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Everything is just as Pei Jun said. A week later, Ning Guo heard news that Hai Sheng lost the case and needed to compensate Tianyun Group for the 300 million yuan penalty.

    Sentencing a week before the New Year is a clear message to everyone, so that everyone can have a good year.

    Of course, this 'everyone' does not include Chu Mingyao.

    At the moment, Chu Mingyao was surrounded by a group of shareholders, and his humble and gentle look on weekdays had long been unsustainable.

    The shareholders had newspapers in their hands, and the headlines of the newspapers all questioned him—

    [Hai Sheng ’s Chu Mingyao ’s poor management led to hundreds of millions of economic losses. Because of the mistake of the CEO of a listed company, the stock price fell and the funds of shareholders and shareholders were damaged. Who should pay? 】

    [For three and a half years since Chu Mingyao took charge of Haisheng, the market value of this multinational company has hardly produced any beautiful annual reports. These three years can only be considered satisfactory. Coupled with recent disappointing behaviors, Haisheng executives may consider changing the president. 】

    [A person who becomes a president of a listed company by nepotism should take the initiative to blame and resign for the benefit of shareholders and shareholders? 】

    [As President of Haisheng, Chu Mingyao ’s authority limit became more and more obvious as he took office. Over time, he was also very irresponsible for Haisheng ’s partners. 】

    [According to reports, Haisheng shareholders have officially put the president ’s change of ownership on the agenda! 】

    Pieces of news, as if slap loudly, slapped Chu Mingyao's face fiercely.

    He grabbed those newspapers in the past, and the smile that was usually on his face like a spring wind was no longer there, and he was replaced by a dark bird of prey.

    However, the shareholders present did not take him at this moment, because Wang Dong heard a definite message that day: Song Ziheng was gone!

    Before, they had been scrupulous, but because Song Ziheng was in Chu Mingyao's hands, they felt that Chu Mingyao might be able to make a comeback.

    But the news I heard now says that Chu Mingyao lost Song Ziheng and has been looking for it, but there has been no clue!

    I don't know who sent the news, and even Wang Dong was thinking, maybe the person who spread the news was the same person who took away Song Ziheng.

    But in any case, the person who spread the news showed direct evidence, it was a video, it was the video that Chu Mingyao told people to find Song Ziheng!

    In this case, what else do they have to worry about?

    Therefore, everyone directly set the shareholders' meeting. Three days later, it was the day when Chu Mingyao was completely pulled down!

    Time passed quickly, and it was already the same day.

    Early in the morning, media reporters had been waiting for the downstairs of Haisheng. Although today's general meeting of shareholders was not open to the public, it did not prevent them from wanting to get the news and get the enthusiasm of the camera.

    In the past few days, Chu Mingyao even considered to do something with Wang Dong and others, but when that time really came, he stopped.

    I used to deal with the Song family because I was caught off guard and because he had no motivation to commit crimes, so he succeeded.

    Now, if he does something a little, he may be suspected, and everything he did in the past may be exposed ...

    Thinking of this, Chu Mingyao can only pick up the phone and make a phone call to go out.

    As before, no one answered.

    Chu Mingyao's eyes were cold and he had to send a message: "Hai Sheng is almost out of control. I need help."

    But it still sinks into the sea.

    He clenched his fists and walked into the conference room.

    When the shareholders saw Chu Mingyao coming in, they all looked at him with some teasing.

    Even someone directly said, "Yo, President Chu, how much do you value your last few days!"

    "Come here, President Chu, you take the first place, after all, you won't be able to sit up anytime soon!"

    Chu Mingyao's face has been distorted, he has been holding the phone tightly, but there is still no echo at the end of the network.

    Wang Dong, as everyone present, had the most shares, so naturally he was the first to speak.

    "Everyone, today the general meeting of shareholders officially started, I will not say polite words!" Wang Dongdao: "The theme of today's meeting is about how Haisheng's recent negative news, how to deal with the news, how to make Haisheng among shareholders regain confidence……"

    After he announced the start, someone directly said: "I think we need to hire a capable president again!"

    When he said this, the other shareholders seemed to say that they were behind when they said that they were late. Qi Qi said, "We share this view!"

    Chu Mingyao's hand holding the phone was almost twisted, but the person present was completely one-sided, he had no chance to speak!

    Or, even if he said something, it did n’t make any sense, because no one would listen to him!

    He has been in charge of Haisheng for three years, and he has indeed trained his own talents in the company. The directors of Haisheng's major departments are almost all his confidants.

    However, they, like him, were fatally injured without Hai Sheng's shares. Even if they are respected outside, they are not qualified to even enter this conference room!

    Everyone's words, a sentence like a knife, separated from his flesh and blood, Chu Mingyao only felt that he had never experienced such embarrassment for so many years.

    He has worked very hard since he was a child, and has achieved excellent results in school. He has always been the object of praise and affirmation by the teachers.

    After that, he worked hard to enter the university, where he was a first-class scholarship every year.

    After graduation, he entered Haisheng, and everyone else got off work, but he stayed in the company to work overtime. It can be said that after he went to work, there was hardly a weekend.

    He has been working hard just to get recognition. Perhaps, in his bones, there is a low self-esteem heart.

    After the Song Yi family died, he played an affectionate look in front of the media, listening to the beautiful words, he enjoyed it.

    He knew that was what he wanted. He was kind to people and compassionate to his subordinates. When he saw his employees smile at him from the heart, he also felt that his sense of accomplishment was finally sublimated.

    But when did it start to mess up?

    It was Gong Lingye, who shot him and disrupted his plans again and again, causing him to fall a little bit from the past position.

    At this moment, facing the four sides of Chu Ge, Chu Mingyao knew that the past fame was nothing more than a castle in the sky!

    In fact, he has nothing!

    However, no matter how unwilling he is, how to be jealous of Gong Lingye's noble man, who was born with everything, he also had to accept a reality: his position as president is really no longer guaranteed!

    The phone was still quiet, and the man didn't reply to him at all, as if he was completely disappointed in him and had banished him.

    At this time, Wang Dong had put the voting paper in front of Chu Mingyao: "General Chu, you can vote for yourself."

    In a word, irony.

    Chu Mingyao knew that it was ironic, and could only write down his name. Because he still has a faint hope in his heart.

    Only a few minutes later, reality once again ruthlessly destroyed him ...