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In the early morning, all passing by here are office workers. Under the bridge, the rescue team and Lieyuan Shen's people have been searching.

    From here to the far downstream, someone is in charge of salvation almost every ten meters. However, nothing has happened in the night, and it seems that the hope of rescue is getting smaller and smaller.

    Lieyuan Shen only felt that his heart was tightly grabbed, he looked at Ling Shaofeng beside him: "You got the video surveillance?"

    Ling Shaofeng looked at the expression of his third brother, and some did not dare to look squarely at his eyes: "But all said that seeing is not necessarily true, third brother you..."

    "Take it!" Lie Yuan's eyes were horrified.

    Ling Shaofeng shuddered and handed the phone over.

    Lie Yuan sank to play, and immediately his face became darker and darker!

    How could he not recognize that the man inside was not Gong Lingye? The suit with a fixed height should be a limited edition, and a suit should be as high as seven figures.

    Which one is owned by an ordinary person?

    Moreover, in the picture, it is obvious that Gong Lingye and He Wanshuang were worried about being found here, so they changed places.

    And it happened that the place where they kissed was just visible from the balcony of Lieyuan Shenjia Community!

    It is estimated that Lie Xiaoruo only saw them on the balcony before they could find them!

    After that, it was the situation over the bridge pier. Sure enough, as I heard before, Gong Lingye even wanted to be intimate with He Wanshuang. As a result, Li Xiaoxiao who was rushed over was found, and then, during the dispute, Li Xiaoxiao fell into the water!

    Lieyuan stared at the Tao Tao River. Although it was already at the end of March, it was still cold and cold. His younger sister could only swim a little. That was the maximum level of 25 meters in the swimming pool. It fell...

    Breathing seemed to be blocked by this cold river, Lieyuan Shen only felt like he was drowning. The scenes that accompanied him when he was young came to his heart. His eyes were red and his voice was hoarse: "Shaofeng, prepare for the car, go to the Nancheng police station!"

    In the Nancheng police station, He Wanshuang didn't sleep at night. She closed her eyes in the separate room, all of which were all pictures of howling.

    Her heart seemed to be submerged in the water, sinking a little bit. She wanted to control it and wanted someone to pull her, but she fell deeper and deeper.

    That kind of feeling was familiar to me when I was a child. It was her parents who took her to see a psychiatrist, cooperated with taking medicine, and the continuous guidance of Gong Lingye and others. .

    However, although some things are good on the surface, they actually seem to be a tumor in the blood of the bone. It is dormant, waiting for a certain day, suddenly liberated, and pushed her into a thousand disasters.

    He Wanshuang struggled hard, from the beginning of her body to cold to sweating, her body was shaking, but still irresistibly found that her thinking began to be slow, the low mood made her uncomfortable and breathless. Come.

    But there was obviously a window here. She tried to breathe, but she couldn't escape the suffocation. Her chest was so tight that she was going to die. Even, she even raised an idea that she would die a hundred times now.

    At this moment, Lieyuan sank.

    He first listened to the police to explain some of the results of the investigation, and then he said: "I want to see her, He Wanshuang."

    He Wanshuang was brought out, his face pale as paper, and when walking, his steps were all vain.

    However, Lieyuan Shen did not see this. His eyes were as sharp as an eagle, his tone was cold, and his voice was low and hoarse: "Why do you want to do this?!"

    He Wanshuang shuddered and looked at him incredulously.

    Before he came, she had expected and worried, but there was still a trace of expectation in her heart, thinking that he would give her innocence.

    However, he didn't expect that as soon as he met, he asked nothing and sentenced her to death!

    "I didn't—" She shook her head with red eyes.

    He sneered: "It has been 12 hours since Xiao Ruo fell, and he has not found it!"

    He Wanshuang shuddered.

    "Why push her? Isn't she good to you?" His eyes were scarlet. "How did she treat you after you moved to live with us? She will give you everything she has! See you on the weekend Sometimes someone is bored, so shopping also brings you..."

    His fingers curled, and blue muscles appeared on the back of his hand: "He Wanshuang, you are so disappointing to her, I am so disappointed!"

    Too disappointed……

    He Wanshuang suddenly heard the "disappointment" said by Lieyuan Shen, and his heart seemed to be hit hard.

    A lot of negative emotions originally forced by her were suddenly overwhelmed by the blowout.

    He questioned her, he didn't believe her.

    Yes, it was her fault. If she was not threatened by the phone, she would not go to the bridge pier, and that would not happen.

    At the beginning, her brother had a car accident because she said she wanted to go to that hot pot city. If it were not for her to shout and want to eat, the elder brother would not die.

    Her baby is gone because she is running around and not looking at the road, so that the baby has no chance to come to this world.

    Now, Liexiao fell into the water and died because of her...

    All wrongs are because of her.

    Painful emotions instantly filled He Wanshuang's nerves, her tears crackled and fell, and her voice trembled: "Sorry, sorry, I did it..."

    She was helpless and self-blaming, and the thoughts of questioning herself constantly hit her final defense. She hugged her head and fell completely into the darkness: "She shouldn't die, it's me damn..."

    Lieyuan looked at the woman in front of him, only to feel that the last string in his heart was broken.

    Sure enough, it was her.

    In his heart, she was soft and kind, for Gong Lingye, she would do such a thing!

    He tried to calm down his emotions, and almost rushed to tear He Wanshuang up!

    "Comrades of the police, help me make notes! My wife, she, no, He Wanshuang, she has admitted it personally..."

    Lie Yuan Shen said nothing, stood up desolately, turned and stumbled away.

    The moment he got in the car, he was almost exhausted.

    Last night's ear-grinding seems to haven't cooled down yet, but today's cruel ice cooling gave him a slap in the face!

    Seeing that he was sitting in the co-pilot without talking, Ling Shaofeng driving next to him carefully asked, "How's the third brother?"

    "It was she who did it, she admitted it personally." Lieyuan Shen's smile was even uglier than crying: "The last thing I regret in my life is to marry her as a wife! Marrying her back, killing my child, and killing My sister!"

    He hit the steering wheel with a punch, and suddenly the car made a harsh noise.

    "Go to the river!" Li Yuan said with a deep voice: "I'm going to find Xiao Ruan! Whether it's dead or alive, even if I turn over the Emperor City River, I will also find her out!"

    The car drove away quickly, and at this moment, Gu Tingxue, who had undergone an operation, finally woke up.

    The purpose is to enter the intensive care unit of the hospital. Her father was beside her. When she woke up, she quickly asked, "How do you feel when you listen to snow?"

    In Gu Tingxue's brain, she still recalled what she heard before the operation. She looked around and didn't see Gong Lingye, so she asked, "Dad, what about Brother Ling Ye?"