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At this moment, she was suddenly pulled away by Gong Lingye, and suddenly her sight was restored, and Song Yi felt like she was pushed away by Gong Lingye.

    When she took two steps back to stabilize her body, she saw that he was stabbed twice.

    "Gong Ling Ye!" She burst into tears and rushed over, but when the other person stabbed him, he directly wiped the other person's neck, and then swept away the one behind him.

    "Warm warm, go away." He finally had time to talk to her: "Leave now!"

    Song Yi's face was pale, she had never seen Gong Lingye like this.

    He was stained with blood, and the gray cardigan could no longer see the original color. The tall figure was crumbling, but he did not fall down because he did not know whether it was perseverance or dignity.

    "Go!" He roared again, and then fought with the remaining two.

    Song Yi people looked at Gong Lingye deeply and ran to the bridge pier.

    However, because of weakness, her steps seemed to fall at any time.

    Finally, he ran over to the bridge pier, and Song Yi took out his mobile phone, shaking his finger, and beat Pei Jun.

    Pei Jun quickly answered: "Yu ----"

    However, the Song Yi people interrupted him with a crying voice: "We were attacked, Gong Lingye was seriously injured!"

    After she finished speaking, she hung up the phone, opened WeChat every minute, and sent Pei Jun a position.

    His hands were trembling, and under the action of drugs, Song Yi people began to dizzy again, almost unable to stand.

    She took a bite of her tongue, pain came, and in the brief Qingming, Song Yi rushed to the bridge and started to stop the car.

    She didn't know how long Bae Jun's people could arrive, but now, Gong Lingye is obviously unable to hold up ...

    This is not a busy section, but there are still cars passing by soon.

    The Song Yiren was directly in front of the car, and the driver slammed on the brakes with anger, stopped the car and started yelling.

    She didn't seem to hear it, and said to the man: "Someone is there to kill, please help me, please save my boyfriend?"

    "Murder?" The man was so scared that he immediately got into the car and ran away.

    Song Yi couldn't stop the car.

    Finally, another car stopped, and it was a family of three. After listening to her, the man said: "I dare not get out of the car to persuade you, but you can park the car next to it. They may see my car. run."

    Song Yi nodded: "Thank you!"

    The man said nothing, and drove to the place where the incident occurred more than twenty meters away.

    The Song Yi people dare not look at it, but the footsteps still ran involuntarily.

    She didn't know what happened to him, if he had something ... She really didn't dare to think about it.

    The footsteps became softer and weaker, and the body's powerlessness eroded every cell. Just as the Song Yi were about to run over there, finally, his eyes were replaced by boundless darkness.

    Her feet were soft and fell down.

    Waking up again, the surroundings seemed to be very bright.

    Song Yi's eyelashes were trembling, and his eyes were opened.

    She looked around in confusion. It was a completely strange room. It seemed to be the hotel's furnishings.

    She propped herself up and found that she was wearing the same dress as yesterday, but she took off her coat and shoes.

    Just then, the doorbell rang outside, and Song Yi sat up: "Who."

    "Miss, your breakfast is here for you." The woman said softly.

    Song Yiren became more and more puzzled. She propped herself up and sat up. Yesterday's memory had some fragments.

    She first opened the door, took the breakfast, and then asked, "Where is this?"

    "This is the suite on the top floor of Phoenix." The waiter politely said.

    Song Yi people wondered: "Why am I here? Who brought me here?"

    "Last night, Mr. Pei asked the driver to bring you over." The waiter smiled: "You might be drunk yesterday, and I changed your clothes."

    Drunk last night? Song Yi people rubbed their heavy heads, picked up breakfast, and took a few bites.

    Last night, she seemed to be dating Gong Lingye. He didn't come back for many days abroad, so she also wore this new dress specifically to meet him.

    But behind?

    She remembers that she arrived a little early, so she listened to the song in front of the restaurant and waited for him. After that they were dating and she was drunk?

    Song Yi rubbed his head suspiciously, took the soy milk on one side, and took a sip.

    There was pain in the tip of the tongue, and the Song Yi people looked at the mirror and found that there was a red piece on the tip of the tongue, which was obviously bitten.


    She was startled, and a picture suddenly crossed her mind.

    She is running, running for help!

    The memory seemed to suddenly open a valve, and immediately after that, the previously blurred things suddenly rushed out.

    These are true, not dreams!

    The Song Yi people were terrified and immediately picked up their mobile phone and called Gong Lingye.

    There was a reminder that the phone had been turned off, her hands were shaking, and she beat Bae Jun again.

    This time, Pei Jun answered after a long time, his voice was slightly hoarse: "Miss Yu?"

    Song Yi said anxiously: "Pete Zhu, is Gong Lingye injured? You tell me, how is he? Where is it?"

    After she asked, her heart seemed to tighten a string, wanting to know the answer, but afraid to hear the answer that she didn't want to hear.

    Even self-deceived hope that it was just a dream.

    "Ms. Yu, the president is still in the operating room and has not escaped the danger of life." Bae Jun's voice was dull and low, apparently he had not slept all night.

    Song Yi's body shook, and she heard herself shaking: "Which hospital are you in?"

    "I let the driver pick you up." Bae Jun said.

    Phoenix was originally Gong Lingye, so when the Song Yi people squeezed their phones and rushed downstairs, a driver was waiting for her at the door.

    Along the way, a twenty-minute drive, Song Yi people do not know how they came.

    Until finally arrived at the hospital, she directly squeezed a person on the elevator and rushed in.

    The numbers on the D screen kept jumping, and Song Yi felt like thinking a lot, but the moment he stepped out, his brain was blank.

    Outside the operating room, Bae Jun and Amian are both present, and some seem to be Amian's men.

    Things like Gong Lingye's injury can never be spread, so this floor has been blocked today.

    Song Yiren looked at Pei Jun and asked, "Has the operation not been completed yet?"

    Bae Jun shook his head: "There are too many injuries to the president ... But Miss Yu, don't worry, the president will be fine."

    Knowing that he was comforting, the Song Yi people still nodded and agreed: "Well, he will be fine."

    As he said, suddenly, the door of the operating room opened, and soon the doctor came out.

    Song Yiren felt that his heart had raised his voice in an instant. She didn't dare to ask, or Pei Jun beside her said: "Doctor, how is it?"

    "The operation was very successful and the injured person has been out of danger."

    In a word, Song Yiren felt that he had heard the sound of nature.

    She sniffed her nose and saw the doctor and nurse pushing Gong Lingye out.

    He should have been awake because of anesthetics, his eyes closed tightly, Ying Ting's face was pale, his eyebrows were slightly curled, and he was quietly asleep.