevator was opened, and out came a tall and beautiful figure.

It's Luo Jinyu!

He came down in person. A black suit, with a strong and forceful style, has an astonishing and deep sculpted facial features and a cool color. However, when he saw the small figure standing at the front desk, he smiled a little.

"Come with me!" Luo Jinyu came to her and said something in a low voice. Then he turned around and went to the elevator. Yang couldn't guess the man's face for a moment, so he had to follow him quickly into the elevator.

In my heart, I was wondering if I would disturb his work if I came here suddenly?

As soon as the elevator door is closed, Luo Jinyu reaches for her hand directly, props her on the ear side, and traps her between his chest and the elevator wall.

"Why don't you call me before you come? Well? " The man's ending goes up, showing a trace of dissatisfaction. Yang chuckled two times: "I just want to surprise you!" "

if you come here alone, what are you going to do in case I am not in the company?" Luo Jin holds his eyebrows. Yang opened her eyes slightly, and then she immediately smiled: "I didn't think about the result. If you're not here, I'll leave!"

Luo Jinyu found that this little thing is still the same as the following elves. He took off her sunglasses and looked at her face hidden under the hat, which is more small, white and delicate.

Luo Jin can't help but bow his head and suck on her lips.

"Call me before you come next time!" Luo Jinyu stops with a kiss, then asks her with reproach and favor. Yang

is extremely happy with his sharp mouth.

"Well, I'll call you in advance. I won't surprise you!" Yang ChuChu had to promise him, and then she put her small hand on it, and some greedy said, "kiss again!" Luo

Jin Yu: "..."

I really haven't seen a girl more bold and direct than her.

Others will be coquettish Jin hold, she is good, ask directly. "

it's not convenient to go to my office!" Although Luo Jinyu is the owner of the building, he is not willing to let the people in the monitoring room see that he is doing something to a woman here. Yang

ChuChu had to shout a little mouth to express his unhappiness. When the elevator door opened, Luo Jinyu put on the sunglasses for her again, and two people entered the door of his office one by one.

Yang ChuChu turned around and directly tied Luo Jinyu's neck. He said with a smile, "is it convenient now?" Luo

Jin Yu's calm nature has long been broken by this little thing. It seems that once he touches her, he will never calm down. Luo

Jin Yu didn't need to answer her questions at all, instead of using actions. Two people kiss at the same time and turn to the sofa. Soon, the heaven and the earth are overlapping. Luo

for the first time, Jin Yu was so reckless of his image in the office that he only wanted to relive his old dream with Yang ChuChu in his arms. Can be


Just when they cheated on me, the door of the office opened, and the people who came in saw this scene and directly stayed. Sand

the two people with overlapping hair, when they heard the sound of the door, froze for a moment, and looked up at the door at the same time.

Then he saw lohnin and mushiyi looking at them in astonishment.

Luo Jin makes a low mantra and quickly arranges his clothes. Next second, he gently pulls Yang ChuChu out of her hair, blocks her in front of her and lets her sort out her split clothes.

Lohnin and Mushi wrote the embarrassment directly on their faces, and they were all in capitals.

"Brother, you..." Lohnen is a little hard to believe. His elder brother gives him the impression that he has always been mature and steady, never out of control because of some people or things. But just now, the man in the shape of crazy waves is definitely not his big brother, absolutely not! Luo

Jin Yujun's face sinks directly, looks back at Yang ChuChu's finished clothes, and asks in a tone of indifference, "what's the matter with you?" Luo

Henning shook his head immediately: "it's OK. I just want Mu Shi to come over at night, have a tea and have a chat." When I was admiring you, I laughed twice: "lohnin, did we disturb your brother? Otherwise, let's come another day. "

"Well, another day!" Lohnin also felt that he was not coming at the right time. Luo

when Jin Yu saw that they had nothing to do but come to talk with him, his face became more ugly. "

uncle Henning!" Yang ChuChu suddenly jumped out from behind Luo Jinyu's back and raised his small hand towards Luo hening. "

cousin?" Everyone in the room was frozen. Luo

Henning was immediately surprised and said: "you are sure you want to call my uncle? Instead of calling you sister-in-law? "

"It doesn't matter. You can call it anything. Of course, sister-in-law is your favorite!" Yang ChuChu said with a smile.