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#69 Let's break up

There was no Gong Mochen inside, so the Song Yi people were relieved. She also understands that it seems that Gong Lingye should have reached a consensus with her, that is, before his birthday, they will not clarify their relationship, but give her time to let her deal with the relationship.

    Therefore, the Song Yi people relaxed as a whole. Several people rushed to the scene greeted each other and sat down with Gong Lingye.

    Because there was no meal, the waiter got a sashimi platter and some exquisite side dishes. After everyone ate almost, the door of the private room rang.

    "It should be the late brother." Luo Tianqi said, and it turned out that Chi Jingyu was the only one who came in from outside.

    "Chi brother, if you don't come, I can't play it myself." Luo Tianqi said, pulling Chi Jingyu away.

    Song Yi was surprised at the degree to which Luo Tianqi and Chi Jingyu knew each other, but it became clear as soon as they heard the topic of the conversation between the two.

    I do n’t know who called the waiter first. Soon, a foreman brought a dozen girls to the private room.

    "Amian, I'll order two for you?" Luo Tianqi smiled.

    Amian frowned, not answering.

    "A lot of people are busy together." Luo Tianqi turned his eyes to Bae Jun again.

    Bae Jun turned his head and went to Gong Lingye to talk about work.

    "Shuanger, I also called you a few handsome guys." Luo Tianqi said, and also called the waiter to call in the handsome guys.

    Suddenly, the huge private room was not so empty.

    He Wanshuang took the wine glass, leaned his arm on Luo Tianqi's arm, walked in front of a group of handsome guys, turned his eyes, and pointed to one of the mixed races: "Just let him."

    "It's still Shuanger's way!" Luo Tianqi patted He Wanshuang's shoulder with satisfaction, and walked to the row of girls.

    He turned his head and said, "We choose two?"

    Chi Jingyu shrugged his shoulders and said with a fluff: "No problem."

    Luo Tianqi looked at the few girls in front of him, only to find that the girl standing on the far side kept her head down and did not look at him.

    She is smaller and thinner than the other girls, especially in the uniform of the clubhouse, she looks very thin.

    It's just that her skin is the kind of white that is rare in the yellow races, as if it is fat. Under the crystal lamp in the room, it is dazzling white and very eye-catching.

    Luo Tianqi walked in front of the girl, her eyes falling on her broken hair in front of her forehead, and said, "Look up and let me see what you look like."

    The girl still kept her head down. Even, her hands were glued to the sides of her body, as if she was nervous and pinched her knuckles a little white.

    Luo Tianqi raised his lips and his eyes were full of interest: "Beauty, I won't eat you again, why are you so scared? You look up and look at the handsome guy, maybe the mood is good."

    But, after he said this, the girl in front of her suddenly covered her stomach and pressed her throat: "I'm not very comfortable, I'm sorry."

    After all, she turned and was about to leave.

    However, Luo Tianqi's speed is very fast, he grabbed the girl's wrist and took her forward.

    So, a clean but pale face appeared in front of him.

    Suddenly, there was a moment of silence in the air. Luo Tianqi looked at the girl's face in front of him, his pupils tightened a little, and then his whole body's breath also condensed.

    Ear, she was awesome when she said: "Luo Tianqi, let's break up, I like someone else, he is richer than you, unlike you are just a poor boy, do you follow me so poorly for a lifetime ?!

    "The things you sent me, I have put them here, it is a pile of useless garbage!"

    "Luo Tianqi, you are a waste, except for that face, it is useless!"

    "Luo Tianqi, I have never liked you. These three years with you have been disgusting in retrospect!"

    In the past, Li Xiaozi's words were still in the ears, Luo Tianqi looked at the girl in front of her, her lips were ticked, and her eyes were cold and thin that everyone had never seen before: "I will order her."

    Chi Jingyu also noticed Luo Tianqi's strange appearance. He frowned slightly: "Tianqi, what's going on? Do you know her?"

    "I don't know." Luo Tianqi laughed, and there was cold sarcasm in his voice: "How could I know this noble princess, is it, little princess?"

    Li Xiaozi squeezed his lips tightly and didn't speak, looking at Luo Tianqi in front of him.

    I have n’t seen him in four years. He is no longer in his memory and still looks a bit green. Now, he is more handsome and mature than he was.

    The shoulders are wider and the body is not so thin. In particular, there are more things in my eyes than I have ever seen before.

    Seeing that she didn't speak, Luo Tianqi didn't seem to care, and ordered another girl, and then she took one of the shoulders and walked side by side: "Let's go play cards."

    The girl was very kind and said with a smile: "Well, if you lose, will you lose to me?"

    Luo Tianqi smiled and said: "I never lose in playing cards. You will be careful for a while and don't lose to me inside or out!"

    "You're so bad!" The girl smiled smirkfully, and walked straight into Luo Tianqi's arms.

    Luo Tianqi took her a few steps and seemed to have just realized that Li Xiaozi did not follow, and turned his head: "That little princess, what are you still standing there for? Don't know over here?"

    Li Xiaozi heard the words, his face became more pale, and step by step came to Luo Tianqi.

    "Pour us wine." Luo Tianqi ordered coldly.

    Li Xiaozi picked up the red wine bottle and started pouring wine.

    Luo Tianqi hugged another girl, the two smiled while drinking, and saw Li Xiaozi still standing aside, Luo Tianqi frowned: "Why, you don't know how to drink if I don't pour you?"

    "That's right! Who asked you to be a noble princess who was born in Huanghuang Tengda!" He said, picking up the wine bottle, pouring a full glass of wine, and pour it on Li Xiaozi.

    Li Xiaozi shook his head: "Sir, I can't drink too much."

    "Can't drink? Can't drink and come out to be a princess?" Luo Tianqi seemed to hear Tianda's joke. He looked at Li Xiaozi's miniskirt: "Or I'm wronging you, you are actually everyone's show, come here to play cospy?" "

    Li Xiaozi stretched his hand instinctively to press the skirt, but the design of the leg was originally exposed, how could she let her cover?

    Luo Tianqi has already stuffed the wine in her hands and ordered: "Drink!"

    Aside, He Wanshuang saw this and walked over: "Tianqi, it's almost done."

    "You don't know, this young lady can accompany her guest well and can get a commission. I am helping her." Luo Tianqi's tone was mocking.

    Li Xiaozi couldn't help it. He almost squeezed his nose and drank all the wine in the glass in one go.

    Suddenly, she felt that her stomach was turning over the river, and she felt uncomfortable that a thin bead of sweat floated on her forehead, covering her stomach, and quickly ran to the toilet in the private room.

    Song Yiren had just been using the bathroom, and did not know what was happening outside. When she opened the door, she saw a girl passing her.

    She blinked. When she saw the girl's appearance, she could hardly believe her eyes, and almost whispered, "Momo?"