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#389 Love Snow Cruise

Although the news only said that a cruise ship exploded in the waters along the border of China, it is suspected that the cruise ship belongs to the individual. No other information has been determined yet, but the hearts of the Song Yi people have been hit hard for no reason, and there is a strong uneasiness.

She immediately called Bae Jun and told the news.

Over there, Bae Jun also contacted the relevant department and got the high-definition picture taken by the satellite.

I saw a lot of fragments scattered on the border of the sea, showing the power of the explosion at that time.

Although the cruise ship no longer exists, one of the wreckage hits Pei Jun's sight.

Above, it should be a sign that also explains the information of the owner of the cruise ship-

Love Snow.

The word ‘love’ is already incomplete, but the word ‘snow’ is clearly visible.

Reminiscing about Gu Tingxue last night, Bae Jun's heart sank to the bottom.

A Mian's mobile phone has a shared positioning with him, so when he opened it, he saw the track of A Mian's actions. Suddenly, there was no fluke in his heart.

He saw Amian and they departed from the port and went straight to the border waters of China, and to the deep sea. Because of the bad signal, they finally shared the interruption.

However, it was already very close to the accident area.

Therefore, Bae Jun immediately told the Song Yi people, and arranged the steamer and the speedboat to start the rescue.

At this moment the speedboat departed, and the Song Yi quickly entered the clear blue.

Although it was caused by being under the cruise ship for three years, it caused a serious psychological shadow. However, after being with Gong Lingye, those nightmares in the past rarely appeared in the subconsciousness of the Song Yi people.

At this moment, she was worried that she was in a row, and she completely forgot her instinctive discomfort. She only hoped that she could go faster.

From here, it takes two hours.

In the open sea, the wind and waves are quite large, and the oncoming wind is also extremely biting.

Pei Jun was afraid that Song Yi would be ill and quickly took off his coat to give her: "Madam, you haven't recovered, don't catch a cold if you wear a thick one."

Song Yiren saw that his clothes were thin, and his eyes swept to the speedboat that had a small underground cabin, so he said: "I'll go over there, you put on your coat, and you need to contact someone later."

Bae Jun has followed Gong Lingye over the years and has seen all kinds of women. Before, she always felt that no woman could deserve Gong Lingye.

Either the lack of ability, or the defect of personality, or else, the appearance is not enough.

But the woman in front of him, whether in appearance or intension, or even character, is impeccable.

He sighed in his heart, hoping to find Gong Lingye earlier, and hope that everything for his boss and his wife would be smoother.

The speedboat was very bumpy, and Pei Jun helped Song Yi to the underground cabin, and then said: "Madam, if you feel uncomfortable, please call me anytime."

Song Yi nodded.

She entered the dark place again, and the waves undulated beneath her, and her stomach began to irritate.

However, the obsession in her heart made her tolerate all the discomfort and hold on.

When he left yesterday, let her wait for his return.

Moreover, he has always been cautious in his work. It is impossible for him to be unprepared for Gu Yunyun, and it is impossible not to prepare in advance.

So, he will be fine.

The Song Yi people warned themselves over and over again, but the worries of their hearts still linger firmly on her breath.

Time passed by bit by bit, and finally, Bae Jun said: "It's near."

Song Yiren felt her heart suddenly tighten, she took a deep breath and crawled out of the underground cabin.

However, as soon as he touched the fresh air, the mountains in his stomach poured out wildly.

She ran quickly to the speedboat and began to vomit.

Seeing this, Bae Jun quickly hurried to help, and brought her water to gargle her.

Finally, I felt a little bit better. The Song Yi people looked at the sea in the distance, and saw sporadic debris above them, floating in the waves.

If I had just seen the Weibo news before, I didn't know the power of the explosion at the time, but at this moment the distance was close, and the intuitive feeling came, making her heart more helpless.

She took Zahara out of her pocket and screamed at it: "Zahara, look for it. Can you find any signal nearby?"

Gong Lingye came this time to Gu Guxue's last trip, so it is impossible to bring Ares, the only thing that can be contacted is the mobile phone.

She also fully held the mentality of giving it a try, and took Zahara to constantly adjust the search range above, but there has been no feedback.

This time, Pei Jun dispatched a lot of speedboats, along the vicinity of the accident area, completely carpet search. On the other side of the border, he was also communicating quickly, contacting people there, and starting a search in nearby Ning Guo.

It's just that here, along the trench, and then in the other direction, it is Country J.

Although State J has diplomatic relations with the state of China, there are few non-governmental business transactions. Therefore, Gong Lingye really has no one in Country J.

The Song Yi people looked at Zahara's display and tightened their brows.

She looked away from the display and looked away.

What did it look like across the trench, the mysterious country in the distance, the country that was hiding her and the enemy of Gong Lingye family?

The place that exploded is also bordered by the territorial sea border of country J. Will Gong Lingye float there again?

"Pei Tezhu." Song Yiren stopped Pei Jun: "Can we go to country J?"

Bae Jun heard the words and understood the Song Yi people's guess. He shook his head: "In the past some fishing boats did cross the border and used to fish, but they were shot dead."

The Song Yi people heard this, and their heart was more tense: "If there are no clues here, then, can we enter the country J through diplomatic channels?"

"I'm afraid this is difficult. After all, for many years, Country J has treated all countries..." Pei Junzheng said, and suddenly someone exclaimed: "I found someone!"

Song Yiren heard the words, his face instantly pale.

Soon, some men picked up the person in the distance from the sea, and the lower body of the man had been blown up beyond recognition.

The moment when the Song Yi people saw the person, they only felt that their hearts were hit hard.

Because she recognized that face, it was Gong Lingye's men. I have seen him before on Dr. Tan's side.

Her heart was so silent for a moment that she couldn't help it. She clung to the fence of the speedboat and looked around.

"Find another one!"

As the man's shout fell, a broken body was found.

However, this person is probably Gu Zhiyun, because neither Bae Jun nor his men knew.

"It seems that the cruise ship was in trouble near here." Bae Jun told the crowd: "Contact other speedboats and ask if they have recovered anything?"

Over there, someone started to communicate and quickly replied: "On the Ning Guo border, someone recovered half of the corpse, it was Gu Yunyun."

"We are not on the border with Ningguo."

"We have recovered the person Gu Guyun at the border between China and J. It is estimated to be the captain, but he has also died."