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Song Yi people calmed down suddenly. She raised her eyes violently, but her red eyes were brighter than ever: "Did Dr. Tan find a way to save you?"

    He had just comforted her, but after seeing her reaction, Gong Lingye didn't know how to answer for a while.

    As he hesitated, her eyes darkened a little bit.

    He looked distressed, and he didn't know how he could bear to leave alone if he could not be cured.

    With a sigh in his heart, Gong Lingye held Song Yiren out: "Did you catch a cold? Let's show Dr. Tan's assistant."

    Song Yiren realized that her throat was sore and her head was dizzy.

    She sniffed her nose and lay on Gong Lingye like a child: "I want you to stay with me."

    Between the two reductions in metabolic rate, a 24-hour interval is required, so Gong Lingye knew that Song Yiren certainly didn't want to leave him for a moment today.

    He put her down and took her hand to find Dr. Tan's assistant.

    She was taken blood to take her temperature, he was by her side all the way, but when she saw the trace of infusion on the back of Song Yi's hand, Gong Lingye's pupils shrank: "Warm warm, why are you sick?"

    Song Yi bit his lip, or told the story again, focusing on telling Gong Lingye that the person on the other side had a flying eagle tattoo.

    Gong Lingye was so distressed that Song Yiren had to stand alone for three days in such an environment.

    At this moment, the two talents found that one day was really not enough. They had too much to say, although they wanted to stay together, Gong Lingye had to freeze again.

    The bag before Gong Lingye was still in the outside of the freezer. When he went to get it, he found Ares and Zahara in the middle, so he walked over and picked it up.

    Seeing Ares' lights flashing, he picked it up and saw the message sent to him by the Song Yi people.

    "Ling Ye, you said, what do you do every time you can't keep going?"


    "Ling Ye, I miss you so much, I'm afraid I can't hold on."

    Until he saw the last sentence: "Gong Ling Ye, suddenly wanted to marry you immediately!"

    Gong Lingye's breath tremble, he turned his head suddenly, and saw the Song Yi who had just come to the bathroom came over.

    She watched his gaze pause for a moment, meeting his gaze, and then her cheeks turned red, even her ears turned pink.

    Gong Lingye only felt that his heart was hit. He strode over and held Song Yi in his arms tightly: "Warm warm--"

    Song Yiren sniffed Gong Lingye's breath and listened to his heartbeat. The original shyness was suddenly occupied by the violent impulse. She raised her head from his arms and looked into his eyes: "I said Seriously. "

    Gong Lingye looked at her fixedly.

    Song Yi bit her lip and her heart beats more fiercely than ever: "Let's get married!"

    Gong Lingye's heartbeat missed a beat.

    When she saw him not speaking, she nervously expressed her dissatisfaction: "I am a girl, I volunteered to get married, and if you don't agree, you will be a scumbag!"

    Obviously it was a very funny sentence, but Gong Lingye couldn't laugh at all. Instead, his nose had a sour taste, and even his eyes were slightly hot.

    Song Yi rubbed his chest and his eyes were red: "If you don't promise me, I'm angry. I'm very angry. I can't coax it ..."

    "I started counting, and you didn't agree to count to 9, and I really ignored you!" She said, and started counting: "1, 2, 3 ..."

    "Okay." Just when the number of Song Yi reached ‘3’, Gong Lingye spoke and stared at her eyes: “Song Yi, we will go get the certificate this afternoon!”

    The '45678' behind the Song Yi people just fell back in their belly.

    She opened her mouth and looked at Gong Lingye in surprise: "You agreed?"

    He bowed his head to kiss her: "Baby, I didn't want to marry you for a moment."

    When she heard this, she burst into tears.

    However, she did n’t know what to prepare when she wanted to get a certificate. So she sucked her nose and wiped her tears while asking nervously, "Do I have to take my account book? Do I need other documents ? Woo, I cried, are my eyes swollen? It will be ugly to take pictures in a while ... "

    Gong Lingye looked at Song Yiren's nervous and happy look at the moment, but felt that a heart was already soft and messed up. He leaned over to wipe her tears: "It doesn't matter, it's beautiful now, and the eyes are not swollen, as long as you don't cry from now on."

    "I just blew my nose like I rubbed the tip of my nose." Song Yiren grunted.

    "It's not obvious, it can't be taken." Gong Lingye comforted her: "If it does, will we ask the photographer to retake it?"

    Song Yiren listened to his words, so he finally felt relieved, thinking of going to receive the certificate, his heart was tense and happy: "We are going to eat now, go to the Civil Affairs Bureau?

    "Okay." Gong Lingye thought of something and rushed to her: "Want to eat Dongpo's elbow?"

    Song Yiren was thinking of being trapped below at that time. She bumped his body: "I still want to eat a full Han seat!"

    He laughed: "Okay, I'll arrange it."

    Gong Lingye took a spare phone and called Bae Jun.

    At this moment, Pei Jungang was released by Lieyuan and found a place to turn on the phone's battery.

    Knowing the situation of the Star Night Group, he immediately went there by taxi and received a call from Gong Lingye before he got in. His heart sank: "President, over the starry night--"

    However, Bae Jun ’s words were directly interrupted by Gong Lingye: “Bae Jun, you ’re going to prepare. I ’m going to go to He Ruo Nuan to get the certificate in the afternoon. The wedding is too late today. I can only set it nine days later. , You are ready to see what is needed for the wedding and help me arrange it in advance. "

    He thought about it, since Gu Zhiyun knows his relationship with the Song Yi people, then it is easy for people behind the scene to know.

    Chu Mingyao has been brought to justice and was decided by the Ningcheng Supreme Court and cannot be appealed. Therefore, there is no need to hide his marriage with the Song Yi people.

    It's just a pity that he was in a hurry and he couldn't do everything by himself. After all, he arranged the venue with her.

    "By the way, I asked the designer to design the wedding dress before." Gong Lingye said again: "You can contact them and let them work as soon as possible. On the side of my family, I will notify you today. Also, prepare , I ’m going to take Ruo Nuan to Phoenix and the casino ... "

    After listening to Gong Lingye's explanation, Bae Jun was completely dumbfounded.

    He did not expect that the first thing Gong Lingye woke up was not to ask others, but to prepare for marriage!

    After Gong Lingye had finished speaking, he finally told what had just been uncomfortable: "President, it was my dereliction of duty. I was placed under house arrest for three days by the people of the abyss Shen, and they had to deal with the Star Night Group. The strength of the entire L Group has put pressure on Star Night customers. We have suffered heavy losses. Some people have heard the rumors and thought that something happened to you. Now, some executives have escaped, and some unilaterally declared bankruptcy ... "

    Gong Lingye frowned a little, and then said, "Okay, I know. I have just told you what you said. Make no mistake. I am going to take Ruo Nuan to dinner. You can book a private room for me ..."

    Pei Jun, anxiously waiting for the boss to punish: "..."