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#49 Love triangle relationship

Gong Mochen's lips twitched a touch of sarcasm, hehe, this woman really spared no effort to climb their palace!

    His indifferent attitude made Luo Tianqi start to ‘pity the fragrance and cherish the jade’, so he smiled at Song Yiren: “Little beauty, do n’t mind him, he is like this, he is a dull gourd like A Che!”

    Song Yiren smiled: "Well, I know."

    She hadn't said anything further, the bathroom door opened, and Gong Lingye came out.

    The Song Yi people were subconsciously tense, but they did not show it.

    She thought that she had to find an opportunity to leave, and she must find a way to take Gong Mochen away together, so as to avoid Luo Tianqi saying nothing in front of Gong Mochen.

    After all, with Gong Lingye's character, he will definitely tell his hair guys that they should not mention her in the future, so that she is safe.

    The Song Yi people's thoughts went back and forth, and over there, Gong Lingye walked to the sofa and sat down, pouring himself a glass of wine.

    He Wanshuang's eyes were sharp, and he saw something broken in his hand. He couldn't help saying: "Brother Ye, how did you get your hand?"

    Song Yi people heard the words and turned their eyes.

    Gong Lingye raised his hand slowly, and the anger in the restroom disappeared a moment ago. He said lightly, "I was accidentally caught in the door just now."

    Luo Tianqi couldn't help but ridicule: "Lying trough, our heroic night brother also got caught in the door one day!"

    Gong Lingye didn't answer, but took a sip of wine. Suddenly, dull pain came from the injured tongue, causing him to frown slightly.

    He didn't look at the Song Yi people, but just turned his head and rushed to the palace and said: "It's just that A Che is here, talk to him about the project you are responsible for."

    Gong Mochen nodded and glanced at the Song Yiren again, but he couldn't help but ask: "How did you bring her over?"

    When he asked this question, several people in the private room were a little confused, thinking that it would be normal to bring a girlfriend. Is there a conflict between Gong Mochen and Song Yi?

    "I don't really want to be at that birthday party, so I brought the people out." Gong Lingye didn't explain too much, and didn't even give Song Yi a look from beginning to end.

    Although Gong Mochen was still confused, he didn't ask much, but said to Song Yi lightly: "We still have something to talk about. I will let the driver take you back now."

    Song Yiren must let him go with her as soon as possible, so she shook her head: "It's alright, I'll wait for you."

    She said so, Luo Tianqi three people are confused.

    Why do they think their heads are suddenly not enough?

    Song Yiren felt that he had never been so embarrassed.

    Gong Mochen didn't like her, but she refused to leave because of him. Gong Lingye had just offended her completely just now. It was Gong Lingye's game here, and all of his friends were present.

    This kind of feeling, Song Yiren really don't want to experience it for the second time, therefore, his heart was relaxed because of Gong Lingye's abandonment.

    Isn't that what she wanted? He should have completely lost her patience with her, and in his high status, he would not care about her ants.

    In the future, even if she joins Tiangong Group, he is the president, she is only an employee, and there will be no intersection.

    Song Yi took a deep breath and tried to relax himself.

    There are many more important things in her life, no matter how embarrassing and embarrassing.

    Gong Mochen saw her not going, he sneered, he no longer ignored her, but sat next to Xuanyuan Che, and talked to him about business matters.

    He knows the three friends of Gong Lingye, but they are more compatible with Gong Lingye, but they only have a general friendship with him.

    In the private room, Gong Lingye was sitting on the side when he came over, and was far away from Song Yi.

    On the other side, Gong Mochen and Xuanyuan Che talked about everything.

    As a result, even Luo Tianqi noticed that the atmosphere was not right.

    He turned his head to glance at Gong Lingye, and then looked at the Song Yi who bowed his head and drinking juice. Chong Gongling Ye hinted: "Brother Ye, I said you are--

    Gong Lingye interrupted him: "Aren't you saying you want a robot? Go to the company tomorrow, I'll show you the latest one from the company."

    Hearing this, He Wanshuang also came to express his interest: "Brother Ye, give me a chant at any time! I want the kind of cuteness that is played on TV and can talk to me."

    "Our company does not have what you said." Gong Ling Yedao.

    "Ah ... is there no life entertainment?" He Wanshuang pity.

    "But if you like it, I can find someone to customize it for you." Gong Ling Yedao said: "It may take a while for full-line production. Currently, single-function robots are in mass production."

    Luo Tianqi heard Gong Lingye talk about some products, and saw Song Yi sitting on the side alone, couldn't help saying: "Ah, Brother Ye, you left the other little girls alone on the side, it's too gentleman Right! "

    Having said that, he leaned close to Song Yi and whispered to her: "Little girl, did you just quarrel with Brother Ye in the bathroom just now?"

    Song Yiren finally waited for the opportunity to speak with Luo Tianqi alone, so she immediately lowered her voice and replied: "Actually, you have always misunderstood. There is nothing between me and Mr. Gong. I am Brother Mo Chen's girlfriend."

    "Ah ?!" Luo Tianqi was shocked, so the tone was a little high. After all, he has been in love for many years and it is impossible to look away! The way the two interacted before was simply a couple!

    Because of his high decibel, everyone immediately looked over.

    He Wanshuang knocked him: "Luo Tianqi what are you doing ?!"

    "No, no, I think ..." Luo Tianqi also realized that he had a loud voice, ignoring He Wanshuang, but said to Song Yi: "Brother Ye cannot take girls casually, you still have to listen to snow, The girl he brought out for the first time ... "

    Song Yi interrupted him: "You also said, except for Miss Gu."

    Luo Tianqi knew that he had lost his word, and quickly remedied: "No, I don't mean that, nor is Xue Xue and Yege ..."

    Song Yi did n’t want to say more, and attracted the attention of others, so he said directly: “In short, Mr. Gong and I have only met a few times, and they only met because of Brother Mo Chen. I am Brother Mo Chen ’s girlfriend. . If you do n’t believe it, you can read gossip news. "

    Luo Tianqi seemed to want to say something, but he finally stopped talking, picked up his mobile phone, and started to read the news.

    Sure enough, the online entertainment version said that Gong Mochen's girlfriend is Yu Ruonuan, but just last week, Gong Mochen and a star had an indisputable scandal.

    And he searched Gong Lingye and Yu Ruo Nuan, but there was no news.

    I only felt that my brain was still a bit down. Luo Tianqi shut his mouth rare, only staring at the mobile phone to ponder.

    Song Yiren has been drinking juice slowly. When a glass bottomed out, she put the glass down and the corner of her eyes saw Gong Lingye.