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Today's events can almost be said to be intertwined. I was fully prepared on my own side, but Chu Mingyao was caught flat-footed but just passed by.

    and so……

    Gong Lingye suddenly remembered that when Song Yiren went to the cafe with him and Chu Mingyao, he only shook hands with Chu Mingyao, and Song Yiren asked him to wash his hands before they came out.

    After that, Song Yi people were particularly interested in YR-07.

    Chu Mingyao doesn't seem to be as simple as it seems.

    If Song Ziheng is just the younger brother of his former fiancee, then he does not need to be so strict with Song Ziheng, as strict as if Song Ziheng disappeared, the sky would collapse.

    This is far beyond the scope of ‘unmarried brother-in-law’ ’s care for his brother.

    Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes, and her heart was filled with an idea: the death of Song Yiren and his family was probably not an accident.

    But, what does all this have to do with his family's warmth? Is it just because of Beimingmo?

    Gong Lingye naturally did not believe it.

    He confessed a few words to his men and greeted the people from the country R. Once Song Ziheng got there, he had to ensure his safety.

    After the arrangement, Gong Lingye returned to the room.

    Song Yi was almost tired and fell asleep. When Gong Lingye came in, she opened her eyelids and glanced at him.

    Somehow, I suddenly remembered the look and feel of him without clothes, and suddenly felt the palm of my hand was feverish.

    He quickly closed his eyes until the bed on the side was slightly depressed, and then the whole body was embraced by the man.

    The night outside was rich, and the waves hit the ship's edge, rising and falling in the waves.

    Song Yiren couldn't help but think that she was burned alive by Chu Mingyao on the cruise ship. She didn't know if it was the same. She floated to the opposite side of the sea and became Yuruo Nuan.

    Without him, she would never be able to rescue Song Ziheng so quickly, nor would she dare to plan the future so quickly.

    Song Yi people thought of this, opened their eyes, peeped to see if Gong Lingye was asleep.

    However, she just opened her eyelids and peeked at him, and he was caught by him.

    The heartbeat couldn't help but speed up. Song Yiren seriously said to Shang Gong Ling Ye's eyes: "Gong Ling Ye, thank you, thank you for many things."

    He just bowed his head and kissed her forehead.

    "I know you must have a lot of questions. I will tell you all when you are on your birthday." Song Yiren looked at him: "It's less than a month, can you wait for me some more time?"

    "Okay," he replied.

    She likes a sense of ceremony, in fact, he also likes it.

    Chu Mingyao had to go back that day, but the flight was gone at night.

    One night, he was almost in anxiety.

    Judging from the other party's serious layout, it must have been planned.

    Song Yiren and her family have been involved in the accident for three years. The other party has been indifferent. Is it waiting for the opportunity, or was it because they did not know the inside story?

    However, judging from the severity of the opponent's shot last night, the second hypothesis is more likely.

    So, that is to say, someone may have begun to doubt the cause of the Song family's death?

    Only because he suspected the cause of death would he take away Song Ziheng now.

    Chu Mingyao frowned and analyzed that Ning Cheng was in a high circle, and to say that he had an enmity, at least he hadn't seen it before.

    The people who coveted Haisheng were mostly there.

    Therefore, this list is not easy to screen.

    So, will it be a foreigner?

    Chu Mingyao thought about this and couldn't help thinking of the fact that Tiangong Group suddenly invited global AI manufacturers.

    Related to Gong Lingye? If it is said that foreigners, Gong Lingye has this strength.

    As for other countries, different skin colors and languages ​​can be recognized at a glance.

    Gong Ling night party robbery Song Ziheng? What is the purpose he wants to achieve?

    For Song Ziheng's shares in Haisheng?

    But Tiangong Group ’s shares were also investigated by Chu Mingyao privately, and Gong Lingye ’s own assets were also good. For Song Ziheng ’s part, Gong Lingye ’s possibility of coveting was too low.

    So, Gong Lingye is for the Song Yi people?

    This is even more impossible. Chu Mingyao is 100% certain that Song Yi people do not know Gong Lingye, and Gong Lingye is even less likely to help Song Yi people get revenge.

    So, who is Gong Lingye excluded?

    Chu Mingyao didn't sleep for almost one night and was answering the phone.

    However, although he was able to handle last night's incident into a traffic accident, he had to admit that Song Ziheng disappeared.

    He seemed to evaporate and lost the news completely!

    His layout was so long. He thought that as long as he waited another four years, the Haisheng Group would be able to gather his palms, but he was suddenly caught off guard by an opponent who did not know where he came from!

    Unable to describe exactly the frustration of knowing Song Ziheng's escape, Chu Mingyao looked at the white fish belly appearing in the sky, picked up the phone, and asked the assistant to cancel the ticket that was set last night.

    The wood has become a boat. Even if he goes back, he can't change the result at all.

    He must be calm, at least, no matter how frantic his heart is, he can't show his cowardice in front of his opponent.

    Moreover, if the opponent is really at this AI exchange meeting, today during the day, it may reveal flaws.

    Therefore, at eight o'clock in the morning, Chu Mingyao, dressed in a suit, went downstairs and ate breakfast, and went directly to the exhibition center of Tiangong Group.

    Everything is still the same as yesterday. On the venue, the individual exhibition halls are brightly lit. The young girls in the administrative and marketing departments of the Tiangong Group are wearing professional attire and are introducing customers.

    Chu Mingyao glanced at the sight and found that there was one bright landscape missing today.

    Coincidentally, a girl from the marketing department came across, who had been partnering with Song Yi before, and Chu Mingyao had a few words with her.

    Seeing Chu Mingyao, the girl greeted quickly: "Mr. Chu, you are early!"

    Chu Mingyao smiled: "Still you are the hardest! By the way, didn't the lady Yu with you come today?"

    "Come on--" The girl was not so sure: "Maybe in the bathroom."

    "Huh." Chu Mingyao nodded and went on with the assistant.

    He walked around and solidified several AI dealers, but none of them saw Song Yiren.

    Just when Chu Mingyao was puzzled and intended to send a message to the Song Yi people, he suddenly caught a glimpse of the Song Yi people sitting in the corner from the corner of his eye.

    He walked over, and the Song Yi people saw him and stood up quickly: "President Chu."

    Chu Mingyao glanced around and asked, "Why are you here?"

    "My stomach is not very comfortable, and I don't want to go out to greet people, so ..." Song Yiren's voice became low, and some childishly said: "So lazy here, President Chu, don't tell others."

    Chu Mingyao lost his smile, and his doubts disappeared all at once, only to think that because of the loss of Song Ziheng's restlessness, after seeing the young and energetic Song Yi, he dissipated a little.

    He said: "If you promise me a condition, I will not tell others."

    "What conditions?" Song Yi asked.

    Chu Mingyao said: "Please invite me to dinner at noon." He knew that if he was invited, Song Yi would definitely disagree.

    Sure enough, after hearing his words, the Song Yi people had to answer: "Okay, but I can't afford the China World Hotel ..."

    "Just a simple home-cooked meal." Chu Mingyao smiled easily.

    As he said, a deep male voice sounded: "What are you talking about?"