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#75 His girlfriends are sleeping with his uncle!

"This is Miss Yu. I'm inviting her to join us for a drink of the fruit wine I brought," he explained with a smile

"So -" Gong Lingye raises his lips: "do you mind if I have one more

"It would be better if you could come, uncle! I haven't seen you for years! " Le Haisheng is very familiar with the tunnel.

Gong Ling nodded at night. Seeing that Song Yi didn't move, he said, "Miss Yu, together?"

Song Yi people didn't know what medicine he sold in his gourd, but they got up and went with them.

The four people sat down at a carved square table. I don't know if it's a coincidence. When Le Haisheng led song Yiren to the past, Le Haisheng happened to face Gong Mochen, while song Yiren met Gong Lingye.

"Miss Yu, you taste it for the first time. I'll introduce it to you. It's made by a foreign teacher in his own manor with several kinds of fruits. It's sour and sweet, and the taste is not strong."

Song Yi people nodded, picked up the cup and tasted: "it's really fragrant. I feel that there's the flavor of passion fruit in it?"

"Yes, brother Mochen doesn't eat baixiangguo at ordinary times, but he likes the taste very much." Music Haisheng said, Chong palace Mo Chen toast.

Gong Mochen looks at the Songyi people in front of him, and wants to see the slightest frustration or embarrassment from her face, but he fails.

Sure enough, she adhered to him and forced him to admit that she was his girlfriend, not because she liked him at all, but for other reasons!

The mind rises for a while inexplicably unhappy, palace Mo Chen hates the feeling that is used so much. At the moment, he just wants to make the people of Songyi face down!

So, he picked up his glass and lifted it up with a smile at Le Haisheng. He rarely opened a golden mouth: "well, I like the taste very much."

Around are smart people, his attitude, naturally everyone will understand, in his mind, who in the end.

However, before his glass was put down, Gong Lingye raised it and said to Song Yi, "Miss Yu, I salute you."

Song Yi people were surprised, looking at Gong Ling's deep eyes like night, raised his glass and touched him.

Different from the nature of song and Yi people, the people who saw this scene were completely shocked.

Because, Gong Ling night never likes this kind of boring occasion, let alone, take the initiative to meet girls.

This time, he even took the initiative to propose a toast to Yu Ruonan. At this point, the attitude of the palace family seems to be somewhat unpredictable.

After all, Gong Lingye is the actual leader of Tiangong group. He has more shares than Gong Mochen and Yue Wenqing. Therefore, he has the absolute right to speak.

Is it implied that he is warming up to Yu Ruo?

Everyone's mind changes a thousand times, but Gong Mo Chen is slightly frown. He wanted to make song Yiren face down, but unexpectedly, he was disturbed by his uncle.

Gong Lingye has already done so. If he still ignores the Songyi people, it will make people feel that he and Gong Lingye are not in harmony. Then, the weight of his words in the group will be reconsidered.

He holds the hand of the cup slightly hard, toward Song Yi humanity: "if warm, let's have a drink."

Song Yiren just raised his glass, but before he met the glass of Gong Mochen, Gong Lingye suddenly stood up.

Because the table was carried from the villa to the manor, rather than fixed on the ground, so he moved like this, the wine in the hands of the Songyi people spilled out, and the light green liquor fell on her light yellow skirt, which was somewhat obvious.

"Sorry." He said, as if thinking for a few seconds, and then rushed to Song Yi: "there's a washroom over there. There's a dressing room in it. Miss Yu can handle it. I'll arrange someone to send you a suit later."

Song Yi wanted to say that it was ok, but when she saw Gong Lingye, she found that she understood his undoubted decision at the bottom of his eyes, so she nodded: "OK, thank you, Mr. Gong."

She stood up and went to the bathroom.

Gong Lingye picked up his mobile phone and made a phone call at the same time.

Song Yi people washed the fruit wine on the skirt with water, washed off the color, and took a paper towel to wipe it. They heard the door handle of the bathroom turn a bit, and then Gong Lingye came in.

Instead of going to the men's room, he walked behind her and reached around her waist.

Song Yi People's body a stiff, low voice: "here is your palace manor."

"Well, so?" Gong Ling turns to kiss the ear lobes of Song Yi people.

The tip of his tongue, with her little earlobe in it, tossed and turned, and the heat sprayed on her auricle: "warm, just now I helped you find the venue, how can you thank me?"

Song Yi's voice was soft because of him: "why help me? Don't you want to see Gong Mochen treat me like that? "

"It's not that you can't be bullied, but you little thing has never been grateful." Gong Ling hoarse voice at night, tightened his arm, so Song Yi people completely fell into his arms.

He hated her so much that his teeth itched: "I'm not happy to see that he doesn't take you seriously. I just think my house is warm. Where is worse than other women? But I'm even more upset to see that he really wants to meet you! You little thing, it must be God sent to fight me on purpose! "

In the mirror, there is a picture of them hugging each other. The man has sharp features, handsome and straight, the girl has beautiful cheeks, and the slim and tall body is in the man's arms, which looks very small.

"Thank you then." Song Yi people are hard and strong.

Palace Ling night squinted: "how, because see palace Mo Chen and other women together, so not happy?"

Song Yi people didn't speak, it seems to be the default.

Palace Ling night Mou bottom gush dangerous light: "don't forget our agreement, warm, has only four months."

When Song Yi heard the countdown, she felt a sense of urgency again. She seriously asked, "what would you do if I didn't break up with him four months later?"

Gong Lingye looks at Song Yiren's serious eyebrows and eyes, and her eyes are also serious: "then I will make him hard because of you! Moreover, I will tell everyone that you and I were together four months ago. "

"You -" Song Yi people didn't know what to say for a while.

Once palace Mo Chen because she really can never be hard up, then, she will be his bitter enemy.

And palace Ling night again so announce, so, it is no doubt to sprinkle salt on the wound of palace Mo Chen, because palace Mo Chen does not have male function, so, even his girlfriend slept with his little uncle!

You can imagine what the consequences will be

"So, warm, let's not try this result, eh?" Gong Lingye pulls the body of song Yiren and kisses it again.

Because of his words, song Yiren's lips and petals are a little chilly, but in his mind, he is constantly thinking about it. If four months later, she hasn't completely solved Yu Chengzhi's problem, then——

Thinking of this, she turned her head away from Gong Lingye's lips and looked up at him: "then tell me, if I break up with Gong Mochen as scheduled, what's your plan?"

She wanted to know what he had planned for her, or for them.

She began to think for the first time about the possibility of changing Gong Mochen into him.