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#12 Stunning

On the other side, Chu Mingyao also saw the Song Yi people.

    However, before he could clearly see the girl's face, his sight was blocked by Gong Lingye who walked over to speak with the test leader.

    When Gong Ling moved away, the girl in the original seat had walked to the corner of the console, but his angle was invisible.

    Gong Lingye and Chu Mingyao only came here to talk about some projects this time, and briefly visited them. Therefore, the two left the office soon.

    At noon on Sunday, Song Yi received the dress from Gong Mochen.

    Song Yiren has always felt that Yu Ruonuan is very beautiful, that kind of light and beautiful beauty, but when she put on her dress and stood in front of the mirror, she realized that she could still be so beautiful in such an aggressive state.

    The girl in the mirror looked like she was in her early twenties. Her facial features were so delicate that she could not pick out any flaws. Her skin seemed to be fine jade. Her hair was black and her skin was red. Her lips were red and full. But just a simple expression makes people want to dedicate all the best to her.

    Song Yiren licked his lips, and this style is very satisfactory today.

    Twenty minutes later, she got into Gong Mochen's car.

    He wore a black suit and a rose-colored tie today, which enchanted the cold and ascetic aura.

    He walked straight to the lounge, and the sound of footsteps alarmed Song Yiren. She turned her head and looked at him.

    Seemingly not the same as expected, Gong Mochen was obviously startled, and then realized what was happening. Suddenly, the expression on his face was replaced with consistent disgust.

    However, his heart was a little surprised, this 20-year-old girl, can actually control this dress skirt?

    Not long after, the two went to the manor where the palace held a banquet.

    At the entrance of the manor in the evening, it seems as if a famous car exchange is being held. Those luxury cars that are rarely seen at ordinary times are parked there like Chinese cabbage.

    The moment the Song Yi people got out of the car, they felt that everyone's eyes were gathered.

    She is wearing a long rose-colored dress today, and the dress with a cut ribbon wraps her bumpy figure. The strong but retro color, under the blurred lights of the night, fainted her as if from Renaissance The oil paintings are generally cool, noble and mysterious.

    Aside, Gong Mochen also got off.

    The Song Yi people stretched out their snow-white arms and pulled him up. The two of them, together, accepted the baptism of the eyes of the people around them and walked calmly towards the manor hall.

    The woman is mysterious and cold, the man is delicate and cold, and everyone sees them forgot to breathe for a while.

    Until the two people's backs disappeared, the people around seemed to recollect in general: "That's Gong Shao's girlfriend? I look so much better than gossip photos!"

    "Cut, do you think Gong Shao rarely takes a female companion to the event and will find one casually? If you can become his girlfriend, if you don't have a monstrous family background, you will definitely have a stunning beauty!"

    "It is indeed the truth! It seems that Gong Shao is going to get married before his young uncle!"

    Listening to everyone's comments, a man who had just arrived at the manor immediately straightened his waist.

    He is Yu Chengzhi, thinking that his daughter is going to marry a giant such as the Gong family. He has a face as bright as if he is already a relative of the Gong family, and he is all angry.

    After all, the two single men most attracted by ladies in the Imperial City today are Gong Lingye and Gong Mochen.

    Gong Lingye's status is too high, the means is too cold-blooded and cruel, it can be said that it is the top of the snowy mountain, and God is generally beyond the reach of existence.

    And Gong Mochen, although he is relatively cold, seems to be much easier to climb than Gong Lingye.

    Although it is easy, it is only compared with Gong Lingye. After all, the No. 1 giant in the Imperial City, where can anyone climb?

    Are those ladies who are looking at Gong Mochen and want to say hello but can't find a chance at all?

    At this moment, the Song Yi people have stepped into the hall.