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Gong Mochen really slept so deeply that his clothes were stripped off, and he just murmured and continued to sleep.

    Le Haisheng's fingers were trembling, but even if he had already done it, then he would do a full set!

    She quickly removed her clothes, and then leaned over to Gong Mochen and put it on her body.

    The surroundings were very quiet, and I could only hear each other's breathing and heartbeats.

    The skin of the man underneath is smooth and elastic, and is particularly powerful.

    The kind of man's breath surrounded her almost instantaneously, eroding her senses, making her tremble at the apex of her heart.

    She did indeed like to go to Gongmo Chen a long time ago.

    However, he rarely noticed him.

    In order to keep his gaze, she exhausted almost all of her energy to make herself more excellent and bright.

    However, when she stood on the stage and accepted the envy of everyone, everyone saw her, but he only ignored her!

    She has worked very hard until she has no idea what else to do.

    And now, although the process was not what she wanted, her long-term dignity also made her feel that she was humbled into the mud at the moment.

    However, she had no time and no turning back.

    Le Haisheng's heartbeat was fast, she looked down and kissed Gong Mochen.

    She kissed him while reaching out to touch him.

    Although the man is still awake, it is obvious that the body still has an instinctive reaction.

    Since the Song Yi people helped him "heal" at the beginning, he has completely overcome the psychological obstacles afterwards, so his body soon changed.

    Le Haisheng felt like the whole person was burning, she lay beside Gong Mochen, next to him, and wanted to wait for his next move.

    However, he was motionless and seemed to have separated from his body into two people.

    With the passage of time, one minute and one second, Gong Mochen had no plans for the next step, and on the bed, Le Haisheng was already in a rush of sweat, completely ignorant of what the woman should do if she took the initiative.

    Outside, the sky gradually turned white. She is now riding a tiger. Even if she leaves the room, she may run into a servant. Then, everything is in vain and she will lose her reputation!

    So, Le Haisheng jumped out of bed and rummaged in the room.

    Soon, she found a knife.

    She glanced at the man lying on the bed, took a deep breath, took out the knife, and swiped hard at the finger of her right hand.

    The pain caused her to almost cry, but the blood quickly spread out, and she quickly returned to the bedside, straighting her fingers and dripping the blood onto the bed sheet.

    After doing this, she quickly dried the knife, put it back in place, and then lay down on the bed again.

    Seemingly worried about not being close enough, she also raised Gong Mochen's arm and leaned her body into it.

    At eight o'clock in the morning, Le Haisheng's mother Shao Xiaoyun pulled Yue Wenqing and said, "How come these two children haven't gotten up yet?"

    "Yes, Mo Chen still has to go to the company today. Yesterday he said he had to go to a meeting early in the morning." Yue Wenqing said: "Maybe I drank too much yesterday."

    "I have to call Haisheng. She also has a meeting this morning." Shao Xiaoyun said, and also got up.

    The two passed from the living room and passed Gong Gongchen's room first.

    Yue Wenqing has knocked on the door, and Shao Xiaoyun pretended to answer the phone deliberately, and did not continue to move forward.

    At this moment, because the curtains were not drawn, the outside sunlight was shining through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the room was exceptionally bright.

    Gong Mochen always sleeps lightly, but he didn't wake up last night because he drank too much.

    But at this moment, his wine had been almost metabolized, and the knock on the door outside, so he returned to his consciousness and slowly opened his eyes.

    However, at the moment of waking up, Gong Mochen felt something was wrong.

    He looked down, and the whole person was completely shocked.

    He didn't wear anything, and in his arms was lying a woman who was also invisible!

    The brain seemed to be thumped by something, Gong Gongchen only felt a buzz around his ears, a coolness rose from the soles of his feet, and quickly jumped to the scalp.

    In his arms, Le Haisheng didn't sleep at all. When she heard the knock on the door, she knew her chance was coming.

    Almost a few seconds after Gong Mochen woke up, she also pretended to have just woke up and even yawned, and then, as if finding something wrong, her body shuddered violently.

    "Ah--" There was a woman's exclamation in the room. Outside the door, the two women froze for a moment, and then suddenly unscrewed the door.

    In the bright room, Gong Mochen and Le Haisheng slept snugglingly, both of them were shirtless, apparently looking like they just woke up.

    The air was completely silent for several seconds.

    Later, Le Haisheng seemed to wake up suddenly, then pulled up the quilt, curled up tightly around himself, and burst into tears.

    With her movements, a bright red spot on the bed suddenly appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

    "Mochen, how are you ..." Shao Xiaoyun didn't know what to say: "How are you ... hey!"

    "A Shao, let's go out and talk!" Yue Wenqing said, and he would take Shao Xiaoyun to the living room.

    At this moment, a male voice came: "Sister-in-law, Ms. Shao, what happened?"

    "Mochen and Sheng'er--" Yue Wenqing sighed and pointed to the room.

    Gong Ling turned his eyes at night and looked at the room.

    Le Haisheng was still crying in the bed, and Gong Mochen apparently looked back in pain. But obviously, he couldn't figure out what happened last night.

    Gong Lingye forgot the bright red cluster on the bed and raised her hand to help the two close the door.

    Over there, Shao Xiaoyun already cried: "Sheng'er is still an innocent girl. This happened, and she has been ruined in her life!"

    Gong Lingye looked at her crying back and narrowed her eyes.

    "A Shao, this thing is Mo Chen wrong." Yue Wenqing said: "Although they haven't been engaged, they just stayed together, so it's unreasonable. But it happened, and fortunately we saw it. This means that anyway, the two children grew up together since they were young, and they love each other. It ’s not as good as us to settle the marriage right away! "

    Although Shao Xiaoyun was still crying, she nodded: "Ah, I know A Sheng likes Mo Chen very much, but she is too ..."

    "All right, all young men with strong flesh and blood, and they drank alcohol last night, it will inevitably be out of control." Yue Wenqing patted Shao Xiaoyun's shoulder: "When they come out, we ask them what they mean. On my side It means that the sooner you get engaged, the better! If you are afraid of ... if you get up, you will be afraid that it will not look good. "

    As he said, Gong Mochen had come over.

    "Mochen, what about Sheng'er?" Yue Wenqing asked.

    "She is still in the room." Gong Mochen just felt like he was in the ice cellar. Why did he drink so much wine last night? !

    "Mo Chen, the girl is thin-skinned, I will tell you first." Yue Wenqing said: "I just discussed with your mother Uncle Shao, we all intend to get you and Shenger get engaged as soon as possible."